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How can Monument Signs become a branding opportunity?

How can Monument Signs become a branding opportunity?

Monument Signs are often forgotten as a branding opportunity due to it’s other purposes. One of the main purposes of a Monument Sign is to aid in wayfinding, however it’s branding might even have a bigger impact. This will be confirmed when you drive around town and you see Monument Signs everywhere in all shapes and forms. Whether it’s for a stand alone business or for multiple businesses, it’s often one of the first branding opportunities that’s visible from the main road. As your local sign provider serving  the East Bay region, let’s have a look at the benefits of a Monument Sign.

Monument Sign Branding - Sequoia Signs Berkeley, CA

Branding Opportunities

Versatile Design

When we are talking about branding, a versatile design is important. A Monument Sign is a sign type where you can easily incorporate many design elements. Think about your logo, branding colors but also the building architecture of your facility. There are so many options available when it comes to a Monument Signs, so the design options are endless.

High Visibility

With a Monument Sign being placed at the road entrance of your facility it provides high visibility. Foot traffic as well as motorists are not able to escape a well designed Monument Sign. This type of high visibility contributes to brand recognition, by putting your name out there.

Monument Sign Branding - Sequoia Signs - Sign Company Berkeley, CA

Flexible Budget

You might be surprised by this, since Monument Signs are often associated with a high cost. And for example, a masonry built or LED Illuminated entrance sign is indeed a substantial investment.  However, the options don’t stop there! At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we offer a wider variety of signs to fit your budget and make an equal impact.


The practical aspect of a Monument Sign can contribute to the overall branding of your company. A well designed and effective sign accounts for professionalism. This is often one of the main points that you want to radiate as part of your company branding. So an effective Monument Sign that aids in wayfinding, indirectly enhances branding.

Trust & Confidence

Last but not least, a Monument sign instills a sense of trust & confidence. It’s substantial and permanent, which communicates to customers and others that you are established and intend to stay for the long term.

Commercial Monument Sign - Sequoia Signs Berkeley, CA

Monument Signs in the East Bay

Do you need help with a new Monument Sign for your facility in the East Bay? You can count on our team from Sequoia Signs & Graphics, your full service sign company. We’ll take care of the entire project management process, from site survey to sign design, permits, fabrication and installation.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or to start your next sign project. Call us at (925) 300-1066 or fill in the contact form below!

Top 5 Types of Outdoor Business Signs

Top 5 Types of Outdoor Business Signs

Outdoor Business Signs

Outdoor signs help businesses to communicate a message and stand out. This first encounter with potential customers can make a difference, and can leave a long lasting impression. For years, Sequoia Signs & Graphics has been fabricating outdoor business signs for the Bay Area community. We’ll share the top 5 most popular business signs to demonstrate how signage can create awareness and brand identity.


1. Wall Signs

Wall Signs are without a doubt the most popular sign type amongst outdoor signs. These building signs are quite literally attached to the exterior wall! These can come in a many formats including custom developed to fit your exterior facade. Wall signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated, they can be 3-dimensional or flush mounted, or, as in the case with Fire and Brew, custom built to fit the architecture of the building. Wall signs are suitable for any business with a storefront. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we provide wall signs options for any type of storefront throughout the Bay Area.

Wall Sign Exterior Business

2. Monument Signs

Monument Signs are placed at the road side of a business to attract attention from passerby’s and serve as wayfinding. These signs are suitable for multi-tenant businesses, including, business parks, medical centers and shopping plazas. As well as, single tenant businesses located with a setback to the main road.

Outdoor Signs - Monument Signs - Sequoia Signs & Graphics Walnut Creek

3. Directional Signs

Directional Signs are most often seen at shopping malls, medical facilities, universities, business parks and airports.  These are the type of signs that provide information on where specific businesses can be found within a facility.

Directional Sign at shopping center

4. Blade Signs

Blade Signs are also referred to as projecting signs, which are mounted perpendicular to a wall. They are an excellent option for storefronts with frequent foot traffic. Since they stick out from the building they help to identify stores from a greater distance.

Blade Sign

5. Channel Letters

Channel Letters are a type of wall sign most commonly seen on building exteriors. Each letter is an individually fabricated and placed side-by-side to create the complete sign. The 3-dimensional feature of channel letters makes these stand out and appear to be floating off the surface. Channel letters can be illuminated so that they stand out and can be seen at night from a distance.

Outdoor Signs - Wall Signs - Sequoia Signs & Graphics Walnut Creek

Not sure what type of outdoor signs is right for your business?  These are just a few examples of the most recognizable types of exterior signs. Our experts at Sequoia Signs & Graphics can guide you in the right direction during a sign consultation, to help you determine which type of signage will work best for your business. As your local sign company in the Bay Area we are passionate about assisting you with your outdoor signage needs.  Call us at (925) 300.1066 or fill in the contact form below.

Multi Family Community Entrance Signs in Walnut Creek, CA

Community Entrance Signs create an impressive entrance for a Multi Family Community. It’s one of the first thing visitors and residents see upon arrival at the community. Sequoia Signs & Graphics works with communities in Walnut Creek and surrounding towns. A community entrance sign is sometimes called a monument sign. If you want your community to stand out in your area, investing in a monument sign is a great decision to make.

Condominium Monument Sign - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek

Who can benefit from a community entrance sign

Sequoia Signs & Graphics has made many signs for residential communities over the years. Different type of communities can benefit from a community entrance sign. We have seen it’s popularity increase over time for different type of communities. Apartments, condominiums, townhomes, senior living communities, manufactured homes/RV parks, Homeowners Associations (HOAs), housing developments are amongst our clients.

Senior Living Entrance Sign - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek

Multi-Family Community Entrance Sign - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek

Why to invest in a community entrance sign

It’s quite an investment to get an new entrance sign for your community. As a result, this can make it difficult to convince owners or residents of the need of a new sign. Luckily, there are many benefits of a professional community sign.

  1. Visibility
  2. Durability
  3. Match property architecture
  4. Increase value of the property



Structure of a monument sign

A community sign can be fabricated in different ways and with different materials. However each entrance signs starts with a based. Considering the overall size of the sign, it always comes with a solid concrete base. This is to guarantee safety according to the state guidelines, approved by an engineer. The base of the sign usually is a combination of concrete, poles and steel wire.

For the fabrication of the visual part of the sign, different materials and construction methods can be used. This is determined based on the design of your sign and the budget. A popular material for monument signs is EPS foam. EPS stands for Expanded Polystyrene ( EPS) foam, creating a tough, outer shell. Although the name ‘foam’ is misleading, it’s a very sturdy material, resisting the elements. Due to the flexibility of the material you can make it look like concrete, brick or stones and form it into any shape. Alternative fabrication methods are aluminum, stones, bricks, concrete, HDU or colorcore.

HOA Entrance Sign - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek

Our experts have the experience to recommend the right material, so you don’t have to worry about that. Based on your design requirements and budget we’ll propose the best solution for your signage needs. As a result, Sequoia Signs & Graphics is your local source for attractive, durable custom monument signs in Walnut Creek. Showcasing the professionalism and longevity of your community.

Call us today at (925) 300-1066 or fill in the contact form for a consultation with a Monument Sign Specialist!

Increase the value of a Multi-Family Community with signs in Walnut Creek, CA

Increase the value of a Multi-Family Community with signs in Walnut Creek, CA

Increasing the value of a Multi-Family Community with signs is just one benefit of good signage. Monument sign, apartment number signs, wayfinding signs, just to name a few of the sign types that are essential in a Multi-Family Housing Community. Incorporation of your community branding and architecture is an important element of professional and attractive looking signage. Let’s look into 3 different ways to increase the value of your Multi-Family Community.

Multi-Family Community Entrance Sign - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek

1. A good first impression at the entrance

The entrance sign of a community, also called monument sign, contributes to a good first impression. A good first impression will first of all affect current tenants, creating a luxury feeling of their community. Secondly a high-end entrance sign can increase value of the property by attracting new tenants. Investing in luxury features for your monument sign will elevate your communities appearance. A well designed entrance sign has a good balance between the architecture of your property and your communities branding. In addition to the monument sign, some luxury features to enhance it’s appearance include landscaping and lighting.

2. Enhance the feeling of ‘Community’

Multi-Family Community DirectorCreating a strong community feeling is a way to reduce tenant turnover and improve retention. Retention helps to reduce a lot of property costs, including sales costs, marketing, vacancy cost but also maintenance and cleaning. Well executed branding can contribute towards the retention of tenants. Effective exterior directional signage contributes to a certain level of safety for the tenants and their visitors. Safety is the number one priority for many tenants, living in a multi-family community. Effective wayfinding signage can also help tenants make use of the facilities more. Resulting in building tenant retention.

3. Attention to detail of your Multi-Family Community

Details matter! This often refers to the service provided by a community, but details also matters when it comes down to the maintenance of the property. The maintenance of the property includes well taken care signage. If you provide much attention to detail, this will help you to increase the value of your community. When investing in good signage, the maintenance factor plays a role. Well designed signage, with the right materials, requires less maintenance. This will provide a better overall look and care for detail.

Multi-Family Community Wayfinding Signage - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek



Although investing in good signage might look like an overwhelming cost, it’s actually only a small cost compared to the overall investment of a new development. And at the up side, well designed and fabricated signage will provide many benefits to your community that last for several years. Entrance signage, unit number id’s and wayfinding signage is an extension of your brand, contributing to it’s overall appearance.



At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we have experience working with multi-family housing developments, designing, fabricating and installing signage. Give us a call at 925.300.1066 or fill in the contact form, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

How Signage Contributes to the Rebranding of a Multi-Family Development

How Signage Contributes to the Rebranding of a Multi-Family Development

Rebranding a multi-family housing development is an interesting topic for developers. Rebranding not only provides an excellent opportunity to broaden a resident base, but it can contribute to increased retention rates and positive property reviews. When executed correctly, rebranding a multi-family property can bring the entire property to the next level. 

Signs rebranding

A rebranding of a multi-family housing development starts with the actual creation of the brand. Before designing a new logo and its colors, it’s crucial to understand the type of residents you would like to attract. What kind of atmosphere would you like to radiate towards your residents? Perhaps in order to achieve your goal, even a new name might be required. A property rebranding often goes hand in hand with an upgrade of your facilities, like a temperature-controlled pool, a health club, amenities, or luxury finishes in the units. These types of upgrades create unique selling points and broaden your target audience by offering different price points. All of this contributes towards the creation of the new brand.

When starting the rebranding process, we always emphasize keeping the implementation in mind. A logo design for a web-based business is completely different from a logo design that will be turned into signage and collateral. The color elements are equally important because certain screen colors might not be convertible into print or paint colors. Therefore, it’s important to find the right type of partner for your property rebranding.

Interior & Exterior Signs execution

Once your logo design and branding package has been finalized, it’s time to move on to the interior and exterior signage execution. We’ll summarize the most important sign types for your multi-family housing development.

Monument Sign

A monument sign is sometimes also referred to as an entrance sign or community sign. A monument sign creates the first impression of your property; this is especially relevant for potential new residents. These are often large investments but can have a powerful impact.  A professional-looking and well-maintained monument sign helps attract the attention of people walking or driving by. When rebranding a multi-family property, it may be possible to use the existing monument structure. Refurbishing an existing sign is a great option to create a new look for your property while keeping the cost low.

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs and directional signs have a more practical purpose for existing residents and their visitors. Good wayfinding signage contributes towards a good experience, especially for visitors, because they help people find their way around the property. Apart from the practicality of wayfinding signage it also contributes towards the overall look and feel of the property, by incorporating your branding. Don’t forget when you are adding new facilities to your property, to update your wayfinding signage as well.

Unit Numbers

Every unit at the property needs its own unit number, with clear visibility. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we incorporate your branding on each unit number sign. Keeping in mind the size, font, and contrast colors to ensure good readability. If your property is an interior apartment building, all unit number signs need to be ADA compliant in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act to pass inspection. ADA compliant signs include more than tactile and braille. As a licensed California sign contractor, Sequoia Signs ensures your signs meet all requirements for California’s ADA Code.

The above are just a highlight of the most important multi-family housing signs for your development. Contact our team today to start the conversation about rebranding! Scroll down to fill in the contact form or click here.

Which Signs Do I Need for a Multi-Family Housing Project in the East Bay Area

Which Signs Do I Need for a Multi-Family Housing Project in the East Bay Area

Identifying which signs are needed for a Multi-Family Housing project might seem overwhelming and complicated. Luckily this is our specialty and our experts will take this type of research off your plate. Read on for a summary on the most important signs for your project. An important note: some signs are a must to be compliant and pass your building inspections. Continue to read to find out how to be compliant.

Monument Signs for Multi-Family Housing project - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Monument Signs

Let’s start on the outside, the first impression of any visitor or resident. A Monument Sign is the first introduction to your property from the main street. The Monument Sign always includes the name of the community, along with the address number. Both will help to identify the location for easy reference. Monument Signs are available within a wide budget range, depending on your requirements. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we can custom design your design, following existing architecture or come up with a design proposal from scratch.


Directional Signs

Directional Signs become necessary as soon as you reach the gate of the property. Good directional signs improve the visitor experience, creating a friendly environment. At a Multi-Family Housing project directional signs are mainly used to indicate the house numbers, parking and then the club house, pool or gym if any. Directional Signs are exterior signs, designed for long durability. Furthermore readability is important so we keep that in mind while designing these signs.


ADA Signs for Multi-Family Housing project - Sequoia Signs East BayADA Room Signs

Now we are moving on to the type of signs that are a must in order for you to be compliant and pass your inspections. All units need to be equipped with an ADA Compliant Room Sign. An ADA Compliant room sign is installed on the latch side of the entrance door, including tactile and braille. If you would like to read more about ADA Signs for Multi-Family Housing, have a look at this article. One of the fun aspects is to be ADA compliant and design a good looking sign at the same time. Our design team is specialized in designing these type of signs. Keeping in mind the ADA guidelines in combination with the interior design & architecture of the project.


Regulatory Signs for Multi-Family Housing project - Sequoia Signs East BaySafety & Regulatory Signs

The least fun part of the sign project is usually the safety & regulatory signs. Hereby think about emergency exits and evacuations maps but also non-smoking signs or elevator signs. Our team will make sure to include all the necessary signs in your proposal in order to meet the safety regulations. All Safety and Regulatory signs will also be designed to be compliant and matching the design at the same time.

Do you have any further questions about which types of signs are required for a Multi-Family Housing project? Feel free to give us a call (925) 300 1066 or fill in the contact form below to be in touch with one of our consultants.

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