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Have You Been to the Lamorinda All Access Playground in Moraga, CA?

Have You Been to the Lamorinda All Access Playground in Moraga, CA?

Sequoia Signs Volunteering at the All Access Playground

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Rotary Club of Moraga, more than $340,000 was raised for the 5,000-square-foot La Morinda All Access Playground, located at 1425 St. Marys rd. The goal of the project was to build a playground where children with special needs and able-bodied kids could play side by side. In addition to raising the funds to produce the structure, more than 40 volunteers came together, assembled the play equipment, and poured the rubberized surface.

Sequoia Signs & Graphics Outdoor Signage and Volunteering

The play area is designed for children ages 2-12 and features more than two dozen pieces of specialized play equipment, including swings, slides, a wheelchair-accessible sandbox, drums, chimes, seesaw and metallophones. The play equipment is designed to be all inclusive and accessible for all children.

Sequoia Signs & Graphics is proud to be part of this cause, where our very own CEO, Tom Snchurr was one of the volunteers among the 40 people to assist with the assembly of the structure. Not only were we part of the assembly of the structure, our team produced the bronze plaque (pictured below) at the park honoring the memory of Russell J. Bruzzone, and recognizing the 50th anniversary of the Rotary Club, as well as the platinum, gold, silver and bronze sponsors of this amazing project.

Outdoor Signage at Lamorinda All Access Playground

­­If you have not visited La Morinda All Access Playground already, be sure to stop by with your family! They will have a blast at this unique all access park. While you’re there, take a moment and check out this very cool bronze plaque, and while you’re at it, snap a photo and tag @SequoiaSigns on social! We love producing high quality outdoor signage!

Want to know more about how we can be a partner in your next signage project? Give us a call at 925.300.1066! Our team of qualified experts can turn your creative vision into reality!

Be Seen With These Exterior Signage Options

Be Seen With These Exterior Signage Options

There are many exterior sign options that will help make your business more noticeable and easy to navigate to. This post will talk about the best sign options to make sure your business is noticeable and seen.

exterior signage - monument signMonument signs
Monument signs are a great way of capturing attention. A monument sign goes in front of a large business park or mall. They are large free-standing signs and are versatile, visible and low maintenance.
Exterior signage - channel lettersChannel letters
On the outside of the building, you want to include your company’s name. This can be done effectively with channel letters. You can customize them to reflect your company’s brand identity. They are very versatile and flexible, which accommodates most branding guidelines and personal design needs.
Exterior Signage - Wall and window graphicWall & Window Graphics
When you have a storefront on a busy street, you’ll want think about how you’re going to maximize the use of your exterior walls and glass window. Wall and window graphics can be a great way to advertise your products and make sure you’re seen and noticed.
Exterior Signage - Vehicle WrapVehicle Graphics
You also want to consider using vinyl wraps on all your company vehicles. This will make it easier for people to find out who you are while they’re sitting in traffic or parked in the same parking lot as you.

It’s important to be creative with the signage that you use for your business. While you’re not going to use all the exterior signs that we have suggested, it might be a good idea to incorporate two or three options.

Would you like to get started on an exterior signage project for your business? Give us a call today and our team of experts can help turn your creative vision into reality! 925.300.1066


Monument Sign and Map for Acalanes High School in Lafayette

Monument Sign and Map for Acalanes High School in Lafayette

We recently had the pleasure of working with the Acalanes High School to install a new monument sign and campus map at their main entrance.  It was a great project and the people at Acalanes were awesome to work with.

The School has a couple of planters in the front and the main office is set back behind a courtyard, so the administration was always getting complaints from new visitors who couldn’t find their way around.

The solution: a nice new monument sign with a campus map in front.

The monument sign is fabricated from aluminum with flat-cut raised acrylic lettering.  In this case, it is non-illuminated, but a similar design could easily be made to light up at night.  Of course, we painted the sign in the school’s custom blue.

The map is a special high-performance product very similar to the signs you see at National Parks or other outdoor informational areas.  It needed to be able to stand up to the sun and other weather elements for years to come, and this product will do the job! We worked with the school to design a simple version of the map that breaks down the main areas but does not contain so much information that the reader gets lost.  It came out terrific.

Both the map and the monument sign were installed in the planter which made it fairly easy.  We had to avoid any irrigation lines, but otherwise the holes were not hard to dig.  One small hurdle was that school started before the map was ready, so we installed the main sign and the pedestal for the map before we had the actual map sign-face.  Needless to say, we were extremely happy to find that our measurements were spot on and the map fit perfectly!

Why You Definitely Need to Consider a Monument Sign for Your Business in Concord

Why You Definitely Need to Consider a Monument Sign for Your Business in Concord

Custom Monument Signs in northern California

If you’re thinking about updating or adding to your exterior signage for your business in Concord, we think you should strongly consider an eye-catching monument sign. Business is growing in Concord like never before, with all kinds of incentives for business owners to start their companies here. It’s the perfect time to catch the eye of potential new customers or clients with a custom monument sign on the exterior of your business.

For passersby, a monument sign with vivid graphics and custom lettering is an unforgettable way to say, “We are here!”

Growth in Concord, CA

There’s no denying the growth that’s happening in Concord. There are big changes on the horizon, like the completion of The Veranda shopping center, and major companies, including Wells Fargo, committing to bring over 2,200 employees to the area with an 8-year lease at Swift Plaza.  

With the 2019 redevelopment of the old Concord Naval Weapons Station as a center where residents can live, work, shop, learn, and play. Thanks to these exciting changes, the city is taking its place as a new leader in commerce in the Bay Area.

As development in Concord continues, it’s important for businesses to be ready to take their companies to the next level. If you’re located near or along Clayton Road, you’re in close proximity to the additions to Swift Plaza and the future redevelopment of the Naval Station. Why not take advantage of the constant publicity a monument sign can provide in this area?

With increased traffic expected in both of these areas, using outdoor signage like a custom monument sign with dimensional letters is a perfect way to promote your business, update your look, and stand out from the crowd.

While Concord continues to grow, with shopping centers like The Veranda and Downtown Pleasant Hill offering housing, food, shopping, and even entertainment around the holidays (like the popular Christmas fair at Downtown Pleasant Hill), the increase in traffic in Concord means it’s the perfect time to boost your advertising with a smart investment like a monument sign.

How Your Monument Sign Can Work For You

According to the Sign Research Foundation, which focuses on how signage can affect a company’s business, 29% of consumers report that they have been drawn to new or unfamiliar business based on an attractive sign, with this trend skewing slightly higher in western states (such as California!).

They also found that both high-quality landmark signage, such as a well-placed and well-designed monument sign, and distinct architectural elements on signage was incredibly effective in their case studies. A monument sign isn’t discerning in who sees it like some other advertising methods- it reaches every demographic, dramatically multiplying your visibility in the community.

Benefits of Working with Signage Experts

At Sequoia Signs, we are highly skilled in determining the best placement for your new monument sign as well as designing a sign that’s appealing. This will help your business stand out and get noticed, especially in a city like Concord that is experiencing significant expansion. Our team is also well-versed in the permits, codes, and regulations for monument signs here in Concord, so we know exactly how to meet the specifications set in place by the city and are more than happy to help you at every step along the way.

Not sure what kind of signage would best suit your business? If you work with a company that has a great team of designers, they can help you style a custom sign that matches your company’s aesthetic. Sequoia Signs is local, so we have a better understanding of what kind of signage is popular in Concord, what gets noticed in Concord, and even what kind of signs can get too overlooked, especially with certain trends that may be overdone.

With a custom sign from Sequoia Signs, you have endless architectural element possibilities like stone, shaped concrete, brick, or wood; we can match the tone of your business and your building effortlessly with quality construction and materials. Dimensional letters, brightly-lit LED panels, and striking graphics are some of our favorite ways to grab the attention of your next, new favorite customer.

Ready to talk more about how a monument sign can have an impact on your business? Want to start the plans for your sign? Contact us today or check out our gallery here to see how a monument sign from Sequoia Signs can mean major growth for your company.

How a Monument Sign Can Help You Stand Out in San Ramon

How a Monument Sign Can Help You Stand Out in San Ramon

Custom Monument Signs in northern California

Hoping to give the exterior of your business a refresh? A monument sign is a great way to update the outside of your company and advertise in your community at the same time.

At Sequoia Signs, we are the experts in providing monument signs for businesses in San Ramon; we are here to help you take the next step with your company. Erecting a shiny, brand new monument sign outside your store or office can mean a big boost to your business.

Here are a few ways your new signage will help you stand out from the crowd:

Major Curb Appeal

Adding a monument sign outside your workplace not only gives potential customers a physical reminder of the location for your company, but it can also add a certain amount of “gravitas” to your business, while at the same time broadcasting your company to the world too. It’s free advertising, and when done well, it’s a great way to gain the attention of your next client.

A monument sign is a highly effective way to show the city of San Ramon that your business is established. It signifies the permanence of your company, establishing trust while showing that you take pride in what you do.

Also, it’s an attractive way to add to the overall exterior look of your business. Perhaps it even gives you the opportunity for some gorgeous landscaping to surround your brand-new monument sign. However you choose to display it, a monument sign will definitely add curb appeal to your location, which in turn, will attract new customers.

In an ever-expanding city like San Ramon, adding curb appeal helps keep your business current and visible. Take for example the new City Center project. With over 2 million square feet in leasable space for shops, offices, a library, restaurants, apartments, and a hotel, San Ramon will quickly become an even bigger destination for both business and pleasure. Make sure the exterior of your business is ready to catch the attention of all the increased traffic with brand new signage.

Design Elements that Match Your Aesthetic

One of the best things about working with Sequoia Signs to create a monument sign for your company is that we can work together to create a sign that is truly an expression of what your company does, who you are, and what you stand for.

With options like real brick and stone, faux natural materials, concrete, and even lit LED, your sign has the potential to make a strong statement about who you are as a company. We can work to closely match the exterior of your building, or we can fabricate something new, fun, and unforgettable. The choice is yours!

Your sign can be made from concrete for an industrial feel, or it can have stunning glass details. It can also be made of steel, stucco, or sandblasted wood. We can even use special, EPS foam (expanded polystyrene foam) and high-density urethane to create top-caliber monuments. With so many options, finding a solution that is personal and eye-catching is a piece of cake.

You can check out some of our past work here and quickly see, each sign we create is a unique expression of the company for which the sign was created. Every architectural element of your new monument sign is a choice so that your sign that matches what your company stands for. Your sign can incorporate your unique graphics or logo into the design to further personalize it. Even the choice in fonts becomes part of the design to fully represent your business and guide customers to you.

In a community with so many thriving businesses like San Ramon, finding a way to stand out and get noticed can be vital to the success of your company. A customized monument sign is a great way to grab the attention of your next new customer and let them know from the beginning, exactly how great you are.

Drive-by Marketing

A monument sign is a perfect way to let potential future customers know you’re there. Sure, you’ve picked a prime physical location for your business, but it’s still easy to get lost in the shuffle here in San Ramon. Driving along or going about their day, it’s natural for someone to get wrapped up in their own thoughts, their to-do list, or the traffic. However, a beautiful custom monument sign outside your business is a great way to advertise to passersby and grab their attention.

Someone driving by may see your company and realize they need to stop in and shop or contact you for their personal or professional needs. A monument sign is a perfect way to let someone know you’re there. In a world where 67 percent of drivers use their phones for turn-by-turn directions and 31 percent of these drivers do so on a frequent basis, it can sometimes be hard to gain potential customers who are casually passing your company— unless, that is, you catch their attention with a bold, appealing monument sign.

Are you located near Bishop Ranch, or at least close to a commuter or bus route? Then exterior signage like a beautifully constructed, new monument sign is a perfect way to increase the visibility of your business to the employees of the 600+ businesses who work in San Ramon. It’s marketing that continues to pay off as long as you’re in that location!

We are here to help you create a monument sign that will advertise your unique business to this great, thriving city. With licensed contractors and designers who are well-versed in San Ramon’s regulations and policies for commercial signage, your end result will be a stunning reflection of who you are as a company, while we handle the headache of the all the technicalities.

Contact us today for a quote, or to see what it might look like to collaborate with a designer to create a sign for your business. We can even provide you with more examples of some of the monument signs we’ve created right here in San Ramon – chances are you’ve already noticed some of our work!

Martinez- Monument Sign for Heather Hills HOA

Martinez- Monument Sign for Heather Hills HOA

Here’s a recent job we did monument sign for the Heather Hills Home Owners Association in Martinez. They have had a sign at their entrance but felt it was getting a bit dated (in fact, it was also falling down!) They had some good ideas about what they wanted and brought them to Sequoia Signs to see if we could help.

Readers of our blogs know the answer- of course we can! We always love a new job and even if we have never done a particular type of sign in the past…we are always willing to learn! In most cases, we have either made a similar sign or we know the basics. If we don’t know- we are never too old to learn!

In the case of the HHOA, it was not a terribly difficult design. They had a beautiful sign in mind made from 4” x 4” redwood posts tied together with all thread rod. The heights of the posts vary at the top which is a nice touch. Of course, the end posts are longer and sit in concrete which will hold that sign in place for its lifetime.



To that, we added a beautiful redwood face which is attached by lag bolts. When sandblasting redwood, we can either blast out the background, leaving raised letters, or we can sandblast the lettering and leave the face intact. The HHOA chose the latter, in part to avoid vandalism.

The result is a beautiful new monument sign at the entrance to the development. If you are ever driving to Martinez on Alhambra Avenue, keep your eyes out for this beautiful sign on the right.
Are you looking for a redwood sign? Either on its own or attached to a redwood monument, look no further- we would love to help! At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we want all of our customers to STAND TALL and GET NOTICED!

Written by Sequoia Signs & Graphics

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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