Give your business an added element of professionalism with an attractive, custom halo lit lobby sign. Halo lit signs add visual interest to an office, lobby or reception space, making your brand “pop” off the wall.

Halo lit signs are also called backlit signs or illuminated LED signs. Each element of the sign is individually lit with LED lights. The lightning element is installed inside the sign and the light is directed against the surface behind the signs. The lights create a “halo effect” casting a glow around each letter or element of the sign.


Apartment Halo Lit Lobby Signs - Walnut Creek, CA

Interior Halo Lit Sign at 1716 Lofts in Walnut Creek, CA.

Materials and Use Cases for Halo Lit Lobby Signs

Interior halo lit signs are commonly made of aluminum, acrylic or stainless steel. Each letter or sign element is individually manufactured and lit with LED lights. The low-voltage LED lights are typically white, but you can select from a range of colored lights to complement your brand.

Jewelers, hotels and spas often use halo lit signs to feature their business and brand. However, halo lit lobby signs are not limited to high-end retailers! The perceived value of both the sign and your business can be enhanced with halo lit signage. USA North 811 (811 Dig) in Concord had an existing power outlet on the wall that we leveraged to feature this beautiful, bold halo lit lobby sign.

Halo Lit Lobby Sign - Illuminated with LED lights

USA North 811 in Concord backlit illuminated lobby sign.

Halo Lit LED Light Installation

LED light installation in backlit lobby signage.

Considerations for Halo Light Lobby Signs

Power source

A power source is requires to light halo lit signage. Ideally, an electrical junction will be located behind the wall or in the ceiling directly above the sign to power the lights. Or you can use an outlet hidden behind the sign for the most effective display of your brand. As an electrical sign contractor, Sequoia Signs can install your halo lit sign to meet the necessary code requirements.

Color and Contrast

Halo lit signs illuminate around the edges of the letters. A detailed logo with many small elements or a multi-colored logo may not have enough contrast with the lights for the desired 3-D halo effect. Our design team loves a challenge and can recommend additional face lighting to showcase the intricacies of the brand. Interior halo lit signs have the most dramatic effect when there is contrast against the back surface.


A flat, smooth surface is optimal to evenly reflect the light. This provides balance and even distribution of the halo lit effect. If your backdrop is uneven, ask our design team about solutions such as a backer panel behind the letters.


Add visual interest to your office lobby or reception area. Give us a call to schedule a site inspection and design consultation to make your business sign pop!

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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