Custom Unit ID Signs

Identification signs are not only critical to the overall aesthetics of a multifamily property, they are a requirement. And while unit ID code compliance may be our expertise, creative design execution is our passion. We believe unit ID signs can make or break a successful interior design of a multifamily project. We take pride in understanding the architectural vision of the project and translating that into creative signage.


Custom Unit ID Circular
Custom Unit ID Vertical
Custom Unit ID Angular
Custom Unit ID sign horizontal

The design process for unit IDs is initiated with the client’s overall architectural vision. The signage should compliment the environmental style but also be distinct enough to capture attention and provide the necessary information. Whether that is in the shape or material, each of our multifamily projects are distinctive and one-of-a-kind. 

Multifamily Unit ID Sign
Custom Unit ID sign metallic
Custom Unit ID sign unique shape

Our design team isn’t afraid to think outside of the standard unit ID frameworks. We often experiment with new materials, shapes and layers, and push the creative limits of sign expectations. The end result is a unique appearance that is specific to each project and within ADA code regulations. The sky is the limit!

Initial Design Consultation with Sequoia Signs and Graphics

Sequoia Signs & Graphics is an architectural sign company that provides comprehensive signage solutions for multifamily housing developments, business parks, and campuses. Our innovative approach combines project branding with wayfinding to create differentiated and unique sign packages. As a full-service sign manufacturer, we manage projects from concept to installation throughout Northern California.


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