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How a Monument Sign Can Help You Stand Out in San Ramon

How a Monument Sign Can Help You Stand Out in San Ramon

Custom Monument Signs in northern California

Hoping to give the exterior of your business a refresh? A monument sign is a great way to update the outside of your company and advertise in your community at the same time.

At Sequoia Signs, we are the experts in providing monument signs for businesses in San Ramon; we are here to help you take the next step with your company. Erecting a shiny, brand new monument sign outside your store or office can mean a big boost to your business.

Here are a few ways your new signage will help you stand out from the crowd:

Major Curb Appeal

Adding a monument sign outside your workplace not only gives potential customers a physical reminder of the location for your company, but it can also add a certain amount of “gravitas” to your business, while at the same time broadcasting your company to the world too. It’s free advertising, and when done well, it’s a great way to gain the attention of your next client.

A monument sign is a highly effective way to show the city of San Ramon that your business is established. It signifies the permanence of your company, establishing trust while showing that you take pride in what you do.

Also, it’s an attractive way to add to the overall exterior look of your business. Perhaps it even gives you the opportunity for some gorgeous landscaping to surround your brand-new monument sign. However you choose to display it, a monument sign will definitely add curb appeal to your location, which in turn, will attract new customers.

In an ever-expanding city like San Ramon, adding curb appeal helps keep your business current and visible. Take for example the new City Center project. With over 2 million square feet in leasable space for shops, offices, a library, restaurants, apartments, and a hotel, San Ramon will quickly become an even bigger destination for both business and pleasure. Make sure the exterior of your business is ready to catch the attention of all the increased traffic with brand new signage.

Design Elements that Match Your Aesthetic

One of the best things about working with Sequoia Signs to create a monument sign for your company is that we can work together to create a sign that is truly an expression of what your company does, who you are, and what you stand for.

With options like real brick and stone, faux natural materials, concrete, and even lit LED, your sign has the potential to make a strong statement about who you are as a company. We can work to closely match the exterior of your building, or we can fabricate something new, fun, and unforgettable. The choice is yours!

Your sign can be made from concrete for an industrial feel, or it can have stunning glass details. It can also be made of steel, stucco, or sandblasted wood. We can even use special, EPS foam (expanded polystyrene foam) and high-density urethane to create top-caliber monuments. With so many options, finding a solution that is personal and eye-catching is a piece of cake.

You can check out some of our past work here and quickly see, each sign we create is a unique expression of the company for which the sign was created. Every architectural element of your new monument sign is a choice so that your sign that matches what your company stands for. Your sign can incorporate your unique graphics or logo into the design to further personalize it. Even the choice in fonts becomes part of the design to fully represent your business and guide customers to you.

In a community with so many thriving businesses like San Ramon, finding a way to stand out and get noticed can be vital to the success of your company. A customized monument sign is a great way to grab the attention of your next new customer and let them know from the beginning, exactly how great you are.

Drive-by Marketing

A monument sign is a perfect way to let potential future customers know you’re there. Sure, you’ve picked a prime physical location for your business, but it’s still easy to get lost in the shuffle here in San Ramon. Driving along or going about their day, it’s natural for someone to get wrapped up in their own thoughts, their to-do list, or the traffic. However, a beautiful custom monument sign outside your business is a great way to advertise to passersby and grab their attention.

Someone driving by may see your company and realize they need to stop in and shop or contact you for their personal or professional needs. A monument sign is a perfect way to let someone know you’re there. In a world where 67 percent of drivers use their phones for turn-by-turn directions and 31 percent of these drivers do so on a frequent basis, it can sometimes be hard to gain potential customers who are casually passing your company— unless, that is, you catch their attention with a bold, appealing monument sign.

Are you located near Bishop Ranch, or at least close to a commuter or bus route? Then exterior signage like a beautifully constructed, new monument sign is a perfect way to increase the visibility of your business to the employees of the 600+ businesses who work in San Ramon. It’s marketing that continues to pay off as long as you’re in that location!

We are here to help you create a monument sign that will advertise your unique business to this great, thriving city. With licensed contractors and designers who are well-versed in San Ramon’s regulations and policies for commercial signage, your end result will be a stunning reflection of who you are as a company, while we handle the headache of the all the technicalities.

Contact us today for a quote, or to see what it might look like to collaborate with a designer to create a sign for your business. We can even provide you with more examples of some of the monument signs we’ve created right here in San Ramon – chances are you’ve already noticed some of our work!

What Channel Letters Can Do For Your Business in San Ramon

What Channel Letters Can Do For Your Business in San Ramon

Channel letter signs for your San Ramon business

What are Channel Letters?

Channel letters are three dimensional, jump off your building, and demand attention signs. They are custom made, matching your brand and giving you the ability to compliment your property at the same time with coloring and size. In a prosperous and thriving community like San Ramon, companies need to take advantage of every opportunity to market their products and services to clients and customers. What better way than a sign made to grab the attention of those passing by?

Environmentally Conscious

Channel Letters are available with LED lights that will make your sign more noticeable during the early morning and twilight hours of the evening. Using LED lights will cut your energy usage by significant rates. For businesses ranging from restaurants to mechanics, the clientele is increasingly interested in the impact of the business on the environment. This is especially true in a city like San Ramon, whose residents actively advocate for the city’s environmental health, wellness, and sustainability. LEDs not only save on energy but are made with non-toxic elements. Other lights, such as fluorescent lights, contain noxious chemicals that can end up in landfills.  Your sign will add to the beauty of your community, but also keep your business environmentally responsible.

Our Process

At Sequoia Signs, we are committed to making the highest quality channel letters for businesses in San Ramon. We make channel lettering using rust-resistant aluminum, bent to your exact specifications for your brand and building. We then cover the aluminum with a high-density plastic, safeguarding your sign from the elements. LEDs light up the wall behind the letters taking up the negative space. The addition of lighting to your sign gives your letters even more dimension, and LEDs do not need to be replaced nearly as often as other types of lights do.

Is Channel Lettering Right for Your Business?

The sign on your building is essential to your customer’s impressions of your business. If it is falling apart, too generic, or unmemorable, you are not using your building to its maximum marketing potential. Channel lettering is not only big enough to be seen from the street but will draw the eye of all passersby more naturally thanks to its three-dimensional shape. With the long-lasting nature and durability of channel lettering, you will have the critical components of advertising working for you all day, every day. According to many studies, proper signage on your building can add up to 75% to your customer base.

Over 76,000 people live in the city of San Ramon, with at least 21,000 people commuting into the city to work every day in areas like the Bishop Ranch Office Park. Take advantage of the Channel Lettering to grab the attention of these prospective clients and customers by calling Sequoia Signs today. Our expert customer service team will set up an appointment for you to discuss how we can bring your outdoor signage in San Ramon to life!

Check Out These Budget-Friendly Hotels for Your Trip to San Ramon

Check Out These Budget-Friendly Hotels for Your Trip to San Ramon

Hotels in San Ramon, California

You’re visiting San Ramon, and you’re seeking a place to stay that is both comfortable and easy on the wallet. Of course, you know this can be a challenge – especially in the Bay Area! However, you can put your worries to rest. We’ve done the legwork for you. We put together some of the best rated, most budget-conscious places to stay in the San Ramon.

Hyatt House San Ramon – from $139/night

One of the top-rated hotels in the beautiful San Ramon Valley, the Hyatt House San Ramon offers short-term studio style rooms and long-term stay multi-room suites. Warm, contemporary styled rooms include fully equipped kitchens, workspace, and free wifi.

Hot breakfast is also complimentary and boasts options like cage-free eggs, all-natural bacon and sausage, greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and steel cut oats. A pool, hot tub, and 24-hour fitness center are ready for you when you’re ready to relax and recharge. Clean rooms, friendly staff, and easy access to the area’s business parks— all that for under $150 is tough to beat.

Residence Inn San Ramon – from $149/night

You’ll find comfortable, casual, and recently renovated apartment-style suites with fully equipped kitchens at the Residence Inn San Ramon. Functional, ergonomic workspaces in rooms also include free wifi access and are pet-friendly. Full, hot breakfast buffet is complimentary, and 3 nights a week the hotel hosts “mixers” – free social events with snacks and sips including local fare from food trucks (for a nominal charge).

Burn that breakfast off in the fitness center, pool, or on the basketball court. All of this along with a free business center, fire pit and BBQ grill access, quiet location and free parking help make the Residence Inn a top budget-friendly pick.

La Quinta Inn & Suites Dublin – Pleasanton – from $109/night

Just down the road from San Ramon in Dublin, the La Quinta Inn & Suites is another great option for both standard rooms and suites available. Each recently renovated room includes a microwave and refrigerator, comfy pillowtop beds, and workspace. The premium cable, wifi, and parking are all complimentary.

Wake up to “Bright Side” breakfast, complimentary DIY fresh Belgian style waffles, fresh fruit, muffins, bread, and unlimited coffee and fresh orange juice. Run some laundry in the guest laundry facilities while getting a workout in or swimming in the pool. Clean rooms and attentive, friendly staff are the “cherry on top” for this budget-friendly choice.

San Ramon Marriot – from $114/night

The San Ramon Marriot boasts redwood forest views while still providing easy access to the 580/680 freeways. Contemporary, California style greets you – and your pet – in comfortable, well-appointed rooms. Rooms start at $139/night, but tor roughly $20/night more, a concierge level room gives you access to the lounge, in addition to offering free continental breakfast, non-alcoholic beverages, hors-d’oeuvres, desserts, and late night snacks.

Room amenities include refrigerator, coffeemaker, and iron. Friendly staff, clean rooms, and great location make this hotel a great choice, but be aware you’ll need to budget extra for parking and internet access.

Best Western Danville Sycamore Inn – from $109

Just a few minutes North of San Ramon, the Best Western Danville Sycamore Inn provides scenic views of Mt Diablo. This hotel boasts large rooms with many options – from single king sized bedrooms to two queen beds and a patio with mountain views! Rooms feature microwaves, refrigerators, and coffeemakers. Larger suites also include ergonomic workspaces and patios.

The complimentary breakfast includes hot items like eggs, sausage, and bacon, as well as cold breakfast standards like muffins, cereal, fresh fruit and yogurt. Pets are welcome in specific rooms. Parking and wifi are also complimentary. While the Best Western doesn’t have its own fitness center on property, they do offer free passes to a nearby facility. Don’t feel like working out? Relax in the heated outdoor pool instead! Comfortable, quiet rooms, friendly staff, and convenient location give the Best Western extra points.

Whether you are planning a stay in San Ramon or its surrounding areas for business or pleasure, let Sequoia Signs help with your display and signage needs. Contact us today for a quote!

Invest in San Ramon, CA – Here’s Why

Invest in San Ramon, CA – Here’s Why

Invest in San Ramon, CA

Are you looking for the perfect place to start a brand new business venture or expand your current one? San Ramon is a great place to make a new home for your company. San Ramon is family-friendly, with affordable real estate opportunities, growing businesses, great schools and parks, and lots to do.

With its fast-growing yet stable economy and its excellent location, along with the many diverse opportunities San Ramon already has to offer, you’ll quickly fall in love with all that San Ramon can provide.

Home to Strong Companies

San Ramon is already the headquarters to several large, very stable companies that will provide jobs and economic stability for years to come, which makes San Ramon an ideal place to expand or introduce your business.

San Ramon is the home to the headquarters for Chevron, which is one of the top six oil companies, and one of the 20 largest companies worldwide. San Ramon is also the location of the west coast headquarters for AT&T, which is also one of the 20 biggest companies in the world, and the seventh-largest company in the United States.

In fact, Chevron and AT&T employ about 20 percent of the workforce in the city. Additionally, San Ramon is home to the headquarters for 24-Hour Fitness, which has expanded internationally and has become an established brand in the booming fitness industry.

Two of the main reasons this is an important factor when looking to invest in a city are jobs and job security. These successful companies aren’t going anywhere, and they bring with them their many employees who live their lives in San Ramon, and they all work, play, and have families within the city.

With the presence of these companies and their employees come other businesses and employment opportunities in industries like food service, healthcare, media, consulting, and tourism. With such a stable, healthy economy, San Ramon is a perfect place to bring your business.


When the Bishop Ranch Office Park was built in the 1980s, it began a major shift for the city of San Ramon. Once a commuter town for larger cities in the Bay Area, specifically San Francisco, San Ramon was able to stand on its own.

Jobs began to grow and multiply, and today, over 21,000 people work in the Bishop Ranch Office Park each day with an estimated 16,000 jobs to be added in the next 15 years. Now is the perfect time for you to establish your company here in San Ramon.

Also, San Ramon is a young city, full of vibrancy and diversity! While the nation as a whole is expecting a 17 percent population growth through 2030, San Ramon is expected to grow by 34 percent, and most of the growth is projected to come from those under the age of 44. As the population grows and diversifies, there will be a great need for businesses like yours to take shape in the city of San Ramon.

Location, Location, Location

Not only is San Ramon itself a strong city with a thriving business climate, but its location makes it fairly easy to access many other areas in northern California, and specifically the Bay Area. Growing your company in San Ramon puts you close to San Francisco and Berkeley as well as Silicon Valley.

San Ramon offers you and your customers the comfort, ease, and affordability of a smaller city while still giving you and your company access to larger cities, and giving those cities access to your company as well.

A Place Families Want to Live

Simply put, San Ramon is a wonderful place for families. With one of the top school systems in the state, and so much to see and explore, all while being a safe place to live and a great place to work, more and more families are choosing to live in San Ramon.

Not only does this set the stage for long-term economic growth, but it also means that whether you are looking for a place for your tech start-up or you want to open your own restaurant, there will be plenty of people looking to work for you, employ the services of your company, and check out what you have to offer.

Ready to stake your claim on all that San Ramon has to offer for an enterprising entrepreneur like yourself? You’ll need to spread the word! Contact us when you’re ready, and we will provide you with visibility, recognition, and style to set you apart.

Did You Know This About San Ramon, California?

Did You Know This About San Ramon, California?

Trivia and facts about San Ramon, California

California is full of history and interesting facts, and San Ramon is no exception. Even if you’ve lived in the Bay area for years, there are always things to learn right in your own backyard. We’ve got a few suggestions of places to explore and learn just a little bit more about San Ramon, we’ve even thrown some trivia in the mix!

A Muse for Playwrights

Famed playwright, Eugene O’Neill lived in San Ramon for a short period of time, and it was here that he wrote his best known work, The Long Day’s Journey Into Night, which went on to win a Pulitzer Prize, and is considered one of the best plays written in the 20th century. There’s even an Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site located here, just outside of Danville, where you can tour his home and learn about his prolific works. O’Neill  was drawn to the privacy of the valley and the seclusion that he couldn’t find in bigger cities. Perhaps the gorgeous landscape was the inspiration O’Neill needed to clear his head and create his masterpiece!

A Home to Football Stars (and other sports too!)

Did you know there are five current and former professional NFL football players who have lived in, or are from San Ramon? That’s a pretty high turnout for a city this size! Marv Hubbard played for both the Oakland Raiders and the Detroit Lions, and lived his later years in San Ramon. Tony Stewart of the Cincinnati Bengals and the Oakland Raiders has lived in San Ramon, and Austin Hooper currently of the Atlanta Falcons, James Jones, formerly of the Green Bay Packers, and Khalil Mack of the Oakland Raiders have all lived, are from, or currently live in the San Ramon region.

Also from San Ramon? Professional soccer players David Bingham, Andrew Wiedeman, and Olympic gold medal soccer player Tiffany Roberts, as well as NHL hockey player Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Talk about goals!

A Town Rich in History

Before it was settled during colonization, and then later during the Gold Rush, the San Ramon area was home to the Ohlone Native Americans for centuries due to its rich abundance of all sorts of food sources and fresh water, and also because of its geography; Mount Diablo was a sacred space for the Native Americans of the valley, but it was Spanish colonizers who gave the mount its current name. Did you know Mount Diablo can actually be seen from nearly every point in San Ramon?

San Ramon later became grazing lands for the Mission San José during Spanish colonization in the late 1700s due to the level, farmable land, creeks, and the abundance of trees. The area was given the name of San Ramon in honor of Saint Raymond of Penyafort.

After the Gold Rush, the town of San Ramon as we know it today began to develop, led by several influential families. Until very recently, this spot was marked by a row of very old eucalyptus trees.  Forest Homes Farms is a volunteer organization and historic museum run by the city dedicated to preserving the history and homes of these first founding families, allowing visitors to experience life in San Ramon as it was in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It is a 16-acre farm that has preserved homesteads built by both the Boone and Glass families, who were influential in the development of San Ramon. You can check out the farms and even tour the homes on a weekly basis!

(Cool fact: The farm was given to the city by Ruth Quayle Boone to honor and commemorate her husband’s efforts to develop the city, but after her death, the city expanded the memorial to recognize the contributions she and many other women made for the agriculture of San Ramon. Go Ruth!)

This year, 2017, is actually the sesquicentennial celebration of the founding of San Ramon (that’s 150 years!), marked by the founding of a school for the local children. At the time, the school was thought to be “among the neatest and best arranged schoolhouses in the county,” boasting two rooms divided by a partition, a bell tower, and 13-foot ceilings (how impressive!).

The Bartlett Pear

At one point, San Ramon was home to the world’s largest Bartlett pear orchard. Originally owned by Thomas Bishop, the Bishop Brothers Ranch grew to 2000 acres after his death, becoming, for a time, the largest Bartlett pear orchard. What is really cool about this is that what’s left of the orchard (about 9 acres) is harvested during an annual festival and donated to charity. The Moraga Pear Harvest, held in early August each year invites volunteers to come venture the grounds and pick pears to donate to local charities. Each year, the park donates over 10,000 pounds of pears to the less fortunate through the Food Bank at Contra Costa and Solano. That’s a cause we can stand behind! (PS: They also have a summer concert series on the park grounds you won’t want to miss!).

Sequoia Signs is proud to serve the community of San Ramon and the surrounding areas. We provide quality signs, regardless of type or size. Interested in learning what Sequoia Signs can do for you? Click here to request a quote today.

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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