Custom Sidewalk Signs In San Ramon, CADoes your advertising stop customers in their tracks? It’ should! And that’s why you should consider trying out high quality custom floor and sidewalk graphics to support your other advertising. Floor graphics don’t only boast an attention-grabbing position (literally resting at your customers’ feet), they can be affordably manufactured to be remarkably durable and able to stand up to heavy foot traffic for long periods while still commanding great attention from passersby.

What are floor and sidewalk graphics?

Floor and sidewalk graphics, sometimes known as floor and sidewalk decals, area full-color self-adhesive prints usually made from a high performance vinyl that is then covered with a durable, wear-resistant film laminated on top. These graphics are manufactured differently depending on their destination and intended substrate, with different varieties optimized with laminates and adhesives specially selected for use on concrete, tile, wood, and even carpet.

When would a business use floor graphics?

Due to their position on the ground floor graphics boast some unique advantages in a number of situations, including:

  • Unobtrusive sidewalk advertising
  • Traffic direction down corridors or through show floors
  • Decorative use on dance floors or for events

Because the graphics can be printed to almost any size and installed on huge variety of flooring materials, there are few limits to how a company could choose to utilize them.

How should they be implemented?

Getting started with a custom floor graphic project in San Ramon is easy. Simply call Sequoia Signs & Graphics Inc.! Our expert designers and sign makers will then work with your team to develop affordable graphics that meet your needs and can hold up to heavy wear while providing great impressions.

Of course, designing the graphic is only half the battle. Once your graphic is ready it will need to be installed, a process that can be trickier than you may expect. Errors in this process can be costly, as the vinyl is liable to adhere to itself, fold, stretch, or tear. This can be especially problematic on irregular and hard to clean surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and carpeting.  Fortunately, our local team based in Walnut Creek can help you implement your new graphic for a clean and flawless installation on whatever surface you select.  This service is especially valuable when dealing with large graphics that will need to be installed slowly and with great care, one section at a time.

Make sure to choose a location where the decal will be visible and where its message will be most effective. This may require the inclusion of directional feature or a design that emphasizes a simple, at-a-glance message visible even as other customers continue to walk across the decal.

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To get started with affordable, custom floor or sidewalk graphics for your company, call us (925) 300-1066. Our expert sign makers will work with you to design and implement premium decals perfect for conveying your message even under conditions of heavy wear, weather, and foot traffic.

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

Contact us today for a free design consultation

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