Fleet Vehicle Graphics

Odds are, the amount of advertising space your business’s property offers is decidedly limited. Fortunately there are other options for getting your brand out there in front of the world—and one of the best is with custom vehicle wraps. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we create and install one-of-a-kind car wraps for businesses and individuals, allowing you to enhance your vehicle’s appearance and take your message with you wherever you roam.

Colorful and Attention Grabbing

We all expect advertising on newspapers, TV, and billboards, and because it’s expected it often goes unnoticed or ignored. On the other hand, logos and designs emblazoned on vehicles are surprising and memorable. With fleet wraps you can turn your company cars and trucks into mobile advertising platforms, while also making it easier for customers to recognize and confirm your team members’ identities during deliveries or outcalls.

Safe for your Vehicle

High quality vinyl wraps won’t damage a vehicle’s paint job or finish—in fact full coverage wraps may add an extra layer of protection. Our products are 100% safe to install or and 100% safe to remove within a 5 year period on factory painted vehicles, giving you lasting performance and the freedom to make changes when desired.

Affordable and Practical

Wraps cost a fraction of a new coat of paint and you can do so much more with them. Whether you need to change a vehicle’s color to match your company colors, you want to add logos or other identifiers, or you want full-size image across the front, rear, or sides of your vehicle, a vinyl wrap is the most affordable and versatile option.

Not Just for Businesses

Wraps aren’t just for company cars. If you want a unique pattern, racing stripes, chrome finish, or another design or color option that isn’t possible (or affordable) to do with paint, we can make it happen with a specialized wrap tailored perfectly to your vehicle’s contours.

Design your Commercial Vehicle Wraps Today!

People notice their neighbor’s choices, and having a company vehicle with bright, high visibility branding and contact info in a driveway can go a long way towards convincing an entire neighborhood to give your business a try. Sequoia Signs & Graphics can help you design and then install a full vehicle wrap or partial vehicle wraps to pass along a specific message or design.

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

Contact us today for a free design consultation

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