Need An Office Sign For Your Walnut Creek Business?

An obvious goal as a business owner and/or operator is an optimal use of your office space. Good flow from reception to conference rooms to showrooms and all the way back to offices and break areas are important.

Are there eye-catching logos on your wall in receptions that stand out to your customer? Do you make the most of big blank walls in conference rooms to make a positive impression on clients?

Walnut Creek is one of the gorgeous cities in California, with vistas everywhere you turn. Make sure your office space is as beautiful as your city for your customers and clients. Let Sequoia Signs be your partner as they’re local to the area and service this location!

Fabric Banners

Does your office participate in some of the events going on yearly in Walnut Creek? You might be a sponsor or participant for the Oktoberfest, Heritage Walk, and/or Trick or Treat. Why not have a great advertising tool you can use for these events?

Fabric banners are versatile, can be hung indoor or outdoor, and reused! Whatever you want your fabric banner for, Sequoia Signs can help you design and execute your vision.

Directional Signs

According to California regulation, exits in office buildings have to be clearly and specifically defined. Sequoia Signs can help make sure your building stays in line with codes according to what signage you must have.

Other helpful directional signs such as restrooms, break rooms, storage areas, etc. can all be custom designed to fit not just regulations but also the aesthetic of your office building.

Floor and Sidewalk Signs

Every year, downtown Walnut Creek hosts a Holiday Stroll and a Wine Walk. If you are in this area, then you are missing out if you are not using your sidewalks to advertise your business! Eye-catching sidewalk signs can draw those participating in these and other events into your business.

Big walls always invite advertising, but one of the most expansive blank stretches in your building is your flooring! Sequoia Signs can help you design and create a surprising addition to your office with floor signs.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are great to use in many different types of rooms! Maybe you have a large wall in reception (or any size really!) and you’d like to put up a big logo without nailing or installing anything on the actual wall. Sequoia Signs can design, fabricate, and install a wall mural with your brand logo, that doesn’t do any damage to the wall.

Do you own a dentist or doctors office in Walnut Creek? Consider putting a wall mural in your waiting area of a relaxing scene, such as the forest, or the ocean at sunset. It might help to keep your patients calm before their appointments or create a relaxing area for those who came with them.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Call Sequoia Signs today and let us help you take advantage of your office wall, floor, sidewalk, and window space!

Need Sign Ideas?

Check out our product page to get some ideas and see common uses for different signage.

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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