Constant Advertising in Walnut Creek with Vehicle Wraps

vehicle wraps

A vehicle wrap stands out in ways that some other, more traditional advertising can’t. Billboards get ignored. Commercials get put on mute or skipped in the age of DVR. But a vehicle wrap with flashy graphics is eye-catching and unexpected, putting your business on display for all of Walnut Creek to see, wherever you go.

If you’re looking to take your advertising on-the-go and start a new campaign to share with as much of Walnut Creek as you can, you’ll want to meet with us, the premier vehicle wrap company in the Bay Area.

No matter where you go, your car is there to advertise for you. In a city like Walnut Creek, where residents are always on the road, there’s big potential for your company to get noticed. Even when your car is parked, it’s spreading the word about your company. Every car you pass will see your brand.

Do you work at a large business park like Shadelands, Walnut Creek? With the development of this large community for work and play, just by parking your car in the parking lot, you’re gaining attention for your company.

Between the businesses, the farmers’ market, the rec center, the Center for the Arts, and access to hiking and walking trails, one trip to Shadelands in your newly-wrapped vehicle exposes a huge cross-section of people to your company and gets you free advertising.

Safe for Your Vehicle

A high-quality vehicle wrap like ours is not only is safe for your vehicle, in many cases, it also protects your car from potential damage from the elements. Our wraps are safe to install and easy to remove.

This gives you the option to choose a long-lasting wrap to promote your business for years or switch it seasonally to spread the word about a new promotion or deal every time the weather changes.

Not ready to commit to an entire vehicle wrap or desiring a more understated look? Start small. You can do a single door panel instead.

A Great Deal

Vehicle wraps are an inexpensive way to promote your business. A vehicle wrap from Sequoia Signs can stay on your car or truck for up to 5 years, and in the course of that time, each view of your on-the-go advertising reduces the cost of your wrap to mere pennies per view.

Professional Appearance

Having a vehicle wrap demonstrates your company’s poise and professionalism. It makes your vehicle look like a “fleet vehicle;” like you and your car are part of a well-organized team.

Even if your company is just you, it gives you credibility: It creates a feeling of trustworthiness for potential customers as you drive down the streets of Walnut Creek, park at a client’s home or office, or run errands for your business.

The bottom line? A vehicle wrap makes your business seem well-established and doing well, fostering consumer faith in your company.

Park near the Lesher Center for the Arts or Boundary Oak Golf Course, enjoy your day and spread the word about your company all at the same time.

Ready to jump in and have the best looking vehicle on your block and in the parking lot? Contact us today to get started. Check out a few of our past vehicles to see just how great your car or truck can look!

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