Here in Concord, business development and retail expansion are experiencing a huge surge in growth, unlike anything we’ve seen before. With new retail spaces finishing construction, and stores and businesses filling the new spaces, residents of Concord are discovering new businesses all the time.

What a better opportunity to make your business stand out than with an attractive new channel letter sign to beckon new customers to your door. We think now is the perfect time to revitalize the front of your place of business in Concord with brand new signage. Here’s why:

Business is Booming

Did you know that Concord is the job center of all of Contra Costa County? Not only that, it’s also quickly becoming a 5-star retail destination. The opportunities for businesses to grow and expand in Concord are at an all-time high.

With the addition of the Veranda Shopping Center to Concord’s extensive list of business spaces, including the IMAX theater, the first local Whole Foods 365, a play area, a show-oriented magical fountain, and even more to come over the next few months, Concord is increasingly becoming a place where shoppers and residents can explore all that the city has to offer with ease.

But Concord isn’t just a destination for retail. With major manufacturing happening here, plus the nurturing of mom-and-pop stores, many are speculating that Concord is set to become “the next big thing.” Concord is renowned for its ease in processing necessary paperwork and permits for businesses by eliminating red tape. It’s also known to be a much more affordable alternative to San Francisco for commercial real estate, averaging $2.25 per month per square foot; compare that to an average of $11 per month per square foot in San Francisco.  

Because of all these factors, Concord is on the edge of a big economic jump forward. In addition, real estate is expanding too, with new major projects starting this year near Swift Plaza and the BART center, meaning more residents and more business opportunities for you.

As more and more people explore the new development in the city, they are also open to exploring new businesses, stores, and companies too. As a business owner, you don’t want to be left behind in the boom happening in Concord right now. This is a great time to draw new attention to your company and bring new business to your door by updating your signage with an updated, illuminated channel sign.

How Lit Channel Letters Can Make a Big Impression

The options for signage are seemingly endless, and we at Sequoia Signs want to create a custom sign for you that will help bring the expansion in Concord through the front door of your company. Having the right kind of signage and letter signs in such a thriving economy is vital to helping you stand out and draw in the new business you’re seeking.

We take pride in creating signs that match the mood and design aesthetic of your company, and we even can help you come up with a brand new aesthetic too! We think there’s no better way to catch the attention of passersby than with the illumination provided by shiny new, lit channel letters illuminated by bright LED lights.

Located near Swift Plaza, Clayton Valley Shopping Center, or The Veranda? You’ve got a big opportunity to catch the eye of a huge number of Concord residents! Near Clayton Valley alone, you’ve got an audience of almost 62,000 residents in a 3-mile radius. Get noticed with an LED halo-lit sign above your awning, or create an ethereal glow with a reverse halo sign above your front door. No matter the design choice you make, your new sign is the perfect way to advertise for your business day in and day out, and in Concord, you have a big audience that will see it.

Want to see your signage brighten up your storefront? Ready to make a major impression? Check out our gallery to see how impactful our channel letter signs can be. Contact us today for more information on how Sequoia Signs can help you stand out from the crowd with brand new channel letter signage that is sure to catch the eye of your next customer. The future can be so bright for you here in Concord with a brand new, brightly-lit sign!

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

Contact us today for a free design consultation

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

Contact us today for a free design consultation

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