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American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant signs are an essential component of a multifamily housing sign project. The federal ADA code requirements affect any new multifamily housing construction or development. Signage code compliance is complex and daunting. Sequoia Signs has the experience and expertise to successfully manage the federal, state and local regulations to help multifamily developers get a certificate of occupancy.

The ADA Act of 1990 has significant requirements that impact the signage industry. At its most basic, the ADA Act aims to prevent discrimination against people with disabilities in all areas of life. In the sign industry, this means that all signs in publicly accessible spaces are required to have tactile lettering and braille. It also means that specific rooms and directions must be identified to assist people with disabilities.

For multifamily signs to be code compliant, they are required to have specific universal standards. When developing unit ID signs, the designer must consider the font and size of the letters, as well as the level of color contrast. Braille must be included below the text and should be a key element of the design. The sign finishing requires a non-glare or matte finish. 

Unit identification signs are a major component of the ADA sign regulations for multifamily housing, as well as restroom signs, fire exit signs, elevator and staircase signs.

Stair ADA Signs - Sequoia Signs San Ramon
Brushed Silver ADA Signs - Sequoia Signs San Ramon

An ADA compliant sign alone does not ensure that you pass your fire or building inspection; therefore, it’s really important to follow the proper installation. In addition to the tactical and visual requirements, the installation of the multifamily signs has a set of specific requirements in order to get approved. These requirements can be very technical and that’s where our sign experts come into place. We will make sure to design all your signs to be ADA compliant, followed by the proper installation guidelines to pass your inspection.

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