Project Branding

Sequoia Signs is a full-service architectural design and branding firm. We specialize in comprehensive signage plans that reflect your multifamily brand. Our creative design services are the backbone of our business, guaranteeing our clients’ multifamily property stands out from the rest.

At Sequoia Signs, we match the architectural style of your property to design effective branded signage. Branded elements can be incorporated into signage throughout a multifamily property. From the initial interaction at the property entrance down to the details of the unit ID signs, your brand should be obvious and consistent.

A unified brand presence aids in resident retention and can increase property value. How does the signage at your multifamily signage reflect your brand? 

Initial Design Consultation with Sequoia Signs and Graphics

Sequoia Signs & Graphics is an architectural sign company that provides comprehensive signage solutions for multifamily housing developments, business parks, and campuses. Our innovative approach combines project branding with wayfinding to create differentiated and unique sign packages. As a full-service sign manufacturer in Pacheco, we manage projects from concept to installation throughout Northern California.


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