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POP Signs

Point of Purchase (POP) signs are great for an assortment of uses, from sales promotions to upcoming events.

Window Signs & Graphics

Your store front windows are one of your best ways to brand and advertise your store. Window signage is a great way to capture traffic and bring people in your store, building, shop or offices.

Wall Signs & Graphics

Outside, your building walls are a great opportunity to advertise your company to your storefront traffic. Inside, your walls are can be used to help brand your offices or perhaps add motivational quotes to increase employee production.

Secondary & Tenant Signs

Secondary signs are most commonly used as tenant signs like a business park or other location that features multiple businesses. In this case, multiple businesses each have a secondary sign underneath a main sign (like a pole, post or monument sign).

Pole Signs

Pole signs are similar to post signs, but are typically used for taller signs. Pole signs are made of metal and enable the sign to extend high into the air for maximum visibility.

Portable Signs

Portable signs are more of a general category that can include many types of portable signs. They can range from small to larger custom signs, like yard signs and sidewalk signs.

Fence Sign

From basic banners equipped with wind vents and rivets for mounting, to custom wood, aluminum and acrylic banners, a fence can be used to advertise to street traffic or somewhere like a local or professional baseball park.

Door Signs & Graphics

Your front door is a great place to feature things like your logo, hours of operation, name and title of an employee, or custom graphics that cover the entire door.

Hours of Operation Signs

We can make custom graphics to display your store hours and other information. Hours of operation signs can go on your front door, front windows, and just about anywhere else you want to display your hours.

A-Frame Signs

A frame signs are a great portable sign product that can be used for a wide range of events and applications, but are commonly used for restaurants, ice cream parlors, furniture outlets and other businesses that have store front traffic that they want to try and pull inside.

Temporary Signs

Temporary signs, sometimes referred to as yard signs, are typically made from inexpensive disposable materials like paper and wood. Every election you see temporary signs pushed into lawns and other places to promote those running for city council, but these types of signs can be used to promote just about any product, service or event.

Enter & Exit Signs

Exit signs can be found in just about any business, commerical building or public space, and are required by law in many places. We make standard exit and enter signs as well as we manufacture custom projects.

Post Sign

Post signs usually consist of a post, most commonly made of wood, with one or more signs posted to it, sometimes providing directional assistance in 4 different directions (post signs can also consist of two posts and a panel system).

Attached Signs

An attached sign is any sign that is attached to another sign, which is usually larger than the attached sign. This is a great sign product for multi-unit buildings like dental offices.

Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are basically any type of sign that is attached to another sign, typically with chain links. These types of signs are seen at places like real estate offices and on property listing signs, as well as at motels, boutiques and strip malls.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

From vehicle wraps that cover the entire surface of a car, delivery truck, service van, or any other vehicle, to window graphics and magnetic signs, we have a wide range of vehicle signage.

Open for Business Signs

Most businesses have some sort of 'Open for Business' sign. These range from simple signs that you attach to your front window with a suction cup, to custom LED lit signs that are guaranteed to be seen from the street.

Address Signs

Address signs are great for making it really easy for your customers to find your location. If you're looking for a way to make sure people can see your address when trying to find you location, a large, illuminated address sign is the way to do it.

Vertical Signs

Bars and barber shops are businesses where you see vertical signage a lot, but they can be a great option for all kinds of businesses, and offer more of a unique look and feel.

Projecting Signs

Projecting signs stick out so they can be seen by traffic that would not see the storefront signage. In areas where you have a lot of foot traffic, a projecting sign is a great way for people to be able to see your business from far down the street.

Non-Raceway Mounted Signs

Non-raceway mounted signs offer more of a custom exterior building sign, including more flexibility in options and material choices.

Raceway Mounted Signs

Raceway mounted signs are modular and are attached to the side of a building via the raceways. This option is a great choice for the more budget conscious owner that wants a high impact sign with large letters.

Roof Signs

Hardware stores, grocery marts and other similar businesses are places where you see roof signs often. If you have a brick a mortal location, a roof sign is a great way for your business to be seen from far away, and help guide customers to your front doors.

Monument Signs

Most business parks that feature multiple tenants have a monument sign next to the main road where the property is located. These signs, which consist of a structure made of stone, brick or other material which serve as the monument, display the names of the businesses within the complex so passersby know who is located in the complex.

Wall Mural Signs

Transform an entire wall into a beautiful image or message. A wall mural sign is a great way to grab a lot of attention in a big way, and is a great product for branding purposes and attracting traffic.

Awning Signs

For restaurants and other businesses that get a lot of foot traffic, an awning sign is pretty much a must. They serve two purposes by sheilding your customers and employees from the elements, as well as they are also a great opportunity for branding and advertising.

Sequoia Signs & Graphics is a leader in professional graphics solutions for businesses throughout the East Bay Area. Based near the Walnut Creek / Pleasant Hill border we provide a huge selection of unique high-quality business signage and printed products for diverse clientele. Whatever your businesses’ needs, our designers can help you decide on a solution that fits your budget, your timetable, and ultimately exceeds your expectations.

Indoor Signs

From elegant, high concept signage for your reception space to the common everyday bathroom or nameplate signs we all rely on, Sequoia Signs & Graphics has you covered. With standard products and fully customizable options, our team can help you craft the indoor signage you need—signage that matches your company’s identity and provides lasting value.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are vital for broadcasting your brand to the world. From lighted business signs, to metal business signs, to temporary business yard signs or banners, Sequoia Signs & Graphics offers the perfect signage for your situation, manufactured using quality materials for all-weather performance and long lasting durability.

Trade Show Signs and Displays

Hitting the road to exhibit for your company? You’ll want to set the stage with high quality banners, pop up signs, and an attractive and functional booth design. Sequoia Signs & Graphics can help with all your trade show and event display needs, from small pieces to elaborate double deck or island-style booths.

Wraps and Graphics

Using advanced technology and manufacturing processes we produce high quality signs and wraps for a variety of purposes. These include custom wall murals and lettering, vehicle wraps and decals, window graphics, and much more!

Design Services Available Now!

Not sure what style or size sign you need? Or do you need to create a logo from scratch and have that new logo translated to a variety of products? As part of our logo design services the designers at Sequoia Signs & Graphics would be delighted to help you invent a design that speaks to your company and mission. For more information, or to discuss your upcoming projects, call or email us at (925) 300-1066 or [email protected].

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

Contact us today for a free design consultation

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