We are proud to share some examples of our best Wall Wraps & Graphics in the area. One of the latest trends in large format digital printing are custom designed Wall Wraps & Graphics. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we are excited to share this trend with our customer to enhance their spaces. It’s a great solution for either branding, interior design or to communicate a message. Let’s take a look at some recent projects.

Wall Graphics Lobby Sign

Wall Graphics are a great alternative for a low budget lobby sign, opposed to a dimensional lobby sign. Furthermore, here is an example of a wall graphics used in combination with a dimensional lobby sign.

Wall Graphics Lobby Sign - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Wall Wrap Lobby Sign - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Wall Wraps for Advertising

In the picture below you can see an example how a wall wrap is used to advertise a product. A wall wrap is very versatile in terms of design and there are no limits. Furthermore, it’s a good solution for temporary advertising. We have the option of removable vinyl, being able to remove the wall wrap after a certain period of time without damage to the wall.

Wall Wraps for Advertising - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Wall Wraps for Marketing - Sequoia Signs East Bay Area

Communicate a Message

As stated above, the design options for Wall Wraps & Graphics are endless. Therefore making it a great tool to communicate a message. For instance, a message can be in terms of wayfinding, providing directions on the wall. Other examples of communicating a message are displaying a company vision or a company history.

Communicate a message Wall Graphics - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Communicate a message Wall Wrap - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Good to know!

As you can see the possibilities are endless! Wall graphics  have the versatility to be used in almost any commercial environment. They can be used on their own or serve as a base and used in combination with other signage.

Wall decals work best when the surface has little to no texture. Textured surfaces affect adhesion and appearance. In addition, low VOC paints can also cause an adhesion challenge for vinyl on walls. Luckily, at Sequoia Signs & Graphics we’ll find a solution for every wall and can test surfaces prior to installation.

When it comes down to the vinyl material, there are a few options. Providing a solution for every requirement. We are working with calendared vinyl as well as highly confirming cast vinyl. Cast vinyl is mostly used for rough surfaces like brick or concrete walls. Recently we also started working with printable wall paper that provides a texture finish for full wall wraps.

All wall wraps & graphics are installed with a lamination, either gloss or matte. The main objective of the lamination is to protect the vinyl and increase the lifespan.

At Sequoia Signs and Graphics, our expert graphic design staff can turn your idea into a custom design. Call us today at 925.300.1066 to turn your inspiration into your new digitally printed masterpiece!

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

Contact us today for a free design consultation

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