The type of vehicle wrap or graphic that is right for your vehicle fleet depends on several factors. Graphics for your vehicles are considered a driving billboard if executed right. In addition to the advertising opportunity it ads credibility to your company. We can all agree on the preference of a service van with graphics opposed to a dodgy looking white van. In this post we’ll describe the different types of vehicle graphics to help you find out what is right for your vehicle fleet.

Die-cut Vehicle Graphics - Sequoia Signs Oakland

Type 1: Die-cut Vehicle Graphics

Die-Cut Graphics are the most affordable option in terms of vehicle graphics. They are sometimes also referred to as spot graphics, decals or cut-outs. It’s a simple solution to add your company name, logo, phone number and website on your vehicle. Die-Cut Vehicle Graphics can be completely customized to make a big impression in terms of company branding and recognition.

Partial Vehicle Wrap - Sequoia Signs Oakland

Type 2: Partial Vehicle Wrap

As the name already suggest this type of vehicle wrap covers your vehicle partially. Meaning that not the full vehicle will be covered and the original color of your vehicle maintains visible. A Partial Vehicle Wrap ranges from covering your vehicle from 1/3 to 2/3. This particular option works really well for a vehicle fleet. Making a big impact but is more affordable compared to a Full Vehicle Wrap.

Full Vehicle Wrap - Sequoia Signs Oakland

Type 3: Full Vehicle Wrap

As you might have guessed a Full Vehicle Wrap covers the entire vehicle. An exception to this is the roof of the vehicle which is sometimes kept unwrapped, especially with vans. Covering your entire vehicle gives you a big surface to play with in terms of design. Advantages of going for a Full Vehicle Wrap is to make a bolder statement and showcase more of what you do. Think about listing services that you provide or possibly even include images.

Quality Vinyl for your Vehicle Wrap or Graphic

In addition to selecting the right type of vehicle graphics for your company and vehicles, consider the right material too. Nowadays there is a big variety of vinyl materials available from different brands. As with many things, you get way you pay for so don’t get tricked into a cheap vehicle wrap quote. Cheap vinyl materials can affect the paint of your vehicle or it doesn’t hold up well and starts peeling after several months. Therefore always make sure to discuss the materials used for your wrap, following the expected lifespan of your graphics.

At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we only use premium vinyl brands for the best result. Give us a call today to discuss you vehicle fleet graphics for your company in Oakland or around.

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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