It’s back-to-school time of year! As students find their way back to school, we thought we’d showcase examples of how signage plays an important role with educational institutions. From guiding lost students to conveying crucial information, promoting safety, and even elevating the aesthetic appeal, school signage is a powerful tool that can transform the campus experience. We’re had the pleasure of collaborating with various local schools – spanning elementary to college level – to enhance their campuses through strategic and innovative signage solutions.

Signage at schools serves multiple purposes, including providing directions, conveying important information, promoting safety, and enhancing the overall environment. Here are some examples of signage that may be needed at schools:


Directional / Wayfinding Signage:

    • Directional arrows and markers for guiding visitors and students
    • Campus entry points and gates
    • Classroom numbers and locations
    • Restroom locations
    • Exit signs and emergency evacuation routes
    • Main office and administrative areas
    • Cafeteria, gymnasium, and auditorium locations

Foothill High School in Pleasanton, CA

Post and panel sign at the driveway entrance guides visitors and students onto campus. Multiple maps were installed throughout campus to help provide information about building locations.

wayfinding sign on a high school campusMap of school campus






Safety Signage:

    • No smoking or vaping signs
    • Fire extinguisher locations and instructions
    • Emergency contact information and procedures
    • First aid kit locations
    • AED (Automated External Defibrillator) locations

Informational Signage:

    • School map and layout
    • Daily announcements and schedule changes
    • Event schedules and locations (sports games, performances, meetings)
    • School policies (dress code, cell phone usage, etc.)
    • Bulletin boards for clubs, organizations, and student achievements

Campolindo High School in Moraga, CA

From informational maps to flagpole banners and a football scoreboard, nearly all the signs on this campus in Orinda feature the bold Campo “C”!School map post and panel sign Flagpole banners at Campolindo High School in Moraga School scroeboard sign





Contra Costa Christian Schools in Walnut Creek, CA

Motivational signs line the hallways adjacent to the vinyl window coverings at this elementary school in Walnut Creek.

Motivational signs for schools School signage in Walnut Creek, CA Vinyl window graphics at a school









Parking and Transportation Signage:

    • Student parking areas and regulations
    • Bus loading and unloading zones
    • Bicycle racks and guidelines

Accessibility Signage:

Environmental Signage:

    • Recycling and waste disposal instructions
    • Water conservation reminders
    • Donor boards
    • Athletic recognition

The Seven Hills School in Walnut, CA

These monument signs make a statement for visitors, faculty and students throughout the campus at The Seven Hills School. A custom donor board showcases and honors significant contributors to the school’s rich history.

School monument sign Walnut Creek, CASchool donor board sign in Walnut Creek, CA School monument sign in Walnut Creek, CA





Carondelet High School in Concord, CA

These athletic signs are just a few of the many signs we’ve provided to Carondelet over the years. The athletic recognition boards displayed in the gym promote the Cougar pride with title championships, while the scoreboard recognizes important sponsors.









Orinda Intermediate School in Orinda, CA

The OIS Bulldog’s signage demonstrates pride when students enter the school. The varying shades of blue standout against the exterior buildings making these sign pop!





Security Signage:

  • Security camera notification signs
  • Visitor check-in procedures
  • No-trespassing or restricted access signs

Health and Hygiene Signage:

  • Handwashing reminders
  • Health guidelines during flu season or other health concerns
  • COVID-19 safety protocols and guidelines (if relevant)

Rules and Regulations Signage:

  • No littering, loitering, or skateboarding signs
  • Speed limits for vehicles on campus
  • Noise regulations in quiet areas


When designing and implementing signage, it’s important to consider the school’s unique needs and priorities, as well as any relevant local regulations. Regular maintenance and updates to signage ensure that they remain effective and accurate over time.

Does your school need a signage plan upgrade? We’re here to help and share our experience in working to many local schools. Contact us to see how signage can improve your school campus.


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