Outdoor Business SignsThe New Year: when calendars are rolled over from 2016 into 2017, gyms and health clubs are packed, and half the office is on a brand new diet. Of course, despite our best intentions, the vast majority of our New Year resolutions end up forgotten or discarded, but when it comes to your small business signage you have a chance to make a real, meaningful change that will benefit your business for years to come: install a brand new sign!

Here’s why this idea makes so much sense and why you should consider making the change for your storefront:

New Year, New Mojo

The start of a brand new year is an opportunity for people and companies alike to change their approach and refine their image. While, for many, that means losing a few pounds or putting on some muscle, for a business it can mean a time to rebrand and come up with a fresh face to present to clients and customers. Even if you use the same typeface and logo, a new sign can rearrange these familiar elements and give you the ability to present yourself and your company in a fresh light and claim new attention. You can even use the effort as a catalyst to finally go through with a company-wide rebranding, from logo to color scheme and all the way back. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to make a change, the start of the New Year is perfect.

Winter Nights

During the winter the days are significantly shorter than during the summer, which means that your old business sign may not be as visible due to lower light conditions. The New Year is a perfect time to update to a new look that features high-performance, low-cost LED lighting that can cut through the night and give you more brand exposure during evening and morning hours. Plus, if you’re using old-fashioned neon lights, the change to LEDs can cut down your sign’s power consumption and maintenance costs dramatically.

Budget Concerns

Scheduling a December or January replacement also gives you options as far as budgeting and taxes. Your new sign is a business expense, and therefore can come out of your company’s taxable income. You can schedule and pay for the sign in the December and take it out of the old year’s taxes, or wait until your profit figures are in and use some of that profit to pay for the upgrade in January instead.

No More Holidays

After Christmas and New Year’s there is a long stretch without holidays to use in your promotions, and that can be hard on sales. Without much around to celebrate a rebranding and new business sign can be a good tool to use to pull in more visitors and bolster business until Valentine’s Day.

Sequoia Signs Is Open for Business

And we’ll have more than enough time to help you and your company with personal attention and high quality design services.

After the rush of the holiday season the New Year is ideal for stepping back and taking a new, fresh look at things. If you’re a small business owner or manager in the Walnut Creek, CA region, make it your New Year resolution to update your business sign. The team here at Sequoia Signs & Graphics, Inc. would love to help you with all your business sign needs. Just let us know by calling (925) 300-1066 and we’ll be in touch!

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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