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Some examples of our best Wall Wraps & Graphics in the East Bay Area, CA

Some examples of our best Wall Wraps & Graphics in the East Bay Area, CA

We are proud to share some examples of our best Wall Wraps & Graphics in the area. One of the latest trends in large format digital printing are custom designed Wall Wraps & Graphics. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we are excited to share this trend with our customer to enhance their spaces. It’s a great solution for either branding, interior design or to communicate a message. Let’s take a look at some recent projects.

Wall Graphics Lobby Sign

Wall Graphics are a great alternative for a low budget lobby sign, opposed to a dimensional lobby sign. Furthermore, here is an example of a wall graphics used in combination with a dimensional lobby sign.

Wall Graphics Lobby Sign - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Wall Wrap Lobby Sign - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Wall Wraps for Advertising

In the picture below you can see an example how a wall wrap is used to advertise a product. A wall wrap is very versatile in terms of design and there are no limits. Furthermore, it’s a good solution for temporary advertising. We have the option of removable vinyl, being able to remove the wall wrap after a certain period of time without damage to the wall.

Wall Wraps for Advertising - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Wall Wraps for Marketing - Sequoia Signs East Bay Area

Communicate a Message

As stated above, the design options for Wall Wraps & Graphics are endless. Therefore making it a great tool to communicate a message. For instance, a message can be in terms of wayfinding, providing directions on the wall. Other examples of communicating a message are displaying a company vision or a company history.

Communicate a message Wall Graphics - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Communicate a message Wall Wrap - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Good to know!

As you can see the possibilities are endless! Wall graphics  have the versatility to be used in almost any commercial environment. They can be used on their own or serve as a base and used in combination with other signage.

Wall decals work best when the surface has little to no texture. Textured surfaces affect adhesion and appearance. In addition, low VOC paints can also cause an adhesion challenge for vinyl on walls. Luckily, at Sequoia Signs & Graphics we’ll find a solution for every wall and can test surfaces prior to installation.

When it comes down to the vinyl material, there are a few options. Providing a solution for every requirement. We are working with calendared vinyl as well as highly confirming cast vinyl. Cast vinyl is mostly used for rough surfaces like brick or concrete walls. Recently we also started working with printable wall paper that provides a texture finish for full wall wraps.

All wall wraps & graphics are installed with a lamination, either gloss or matte. The main objective of the lamination is to protect the vinyl and increase the lifespan.

At Sequoia Signs and Graphics, our expert graphic design staff can turn your idea into a custom design. Call us today at 925.300.1066 to turn your inspiration into your new digitally printed masterpiece!

Dimensional Lobby Sign for Your Lobby Entrance at Winebow in Benicia, CA

Dimensional Lobby Sign for Your Lobby Entrance at Winebow in Benicia, CA

A Dimensional Lobby Sign for your lobby entrance can be a real statement piece. It creates a professional first impression by radiating your company branding. A lobby sign is not limited to a lobby or reception at an office though. Other spaces that can benefit from a professional dimensional lobby sign are schools, stores, restaurants, hotels, medical facilities and many more.

Dimensional Lobby Sign - Sequoia Signs Benicia CA

Dimensional Lobby Sign for Winebow

Recently we worked together with Winebow at their location in Benicia, CA. Winebow is a national importer and distributor of fine wines and spirits. Winebow has recently celebrated their 40 year anniversary, having locations all over the United States. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we worked together with Winebow on a brand new lobby sign for their location in Benicia.

The end result of their lobby sign is a combination of a dimensional sign with a wall wrap. Their dimensional lobby sign is a custom sign made out of acrylic, painted in metallic silver for an elegant touch. Spacers were used to for the dimensional letters to create a floating effect off the wall. The dimensional letters are installed on top of a wall wrap. The wall wrap creates an extra dimensional element to the lobby sign display. Showcasing a beautiful picture of a vineyard emphasizes the overall branding of Winebow.


Lobby Sign Entrance - Sequoia Signs Benicia CA

Different types of Sign materials

Acrylic is the most common material used for indoor Lobby & Reception Signs. It’s a very versatile material that can be used for cut out letters, as well as a back panel. In addition to the flexibility in shape it also gives flexibility in color. Acrylic comes in many different colors, as well as clear. So depending on your branding colors you might be able to use a colored acrylic. However acrylic can also easily be painted, resulting into endless possibilities in terms of design. In addition to painting acrylic a custom color, you can also apply a laminate. With a laminate you can create some very special effects like brushed aluminum, polished gold, or even wood grain. The main advantage of using a laminate on top of acrylic is the cost. A laminate is more cost effective then a solid brushed aluminum letter or wood.

Lobby Sign & Wall Wrap - Sequoia Signs Benicia CA

Apart from acrylic there are some other common materials used for Lobby Signs. A cost effective option is PVC. This is more cost effective then acrylic because it has a slightly rougher finishing. However this can still be a great option, especially if you are looking at thicker dimensional letters, making it more cost effective then acrylic.

Routed aluminum letters can also be used for a lobby sign. This is a more expensive option though and often considered overkill for interior usage. An acrylic dimensional letter with a brushed laminate will create the same look and will hold up well over time indoor.

If you are interested to elevate your lobby, like Winebow, feel free to contact us for a free estimate or consultation! You can call us at (925) 300 1066 or fill in the contact form below.

Modern and ADA Compliant Signs: 1716 Lofts in Walnut Creek

Modern and ADA Compliant Signs: 1716 Lofts in Walnut Creek

Modern ADA Compliant Signs and Wayfinding Signs were part of the second sign phase for 1716 Lofts in Walnut Creek. Perhaps you will also remember our earlier blog about the entrance signs?

1716 Lofts in Walnut Creek is an exceptionally nice apartment building. As such, the architects and the developers,  DCI Construction, wanted nothing but the best materials for the required ADA and wayfinding signage.  Therefore Sequoia Signs met with the project managers, architects, and contractors at DCI to review their proposed materials and to guarantee that we could deliver the ‘look’ that they desired. While at the same time being ADA Compliant.

ADA Compliant Signs - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek2

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

ADA stands for the Americans for Disabilities Act. The act was first enacted in 1990 and governs the required signage that makes a building compliant. There are several methods for making ADA compliant signs and one of the higher end processes is called Thermal Compression. These ADA compliant signs are very tamper resistant while also being aesthetically beautiful!  In addition, while the large majority of ADA signage is 1/8” thick (or even thinner), the ADA signs at 1716 Lofts are mostly ¼” thick. Subsequently this thickness adds to the class and character of the ADA and wayfinding project.

ADA Compliant Signs - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek

ADA Compliant Signs in style

To keep the desired ‘modern look’ consistent throughout the building, we incorporated similar material and design elements into the apartment unit ID signs, exit signs and evaluation maps. These types of signs are often overlooked by the casual observer. Nonetheless they are necessary for wayfinding and evacuation in the event of an emergency. These are required by the ADA code, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have style!

ADA Compliant Signs - Sequoia Signs Walnut CreekADA Signs inspection

DCI did not want to just go for the bare minimum of ADA regulations to pass inspection. As a result we worked together to create beautiful wayfinding evacuation maps. The maps are direct print – again on ¼” material.  While most people will move past these without a second glance, the more detailed observer will note that 1716 Lofts has some of the nicest wayfinding evacuation maps in the area (if we do say so ourselves!).

Apart from the signs needing to be ADA Compliant to pass the inspection, there is one more crucial element to be taken into consideration. In order for 1716 Lofts to pass their final inspections, the signs need to be installed following the ADA Guidelines. To summarize, the most important factors for installation are the height and the location.

If you would like to learn more about ADA Compliant Signs to pass your inspection, have a look at our other blog here!

Have You Been to the Lamorinda All Access Playground in Moraga, CA?

Have You Been to the Lamorinda All Access Playground in Moraga, CA?

Sequoia Signs Volunteering at the All Access Playground

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Rotary Club of Moraga, more than $340,000 was raised for the 5,000-square-foot La Morinda All Access Playground, located at 1425 St. Marys rd. The goal of the project was to build a playground where children with special needs and able-bodied kids could play side by side. In addition to raising the funds to produce the structure, more than 40 volunteers came together, assembled the play equipment, and poured the rubberized surface.

Sequoia Signs & Graphics Outdoor Signage and Volunteering

The play area is designed for children ages 2-12 and features more than two dozen pieces of specialized play equipment, including swings, slides, a wheelchair-accessible sandbox, drums, chimes, seesaw and metallophones. The play equipment is designed to be all inclusive and accessible for all children.

Sequoia Signs & Graphics is proud to be part of this cause, where our very own CEO, Tom Snchurr was one of the volunteers among the 40 people to assist with the assembly of the structure. Not only were we part of the assembly of the structure, our team produced the bronze plaque (pictured below) at the park honoring the memory of Russell J. Bruzzone, and recognizing the 50th anniversary of the Rotary Club, as well as the platinum, gold, silver and bronze sponsors of this amazing project.

Outdoor Signage at Lamorinda All Access Playground

­­If you have not visited La Morinda All Access Playground already, be sure to stop by with your family! They will have a blast at this unique all access park. While you’re there, take a moment and check out this very cool bronze plaque, and while you’re at it, snap a photo and tag @SequoiaSigns on social! We love producing high quality outdoor signage!

Want to know more about how we can be a partner in your next signage project? Give us a call at 925.300.1066! Our team of qualified experts can turn your creative vision into reality!

Fleet Graphics for Contra Costa Library in Martinez

Fleet Graphics for Contra Costa Library in Martinez

Countless studies have all come to the same conclusion- one of the best ways to spend your marketing dollars it to add graphics to your fleet of vehicles.  These vans or trucks travel all around almost every day and they are mobile billboards- advertising your services to all.

Fleet Wrap - Vehicle Wrap - East Bay

We recently had the pleasure of working on two delivery trucks for the Contra Costa County Library and they came out GREAT!  The images are crystal clear and so is the messaging!  One doesn’t typically think of a library as a  warp customer, but we are all branding in some way or another.  The art was designed by the library so we can’t take credit, but we printed and applied.

The vinyl we use when wrapping a vehicle is usually cast vinyl which is the highest quality.  It allows us to wrap over curves or in the case of these trucks- over the rivets.  Beyond that, it has the best durability against the elements.  Let’s face it- in the long run, Mother Nature will win, but if we use high quality vinyl we can be comfortable that the image quality will remain robust for much longer.

We now offer FINANCING for Business Channel Letter Signs and Vehicle Wraps, click HERE for more information.

Box wrap in the east bayfleet wrap in the east bayvehicle wrap in east bayvehicle wrap in east bay

Vehicle Wrap in Lafayette for Orchard Nursery

Vehicle Wrap in Lafayette for Orchard Nursery

Who doesn’t like vehicle wraps?

That’s a rhetorical question because we know there are probably one or two folks out there that do not….but at Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we LOVE vehicle wraps. We think they are one of the most cost effective and brand enhancing forms of aOrchard Van  dvertisement. We also love the challenge when a new client comes in looking for that ‘wow’ factor.

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Orchard Nursery & Florist on their delivery van. Orchard Nursey is a mainstay in Lafayette, CA. They have been around for a long time and have earned a great reputation over the years. If you every need garden products, be sure to stop in their Mt. Diablo Road location.

IMG_5221The good folks at Orchard came to us with a white van and asked us to bring them some ideas. They wanted to make sure the van stood out so that customers would recognize it even without seeing their name on the side. Of course, they also wanted to include flowers in the design. We went back and forth several times with several different designs until we came up with the final product you can see here and driving around Lafayette.

The flowers were picked out specifically by Orchard – in fact, for some, we used a custom photo that they arranged to have taken just for this project. And the color….- as we’ve said, it took several iterations. Again, the goal was to make it stand out. At one point we tried green, but our designer pointed out that there are quite a few green-branded vehicles on the roads these days. Orchard agreed and chose this light blue to stand out- or as our tagline says, they will Stand Tall and Get Noticed!

As with any type of sign, vehicle graphics come in all shapes and sizes. From simple cut lettering to a full vehicle wrap- Sequoia Signs and Graphics is your one stop shop for improving your visibility on the road.

Orchard van 2Are you thinking of wrapping a vehicle? Maybe a partial wrap? Give us a call! 925.300.1066. We would love to help! At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we want our clients AND their vehicles to: Stand Tall and Get Noticed!

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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