Creative Design Services

Are you tired of seeing the same simple, basic sign options? Are you looking for something new to elevate your multifamily project? Sequoia Signs creative design team works with architects and developers to incorporate design elements into the sign package that are unique and thoughtful to set your project apart from the rest. 

We take the time to understand your audience and develop a sign package that matches the architectural intent of the project. These branded design elements provide consistency and brand integrity at every customer touchpoint.

Design Details Make A Difference

No two multifamily housing projects are the same, and the signage should reflect this uniqueness. A multifamily client wanted to  create an industrial atmosphere, so we used a brushed silver sign type to create a metallic appearance. We tied-in the exterior colors of the facade by creating a 2-layer sign that incorporated these colors. 

We further extended the brand by assigning each floor a specific color and adding subtle design elements. The room types were differentiated with vertical or horizontal edges indicating a residental unit or a utility room. 

Multifamily creative unit ID signs
One Lake Utility Unit IDs
Multifamily directional signage
Multifamily Unit ID and Utility Orange Signs

Designing signage for your multifamily project may not be your top priority. But it is ours. We take signs seriously. It’s what we do. 

Initial Design Consultation with Sequoia Signs and Graphics

Sequoia Signs & Graphics is an architectural sign company that provides comprehensive signage solutions for multifamily housing developments, business parks, and campuses. Our innovative approach combines project branding with wayfinding to create differentiated and unique sign packages. As a full-service sign manufacturer, we manage projects from concept to installation throughout Northern California.