Custom Window GraphicsOnce upon a time your average storefront window graphic was literally painted in place, a lengthy process undertaken by a shopkeeper who knew that eventually he or she would need to scrape the paint back off with a putty knife, careful not to damage the glass underneath. Today, thankfully, vinyl decal window graphics are a far more professional affair and a standby for modern storefront advertising. Here are a few reasons why you should give them a look yourself:

They are Inexpensive

Along with the various other signs, banners, and monuments your company relies on, window decals are yet another way to share information with your customers as they walk or drive by. And, square-foot for square foot, they are VASTLY cheaper to produce than permanent signage.

They Utilize a Great Location

Remember: a blank glass window doesn’t tell your potential customers much about your business, products, or what you can offer them. Instead, take advantage of your windows! Not only are windows often located at eye level, they are smooth, transparent, and naturally attract window-lookers. This makes them the perfect location for all kinds of signage. And because storefronts usually feature so much glass, you may have the added advantage of being able to put up signage big enough to be clearly visible at a great distance.

They Can Be Temporary

When you advertise a promotion or special event you likely use newspaper ads, social media, and maybe giveaway coupons. However, it may be helpful to combine these ephemera with something more physical, and window advertisements are the perfect solution.  Window decals are a cheap, affordable way to put up temporary advertisements at your location to pull customers in in support of these other methods.

They Typically Don’t Count Towards Sign Footage Limits

Most cities or commercial areas regulate the amount of signage a business can have and where that signage can be placed. Ignore these limits and you can face substantial fines and the added cost of removing the offending permanent signage. Windows, however, are generally unregulated, allowing you to expand your advertising space and promote temporary events and specials without violating local regulations.

Sunshades and Privacy

Outside of advertising uses, window decals can be useful to block sunlight and increase the amount of privacy available to your staff or customers without completely blocking your windows or eliminating your visibility. You can also request window graphics specifically deigned to be transparent to those inside the building looking out, and opaque to those outside looking in.

They can be Extremely Colorful and Visually Attractive

Human beings are attracted to bright colors and, when you’re out to connect with drivers or passing pedestrians, attractive signage makes a big difference. Increase your brand exposure and make an impact with a design that features high definition, brightly printed graphics and large, clear text for maximum visibility.

If you’d like to investigate window decals for your Walnut Creek or Pleasant Hill-area business, we can help. Sequoia Signs & Graphics specializes in the design and production of a number of different types of signage, including effective custom window decals of various sizes. For a quote or to learn more, contact our team today at 925-300-1066 or [email protected].

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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