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Benefits of Fleet Graphics & Wraps for your company in Concord, CA

Benefits of Fleet Graphics & Wraps for your company in Concord, CA

Most likely you will see fleet graphics & wraps on the roads around you on a daily basis. However did you every consider vehicle wraps & graphics for your business? They are a unique and creative way to advertise your brand. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, serving Concord and East Bay, we offer high quality wide format printing, allowing any design & color for your fleet graphics & wraps. Vehicle advertisement provides several benefits, so continue to read and find out if it’s right for your business.

Benefits Fleet Graphics & Wraps - Trucks - Sequoia Signs Concord

1. Fleet Graphics & Wraps create brand awareness

Brand awareness is extremely important, whether you are a national company or serving your local community. A branded vehicle fleet creates brand awareness on a local level. In addition to creating brand awareness, it’s an advertising opportunity for your company 24/7. Being on the way to a client or being parked while visiting a client or at night, your fleet graphics & wraps never sleep!


2. Vehicle Graphics are cost effective

Vehicle Graphics are a cost effective way of advertising. While with traditional advertising you rent a specific spot or time slot, vehicle graphics are a one time investment with unlimited returns. This results into a very low advertising cost per impression, making it worth your while. Although Vehicle Graphics are considered a one time investment, check with your sign company about the lifetime of the vinyl to avoid damage to your vehicle.

Benefits Fleet Graphics & Wraps - Vans - Sequoia Signs Concord

3. Fleet Graphics are mobile

Fleet graphics are like a moving billboard. Your message will be shown wherever your vehicle is. Every time your company vehicle is being driven, your business is gaining more exposure. Vehicle wraps can achieve greater exposure than other traditional means because your design will be seen all over Concord or any neighboring city.


4. Full Vehicle Wraps protect your vehicle

Considering that most likely your vehicle fleet provides you enough maintenance, a full vehicle wrap can actually protect your vehicle. The vinyl wrap which is installed with a protective laminate, protects your vehicle from light dents and scratches. Furthermore, a full vehicle wrap will protect the original paint from sun exposure. In summary, a full vehicle wrap is a great way to protect your vehicle, especially if you are leasing.

Benefits Fleet Graphics & Wraps - Box Truck - Sequoia Signs Concord

Sequoia Signs for all your Fleet Graphics & Wraps

Are you convinced of the benefits of fleet graphics & wraps for your business? At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we are dedicated to deliver well designed and high quality vehicle wraps & graphics. Whether you are looking for a full wrap or perhaps some elegant vehicle lettering, we do it all! Located in the East Bay Area we serve all cities including Concord, Walnut Creek, Fairfield, Oakland, Berkeley, San Ramon and Pleasant Hill. Contact us today for a free quote to get your vehicle fleet advertising project started!

Vehicle Graphics & Lettering for your business in Fairfield, CA

Vehicle Graphics & Lettering for your business in Fairfield, CA

Advertise your business with Vehicle Graphic & Lettering! Vinyl Graphics on your company vehicle increases exposure, displays information to your potential customers quickly, and improves company branding. As your local sign company, we serve the East Bay Area including Concord, Fairfield, Walnut Creek, Oakland and Berkeley.

With Vehicle Graphics & Lettering you have the opportunity of reaching thousand of potential customers every day. It’s an innovative way to leave a lasting impression and create brand awareness. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we design, fabricate and install your vehicle graphics, being a full service sign company.

We only work with the highest quality vinyl materials, to not damage your car. Our products are 100% safe to install  and 100% safe to remove within a 5 year period on factory painted vehicles. So even if you are renting or leasing a vehicle, you won’t have to worry about damaging your car or truck. A Full Vehicle Wrap for your fleet may even add an extra layer of protection, check out more about Commercial Vehicle Wraps here.

Vehicle Graphics & Lettering - Sequoia Signs Fairfield CA

Affordable Advertising with Vehicle Graphics & Lettering

Custom vinyl graphics for your vehicle are an affordable way of advertising. Opposed to traditional advertising, Vehicle Graphics and Lettering require a one-time payment. They yield long lasting rewards that you can see.  If you are looking for short term advertising, Vehicle Graphics & Lettering are a great solution as well. For example, when your company launches a special promotion or attends a local event in your community. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we can use a different type of vinyl for short terms installations, that are more affordable and easy to remove.

Vehicle Graphics & Lettering Box Truck - Sequoia Signs Fairfield CA


When it comes to designing your custom Vehicle Graphics the options are endless. It’s important to keep in mind that if you choose for cut out graphics the original color of your vehicle will be visible, opposed to a full coverage wrap. Together with our design team we will discuss the objectives of your vehicle graphics. We will consider your vehicle type and company branding. As an example. we can either provide an elegant look to elevate your company’s branding around town. Alternatively, we can take a more commercial approach as a form of advertising.

Vehicle Graphics & Lettering Van - Sequoia Signs Fairfield CA

Different types of vehicles

When we talk about Vehicle Graphics & Lettering, we are not only talking about cars. Therefore, as your local sign company in the East Bay Area, we offer a variety of graphics for vans, trucks, busses, box trucks and even boats. It doesn’t stop there so if you have a trailer of food truck do not hesitate to contact us, because at Sequoia Signs & Graphics we do it all.

As Sequoia Signs & Graphics we are proud to be your local sign company for all your signs and graphics needs in the East Bay Area. Call us today at (925) 300-1066 with any questions about signs and graphics or request a free quote!

Which Type of Vehicle Wrap or Graphic Is Right for Your Vehicle Fleet in Oakland, CA

Which Type of Vehicle Wrap or Graphic Is Right for Your Vehicle Fleet in Oakland, CA

The type of vehicle wrap or graphic that is right for your vehicle fleet depends on several factors. Graphics for your vehicles are considered a driving billboard if executed right. In addition to the advertising opportunity it ads credibility to your company. We can all agree on the preference of a service van with graphics opposed to a dodgy looking white van. In this post we’ll describe the different types of vehicle graphics to help you find out what is right for your vehicle fleet.

Die-cut Vehicle Graphics - Sequoia Signs Oakland

Type 1: Die-cut Vehicle Graphics

Die-Cut Graphics are the most affordable option in terms of vehicle graphics. They are sometimes also referred to as spot graphics, decals or cut-outs. It’s a simple solution to add your company name, logo, phone number and website on your vehicle. Die-Cut Vehicle Graphics can be completely customized to make a big impression in terms of company branding and recognition.

Partial Vehicle Wrap - Sequoia Signs Oakland

Type 2: Partial Vehicle Wrap

As the name already suggest this type of vehicle wrap covers your vehicle partially. Meaning that not the full vehicle will be covered and the original color of your vehicle maintains visible. A Partial Vehicle Wrap ranges from covering your vehicle from 1/3 to 2/3. This particular option works really well for a vehicle fleet. Making a big impact but is more affordable compared to a Full Vehicle Wrap.

Full Vehicle Wrap - Sequoia Signs Oakland

Type 3: Full Vehicle Wrap

As you might have guessed a Full Vehicle Wrap covers the entire vehicle. An exception to this is the roof of the vehicle which is sometimes kept unwrapped, especially with vans. Covering your entire vehicle gives you a big surface to play with in terms of design. Advantages of going for a Full Vehicle Wrap is to make a bolder statement and showcase more of what you do. Think about listing services that you provide or possibly even include images.

Quality Vinyl for your Vehicle Wrap or Graphic

In addition to selecting the right type of vehicle graphics for your company and vehicles, consider the right material too. Nowadays there is a big variety of vinyl materials available from different brands. As with many things, you get way you pay for so don’t get tricked into a cheap vehicle wrap quote. Cheap vinyl materials can affect the paint of your vehicle or it doesn’t hold up well and starts peeling after several months. Therefore always make sure to discuss the materials used for your wrap, following the expected lifespan of your graphics.

At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we only use premium vinyl brands for the best result. Give us a call today to discuss you vehicle fleet graphics for your company in Oakland or around.

Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Fleet Wrap Installation in the East Bay Area

Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Fleet Wrap Installation in the East Bay Area

A vehicle wrap fleet is one of the best investments in terms of advertising for your company. If your company is operated through it’s vehicles, it might be a lost opportunity not to brand them. Getting your vehicles wrapped requires some planning though, so let’s have a look at some important factors prior to wrapping your fleet.


Vehicle Fleet Wraps - Sequoia Signs Easy Bay

Type of Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wraps are available in many different types. So before starting a vehicle wrap project it’s important to plan for the type of vehicle wrap. The type of vehicle that you buy might be affected by the type of vehicle wrap.

  • Full Vehicle Wrap: Covering all surfaces of your vehicle is a full vehicle wrap. It fully hides the original color of your vehicle and creates more design opportunities. The roof is sometimes excluded from a full vehicle wrap.
  • Partial Vehicle Wrap: As it already implies a partial vehicle wrap covers part of the vehicle. This leaves part of the original vehicle color exposed and is important to keep in mind. It creates a strong impact though, without having to fully cover the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Graphics: Also referred to as spot graphics, due to individual cut out graphics being applied to the vehicle. These are often used for more simple design option, limited to the company logo & contact information.

Truck Vehicle Wrap - Sequoia Signs East Bay


When designing a vehicle wrap fleet it’s important to stay in line with the overall branding of your company. In this way potential customers can easily recognize your company and enhances brand awareness. Apart from branding, readability is key. Eventually one of the objectives of your vehicle wrap is to advertise so your vehicle wrap needs to be readable. Font size, type and contrasting colors come into place when designing a good vehicle wrap.


Commercial Vehicle Wrap - Sequoia Signs East BayRemove imperfections

Even though a vinyl wrap will cover the surface of your vehicle, it’s not recommended to apply vinyl on imperfections like scratches, dents or rust. Because of the way the vinyl film is applied, it will contour to the imperfections of the vehicle and will not last as long. Furthermore paint imperfections might get worse, after removing the wrap. For these reasons it’s important to make the surface as close to perfect as possible.

Wash your vehicle

The last step towards preparing your fleet for a wrap or graphics is washing your vehicle. It’s important that your vehicle is free of dust, mud, oil and other agents that may prevent the vinyl from adhering to the vehicle surface. It’s worth highlighting that the vehicle cannot be waxed prior to the installation of vinyl as it prevents the vinyl from adhering to the vehicle.


The above tips are a good starting point to prepare for your vehicle wrap fleet for your company. Our experts are available to walk you through the entire process and come up with a plan for the installation of a vehicle wrap or graphics. You can call us at (925) 300-1066 or email to [email protected].

Be Seen With These Exterior Signage Options

Be Seen With These Exterior Signage Options

There are many exterior sign options that will help make your business more noticeable and easy to navigate to. This post will talk about the best sign options to make sure your business is noticeable and seen.

exterior signage - monument signMonument signs
Monument signs are a great way of capturing attention. A monument sign goes in front of a large business park or mall. They are large free-standing signs and are versatile, visible and low maintenance.
Exterior signage - channel lettersChannel letters
On the outside of the building, you want to include your company’s name. This can be done effectively with channel letters. You can customize them to reflect your company’s brand identity. They are very versatile and flexible, which accommodates most branding guidelines and personal design needs.
Exterior Signage - Wall and window graphicWall & Window Graphics
When you have a storefront on a busy street, you’ll want think about how you’re going to maximize the use of your exterior walls and glass window. Wall and window graphics can be a great way to advertise your products and make sure you’re seen and noticed.
Exterior Signage - Vehicle WrapVehicle Graphics
You also want to consider using vinyl wraps on all your company vehicles. This will make it easier for people to find out who you are while they’re sitting in traffic or parked in the same parking lot as you.

It’s important to be creative with the signage that you use for your business. While you’re not going to use all the exterior signs that we have suggested, it might be a good idea to incorporate two or three options.

Would you like to get started on an exterior signage project for your business? Give us a call today and our team of experts can help turn your creative vision into reality! 925.300.1066


Turn Your Commercial Vehicle into a Mobile Billboard

Turn Your Commercial Vehicle into a Mobile Billboard

If you’ve ever seen a commercial wrapped vehicle on the road, you may have wondered if vehicle wraps will benefit your company. Here at Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we highly recommend commercial vehicle wraps as an effective marketing tool for businesses of all types.

Commercial vehicle wraps are like mobile billboards and can reach a larger audience in comparison to other forms of marketing. The designs are bold, and the size of the ads are much larger than print or online ads. With the combination of a bright, eye catching ad, and your vehicle’s visibility on the road, your ad can be seen by thousands of potential clients in your area.

Commercial vehicle wraps can be applied to your entire vehicle or just a portion of it. They are made from vinyl and typically last up to seven years if maintained correctly. Aside from being a marketing benefit, vehicle wraps also protect your vehicle’s finish from damage and rust.

Check out our most recent commercial vehicle wrap project. Our team designed and wrapped a shuttle bus for the Pittsburg Police Activities League. This wrap will surely attract attention of viewers on the road in the East Bay Area for years to come!

Commercial vehicle wraps for your business

If you are considering a commercial vehicle wrap for your business, be sure to review this list below for tips on creating a great commercial vehicle wrap:

  • Be sure your wrap is in sync with your brand message and identity. Stay consistent with your advertising across all marketing channels.
  • Use bright colors on your design to grab the attention of your viewers
  • Bold lettering is ideal to increase visibility from a far distance
  • Keep your design bold and your message simple. Adding too much copy to your design can be distracting from your brand message

Want to hear more about commercial vehicle wrap options for your business? Give us a call now and our team of experts can help you turn your creative vision into reality! (925) 300-1066

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