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Why Top Business Use Environmental Signage

Why Top Business Use Environmental Signage

Environmental signage is a vehicle to share brand messaging by using existing space to tell a story. It allows businesses to turn blank spaces into branded environments that evoke an emotional appeal. It blurs the lines between utility and art by combining function with graphic design to transform otherwise underutilized spaces. Environmental signage fosters engagement with customers and employees and enables you to make an impact at your retail location, office space or within the community using thoughtfully designed signs. 

Environmental signage can establish a brand identity, reinforce brand values and create positive customer experiences. Some examples of environmental signage include:

  • wayfinding information
  • wraps 
  • window graphics
  • word walls
  • wall graphics and murals
  • interpretive graphics or art installations
  • immersive spaces


Benefits of Using Environmental Signage


Your signage gives customers an idea of what your brand stands for and provides context for what kind of experience your customers can expect. Where does your brand fall in the larger scheme of things? How do you compare to the competition? Environmental signage visually communicates and conveys this information. Kinder’s retail location in Concord did this in spades showcasing it’s heritage and mission using wall graphics throughout the store.

Communicate a message Wall Wrap - Sequoia Signs East Bay


Environmental signage fosters engagement with customers as well as employees. It can create an emotional connection through imagery, color and location. Does it surprise and delight? Is it unique and creative? Retail store, Anthropology in Walnut Creek, used environmental graphics on the outside and inside of the elevators to create a cohesive and welcoming customer experience.

Environmental Signage - Elevator Wrap


Environmental signage is one of the most effective ways that an organization can craft and direct the interaction between user, place and purpose. According to Fedex Office, who operates approximately 2,000 locations in the U.S., over 2 out of 3 consumers believe that business signage reflects the quality of its products and services.  KOTA Contenders extended its “fight like a lion” tagline through wall graphics and murals demonstrating the brand ethos.

Sports Wall Wrap & Graphics - Sequoia Signs Berkeley



Use environmental signage to grow your business and create better experiences for customers. Companies stand out with branding. Signage with clean, clear designs and vibrant colors make your brand memorable. At Sequoia Signs, our goal is to make sure your signage not only performs functionally but also helps create a winning customer experience. COPA Soccer Training Center in Walnut Creek enhanced it’s fitness center with large-scale images of famous soccer stadiums around the world.

Environmental Signage - Wall Graphics


Environmental signage is a great vehicle for brand storytelling. Creative branding helps companies reflect their values and lifestyle, engaging potential customers. Using environmental signage allows businesses to establish a brand personality and identity. It makes your business memorable and relatable. 

Office Wall Wrap - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek


Sequoia Signs and Graphics helps organizations develop environmental signage and graphics packages that merge their companies branding with their signage needs. 

With so many elements and considerations, environmental signage can be complex. See more examples of our recent environmental graphics and wall wraps for inspiration! Our expertise is helping guide our clients through the problem solving and technical elements of the sign package and graphics process while keeping a clear focus on your brand. 

Give us a call to see how we can help you tell your story!



Some examples of our best Wall Wraps & Graphics in the East Bay Area, CA

Some examples of our best Wall Wraps & Graphics in the East Bay Area, CA

We are proud to share some examples of our best Wall Wraps & Graphics in the area. One of the latest trends in large format digital printing are custom designed Wall Wraps & Graphics. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we are excited to share this trend with our customer to enhance their spaces. It’s a great solution for either branding, interior design or to communicate a message. Let’s take a look at some recent projects.

Wall Graphics Lobby Sign

Wall Graphics are a great alternative for a low budget lobby sign, opposed to a dimensional lobby sign. Furthermore, here is an example of a wall graphics used in combination with a dimensional lobby sign.

Wall Graphics Lobby Sign - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Wall Wrap Lobby Sign - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Wall Wraps for Advertising

In the picture below you can see an example how a wall wrap is used to advertise a product. A wall wrap is very versatile in terms of design and there are no limits. Furthermore, it’s a good solution for temporary advertising. We have the option of removable vinyl, being able to remove the wall wrap after a certain period of time without damage to the wall.

Wall Wraps for Advertising - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Wall Wraps for Marketing - Sequoia Signs East Bay Area

Communicate a Message

As stated above, the design options for Wall Wraps & Graphics are endless. Therefore making it a great tool to communicate a message. For instance, a message can be in terms of wayfinding, providing directions on the wall. Other examples of communicating a message are displaying a company vision or a company history.

Communicate a message Wall Graphics - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Communicate a message Wall Wrap - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Good to know!

As you can see the possibilities are endless! Wall graphics  have the versatility to be used in almost any commercial environment. They can be used on their own or serve as a base and used in combination with other signage.

Wall decals work best when the surface has little to no texture. Textured surfaces affect adhesion and appearance. In addition, low VOC paints can also cause an adhesion challenge for vinyl on walls. Luckily, at Sequoia Signs & Graphics we’ll find a solution for every wall and can test surfaces prior to installation.

When it comes down to the vinyl material, there are a few options. Providing a solution for every requirement. We are working with calendared vinyl as well as highly confirming cast vinyl. Cast vinyl is mostly used for rough surfaces like brick or concrete walls. Recently we also started working with printable wall paper that provides a texture finish for full wall wraps.

All wall wraps & graphics are installed with a lamination, either gloss or matte. The main objective of the lamination is to protect the vinyl and increase the lifespan.

At Sequoia Signs and Graphics, our expert graphic design staff can turn your idea into a custom design. Call us today at 925.300.1066 to turn your inspiration into your new digitally printed masterpiece!

5 Steps to Follow for High Quality Wall Wraps & Graphics in Pleasant Hill, CA

5 Steps to Follow for High Quality Wall Wraps & Graphics in Pleasant Hill, CA

High quality Wall Wraps & Graphics are a great way to elevate your space at an affordable price. They work well for schools, offices, show rooms, stores, restaurants and much more in Pleasant Hill and around. When you invest in a well designed wall wrap you would like to make sure that it’s installed properly and keeps up overtime. In this blog we’ll go over 5 steps to pay attention to in order to make the best out of a wall wrap installation.

Smoth Wall type for Wall Wraps & Graphics - Sequoia Signs Oakland

1. Wall type for Wall Wraps & Graphics

The first step to be considered in the process of a high quality wall installation is the type of wall. With the wall type we are referring to the texture of the wall. The more texture, the more difficult it will be for the vinyl to adhere to the wall. In summary, the smoother the wall the better the end result of the wall wrap or graphic. If you would like to install a wall wrap on a textured brick or concrete wall, there is a special vinyl available for textured surfaces. The material is more expensive and the process more time consuming but the result will be fantastic, making it unique.


2. Paint on the wall surface

The type of paint that is on the wall where the graphics will be adhered to will greatly affect the vinyl adhesion. The amount of gloss in your paint affects its texture and can make adhesion easier or more challenging. The glossier your paint, the better the vinyl will adhere. Therefore we recommend avoiding matte paint for a better vinyl adhesion. Furthermore, more recently low VOC paints have come out which are less harmful for the environment. Unfortunately they don’t work well with vinyl adhesion and are to be avoided.

Wall surface Wall Graphics - Sequoia Signs Oakland

3. Prepare & clean the wall

When it’s time for the installation, one of the most important factors for successful adhesions is to prepare and clean your wall. To start, all imperfections in a wall should be repaired prior to applying vinyl. Even the smallest imperfections or dust particles can be visible under a wall wrap and may cause the vinyl to peel or rip. Therefore cleaning the wall is an important step to take for a better end result.


4. Vinyl wall test

After following all the steps above, it’s good to do a wall test. Wait at least one week if the wall is freshly painted for optimized results. A vinyl test will help to find out which type of vinyl works well on your wall. We’ll use a professional wall testing kit for the vinyl test. Based on the result of the test you can proceed with the printing on the right type of vinyl for your wall.

Professional Wall Wrap Installation - Sequoia Signs Oakland

5. Professional installation high quality Wall Wraps & Graphics

Last but not least, because this is the actual moment of truth. You’ll need a professional to install your wall wrap for a high quality end result. It’s easy for someone with little experience to apply vinyl with wrinkles, or crooked on a wall. Different vinyls require different application techniques and equipment to install properly. If there is text in your design, this needs to be leveled. Any light switches, plugs or window on your wall? Working around these requires precision to guarantee clean edges and straight cuts.


If the steps above are followed, your vinyl wall graphics should hold up well according to the desired lifespan. Our team at Sequoia Signs & Graphics will assist you with all the steps throughout the process for optimized results. Fill in our contact form here or scroll below for an estimate.

Dimensional Lobby Sign for Your Lobby Entrance at Winebow in Benicia, CA

Dimensional Lobby Sign for Your Lobby Entrance at Winebow in Benicia, CA

A Dimensional Lobby Sign for your lobby entrance can be a real statement piece. It creates a professional first impression by radiating your company branding. A lobby sign is not limited to a lobby or reception at an office though. Other spaces that can benefit from a professional dimensional lobby sign are schools, stores, restaurants, hotels, medical facilities and many more.

Dimensional Lobby Sign - Sequoia Signs Benicia CA

Dimensional Lobby Sign for Winebow

Recently we worked together with Winebow at their location in Benicia, CA. Winebow is a national importer and distributor of fine wines and spirits. Winebow has recently celebrated their 40 year anniversary, having locations all over the United States. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we worked together with Winebow on a brand new lobby sign for their location in Benicia.

The end result of their lobby sign is a combination of a dimensional sign with a wall wrap. Their dimensional lobby sign is a custom sign made out of acrylic, painted in metallic silver for an elegant touch. Spacers were used to for the dimensional letters to create a floating effect off the wall. The dimensional letters are installed on top of a wall wrap. The wall wrap creates an extra dimensional element to the lobby sign display. Showcasing a beautiful picture of a vineyard emphasizes the overall branding of Winebow.


Lobby Sign Entrance - Sequoia Signs Benicia CA

Different types of Sign materials

Acrylic is the most common material used for indoor Lobby & Reception Signs. It’s a very versatile material that can be used for cut out letters, as well as a back panel. In addition to the flexibility in shape it also gives flexibility in color. Acrylic comes in many different colors, as well as clear. So depending on your branding colors you might be able to use a colored acrylic. However acrylic can also easily be painted, resulting into endless possibilities in terms of design. In addition to painting acrylic a custom color, you can also apply a laminate. With a laminate you can create some very special effects like brushed aluminum, polished gold, or even wood grain. The main advantage of using a laminate on top of acrylic is the cost. A laminate is more cost effective then a solid brushed aluminum letter or wood.

Lobby Sign & Wall Wrap - Sequoia Signs Benicia CA

Apart from acrylic there are some other common materials used for Lobby Signs. A cost effective option is PVC. This is more cost effective then acrylic because it has a slightly rougher finishing. However this can still be a great option, especially if you are looking at thicker dimensional letters, making it more cost effective then acrylic.

Routed aluminum letters can also be used for a lobby sign. This is a more expensive option though and often considered overkill for interior usage. An acrylic dimensional letter with a brushed laminate will create the same look and will hold up well over time indoor.

If you are interested to elevate your lobby, like Winebow, feel free to contact us for a free estimate or consultation! You can call us at (925) 300 1066 or fill in the contact form below.

How Wall Wraps & Graphics Can Change Behavior at Your Office Space

How Wall Wraps & Graphics Can Change Behavior at Your Office Space

Wall Graphics - Sequoia Signs East BayWall Wraps & Graphics can go a long way in the representation of your company, for both your customers as well as your employees. A wall wrap of a tropical beach at the airport can instantly bring you in a holiday mood and the same applies in an office environment, let alone another message. These type of graphics are a cornerstone for visual communication and can help to communicate your company values and represent your company culture.




Where to use Wall Wraps & Graphics

One of the main advantages of Wall Wraps & Graphics are that they can be used on any type of wall in your office. Even a textured wall is no problem since a special type of vinyl is available for that. The most popular places for a wall graphics are in the lobby and the conference room. However your training room, staff cafeteria or even restrooms are possibilities too. Due to a protective lamination, wall wraps can also be used in high traffic areas without being damaged.


Design for Wall Wraps & Graphics

The design can be as simple as a single image, but still have a big impact. When using a single image for a wall wrap it’s important to have a high resolution picture, to avoid pixilation. Our design team can propose an image or will review it’s quality of your own image. The design of a wall wrap doesn’t need to stop there and the options are endless. Wall Graphics can be used to communicate the core values of your company, for example your mission statement. Other options are your company’s history or motivational wording for your employees. Our experienced designers will be able to come up with a unique design to elevate your office design and communicate the right message.

Wall Wrap - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Wall Preparations

After the initial planning of where to install the graphics and creating the design, our team will review the surface of the wall. For the best results it’s important for the wall to be smooth, since the wall is thin, small chips in the wall might be visible. Furthermore it’s important that the wall has low VOC paint  otherwise the vinyl adhesive might not stick well. Lastly the wall needs to be as clean as possible and therefore our team will clean the wall with alcohol prior to the installation.


In summary, a wall wrap is a great product to enhance your office space. As a design element to elevate your office or to communicate a message. Contact our experts today for a visit to your office for your next wall wrap.  You can call us at (925) 300-1066 or email to [email protected].

Different Types of Office Signs to Fit Your New Facility in Concord, CA

Good Office Signs for your facility are a must have these days! Good signage contributes to the overall branding of your office. First of all strong branding shows professionalism and is important for your existing customers as well as your potential customers. Another benefit of good office signage is for your employees. It’s proven that good branding motivates employees, to be part of an established company.

Office Signs can be implemented in different ways, areas and budgets. Therefore let’s have a look at different types of Office Signs and their benefits.

Office Signs - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

Lobby & Reception Signs

This is by far the most popular type of Office Sign due to the fact that it’s a real eye catcher upon arrival in the office. A Lobby Sign is usually displayed above the reception desk or in the waiting room. Another good location for a lobby sign is in your conference room, that is to say if you have one. Out of all office signs, a lobby sign is the most diverse in cost. If you are looking to make an impact but have a low budget, a simple acrylic panel with graphics can be a great option. Although, if you are considering a more high end product, the options are endless. We can design lobby signs with different type of materials for a more exclusive look, or even include illumination. Our Gallery has a good selection of lobby signs for your inspiration.

ADA Compliant Signs - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

ADA Signs

In order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, all your rooms need to have an ADA Sign. For instance think about offices, conference rooms, restrooms, waiting rooms, staff rooms and so on. ADA Signs can be designed based on your company branding, while at the same time comply with the regulations. If you would like to learn more about a well designed & installed ADA sign, read our recent post here.

Directional Signs

Directional Signs come into place into larger office facilities. If you are expecting a large amount of visitors on a daily basis, they come in handy, but otherwise your employees can benefit from good directional signage too. Good Directional Signs showcase that a company cares and contributes to it’s hospitality. In other words, Directional Signs have multiple benefits for your company, customers and employees.

Office Window Graphics - Sequoia Signs, CA

Window & Wall Graphics

Window & Wall Graphics can make a huge impact at a low cost. Are you trying to display a message? Or perhaps motivate employees? Showcase your Company Values? Window & Wall Graphics are perfect for this, especially because they are available in either temporary or permanent applications. Wall Graphics and Wraps are also a good way of elevating the interior design of your office. A plain and boring wall can be turned into a high energy environment.


In summary, there are plenty of options to elevate your office signs with different type of office sign products. Our experts are available to visit your office to brainstorm together with your marketing department or come up with a design proposal. You can call us at (925) 300-1066 or email to [email protected].

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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