In-house Fabrication

Signage for multifamily housing projects range from majestic monuments signs to unique unit IDs and everything in between. We work with developers and architects to create a sign package that incorporates the aesthetics of the building into every sign type. The end product is comprehensive and consistent branded experience for the end consumer.

Our in-house production facility offers many advantages to our multifamily clients:

  • Production of sign prototypes for physical inspection prior to production
  • Selection of materials and quality evaluation
  • Insight into every step of the production process
  • Control over timelines
  • Speed of delivery for replacements or last minute additions

Example of our in-house production of ADA signs for a multifamily development. Our on-site production facility allows our team to control the quality and timing of the deliverables.

When signs are being produced for multifamily projects, the project is in the final stages of completion. Deadlines are impending and pressure is high. Our in-house fabrication facility gives our clients peace of mind that their sign project will be completed on time and with the quality that it deserves.

Contact us to learn more about how our in-house production facility can benefit your multifamily project.

Initial Design Consultation with Sequoia Signs and Graphics

Sequoia Signs & Graphics is an architectural sign company that provides comprehensive signage solutions for multifamily housing developments, business parks, and campuses. Our innovative approach combines project branding with wayfinding to create differentiated and unique sign packages. As a full-service sign manufacturer, we manage projects from concept to installation throughout Northern California.


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