A vehicle wrap fleet is one of the best investments in terms of advertising for your company. If your company is operated through it’s vehicles, it might be a lost opportunity not to brand them. Getting your vehicles wrapped requires some planning though, so let’s have a look at some important factors prior to wrapping your fleet.


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Type of Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wraps are available in many different types. So before starting a vehicle wrap project it’s important to plan for the type of vehicle wrap. The type of vehicle that you buy might be affected by the type of vehicle wrap.

  • Full Vehicle Wrap: Covering all surfaces of your vehicle is a full vehicle wrap. It fully hides the original color of your vehicle and creates more design opportunities. The roof is sometimes excluded from a full vehicle wrap.
  • Partial Vehicle Wrap: As it already implies a partial vehicle wrap covers part of the vehicle. This leaves part of the original vehicle color exposed and is important to keep in mind. It creates a strong impact though, without having to fully cover the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Graphics: Also referred to as spot graphics, due to individual cut out graphics being applied to the vehicle. These are often used for more simple design option, limited to the company logo & contact information.

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When designing a vehicle wrap fleet it’s important to stay in line with the overall branding of your company. In this way potential customers can easily recognize your company and enhances brand awareness. Apart from branding, readability is key. Eventually one of the objectives of your vehicle wrap is to advertise so your vehicle wrap needs to be readable. Font size, type and contrasting colors come into place when designing a good vehicle wrap.


Commercial Vehicle Wrap - Sequoia Signs East BayRemove imperfections

Even though a vinyl wrap will cover the surface of your vehicle, it’s not recommended to apply vinyl on imperfections like scratches, dents or rust. Because of the way the vinyl film is applied, it will contour to the imperfections of the vehicle and will not last as long. Furthermore paint imperfections might get worse, after removing the wrap. For these reasons it’s important to make the surface as close to perfect as possible.

Wash your vehicle

The last step towards preparing your fleet for a wrap or graphics is washing your vehicle. It’s important that your vehicle is free of dust, mud, oil and other agents that may prevent the vinyl from adhering to the vehicle surface. It’s worth highlighting that the vehicle cannot be waxed prior to the installation of vinyl as it prevents the vinyl from adhering to the vehicle.


The above tips are a good starting point to prepare for your vehicle wrap fleet for your company. Our experts are available to walk you through the entire process and come up with a plan for the installation of a vehicle wrap or graphics. You can call us at (925) 300-1066 or email to [email protected].

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