When you’re designing a new custom sign for your business, it’s important to keep the things prospective customers will notice in mind. Below are 5 of the top things customers care about in terms of custom business signs:

Custom Business Sign


 1. Does it Make a Memorable First Impression?

The first impression your sign leaves in the minds of passersby is critical for creating brand awareness and generating sales. Customers like looking at interesting signs, therefore you should work with professional designers like those here at sequoia Signs & Graphics, Inc. to make sure that your design meets its objectives and is memorable from the very first glance.

2. Is it Legible?

A great first impression gets a customer to look at your sign and, most of all, remember it. Legibility ensures customers are able to understand what your brand is and what product or service you offer. Many customers who will be looking at your sign will be a good distance away and may be moving quickly depending on their mode of transportation. Therefore it needs to be attention-grabbing, feature contrasting colors, be illuminated for visibility, and shouldn’t have too much (or too little) information.

3. Is it High Quality?

Signs are a significant investment, yet they are also one of the most-viewed advertising tools your business will possess. This means having a high quality sign counts. A well-made sign will look better and convey a better sense of value to your customers than a cut-rate option. The payoff a business will gain from building a sign right from the start far outweighs the initial difference in investment. Given the years that it will be in place, it makes sense to prioritize quality.

4. Is The Sign Well Maintained?

Low grade materials will break down faster, which results in more maintenance and higher upkeep costs. The same is true for designs with certain colors that show dirt more easily and lighting options like neon or fluorescent lights. These take more power to operate and require more repairs than LEDs. Make sure you factor in the long term costs and maintenance when investing in a new sign so you are prepared for the future.

5. How Will the Sign Tie In to Other Materials?

Customers care about consistency. Your brand must be consistent across all advertising materials, so make sure that whatever design you use is easy to tie-in to print materials, interior décor, uniforms, webpage design, social media, and all other company communication. If you don’t have a logo or brand identity, our designers would be happy to help craft one that suits you and your company.

Here at Sequoia Signs & Graphics, Inc. our team will let you know what your options are when it comes to custom business sign design. Fill out the form available from our homepage, call 925-300-1066, or email [email protected] to get started.

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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