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How Channel Letter Signs Enhance Storefront Visibility

How Channel Letter Signs Enhance Storefront Visibility

Looking for the best business signage for your business or retail location? The look, aesthetic appeal, and size of your sign will impact how well it drives people to your location. Whether your letters are lit, how much depth a sign has, and where it is placed can dramatically impact whether potential customers will notice your business.

Channel Letter signs showcase three-dimensional designs that appear to jump right off the side of a building. They grab the attention of potential visitors and passersby and emphasize your brand in an aesthetically pleasing way. Channel letter signs can be made with endless color combinations and multiple lighting options. These signs are typically made out of aluminum or acrylic material; making them light weight and impactful.

Channel Letter Signs for Storefront

All About Channel Letter Signs

If you want to get your business noticed and work a new advertising angle into your location’s exterior, channel letters are a great way to go. This style of business sign is used primarily outdoors. However, channel lettering can also be used indoors, especially in large retail locations, malls, or indoor plazas. When it comes to captivating storefront signage, channel letters are a fantastic choice to consider because they can be beautifully illuminated.

Channel letter signs


If you want to learn more about channel letter signs, we encourage you to give us a call! We can answer your questions and walk you through the many possibilities for signage. Or, keep reading to learn all about the aspects of channel letter signs!

What are Channel Letters?

Wondering why they are called “channel” letters? The answer is pretty straightforward; these signs are constructed with a face and side walls creating a channel effect for each element of the sign. This channel leaves interior space for the light mechanisms to create a stunning, highly visible effect.


How Does LED Lighting Work with These Signs?

Channel letters have interior channels. As such, LED lighting can easily be run through the channels to attract attention and increase visibility. When lighting is poor or the weather is causing visibility issues, backlit and LED channel letter signs really shine. Backlit LED lettering can be a major advantage when you need customers to see your business easily from a distance as well. As a licensed California Electrical Sign contractor, we can help you with all of your sign lighting needs! So, to find out more about your sign lighting options, call us.

Channel Letter Sign Illumination

What are the Lighting Options for Channel Letter Signs?

Halo Lit Channel Letters

There are a few illumination options for these signs.

Front Lit Channel Letter Signs

Front-lit signs have individual LED strips inside of them that light up the face of each letter. The sign face is usually constructed using a translucent material like acrylic.

Reverse Lit Channel Letter Signs

Reverse lit signs are typically made using aluminum. Since they light up from the back, they have a halo-like glow. This is why they are sometimes referred to as halo-lit signs.

Dual Lit Channel Letter Signs

Dual lit signs implement a combination of reverse and front lighting. This creates a visually appealing glow and illumination effect.


How Large Should a Channel Letter Sign Be?

It will all depend on your individual business needs! With that being said, the minimum size for these letters is around 8 inches tall. This is so that the letters can be illuminated effectively. Ideally, your sign will be between 18 and 36 inches per letter. It is important to note that the larger your letters are, the stronger their material construction should be.

How Channel Letter Signs Help Your Business Stand Out

How Long Do Lit Channel Letter Signs Last?

Many people wonder how durable these signs are. If you implement proper maintenance, these signs can last anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 hours. That means if they are turned on for half of the day, they can last about 10 years! Plus, replacing LED lighting components and bulbs is an easy task.


What’s the Difference Between Channel and Dimensional Letters?

Both types of signage have many similarities and three-dimensional elements. Dimensional letter signs involve cutting a sign’s components from solid material pieces. As a result, nothing fits inside of them. Channel letters can be used in many ways and offer more versatility because they have channels. This lends room for illumination and multiple color concepts. Channel signs can also be customized inside and out, down to their thickness and materials. Additionally, these signs tend to be used for different applications. Dimensional signs are ideal for indoor locations like lobbies. These signs can also often be found in malls, offices, restaurants, and even manufacturing locations. Channel lettering, on the other hand, is ideal for exterior locations. With that being said, channel letters can also be used in indoor plazas, malls, and other locations where lighting is a key concept.


Why Choose Channel Lettering for Your Business Sign?

These signs are effective, easily noticeable, and great for an array of applications. For one thing, channel letters can be designed in many ways. These letters can feature slogans, company names, logos, and custom requests. Moreover, these letters let you unlock new levels of creativity to best showcase your business and brand. Churches, businesses, schools, clinics, and retail locations across the United States and around the world often take advantage of this type of signage.


Ready To Get Noticed? Call Us!

If you’re ready to start discussing new signage possibilities, call us! Our licensed California electrical sign business can help you create stunning designs in an array of styles, colors, and sizes. Whether you want channel lettering, interior dimensional signs, or something else, we have you covered. To learn more, contact our team. We proudly serve businesses in the East Bay area. From Oakland to San Jose and Benicia to Pleasanton, we are ready to provide creative inspiration and exceptional business sign designs for all of your aesthetic needs!


Channel Letter Signs for Businesses

Channel Letter Signs for Businesses

Channel letter signage for busines

Chances are, when you think of signage for a business, you are envisioning Channel Letter signs. Channel letter signage is one of  the most common exterior sign product used for retail shops, stores, office buildings and medical offices.  

Channel letters get their name from the 3-dimensional nature. Each individual piece is crafted into a 3-d graphic element ranging from 1/2 inch to 5 inches deep. Every letter has a front face, side channels and a backing. Often times electrical wiring is added inside or behind the backing to create illumination. When each of the individual elements are displayed side-by-side, a full sign is created! 

Don’t be fooled by the “letter” in Channel Letter signs. A channel letter sign can contain any letter, number, character or logo that, when combined, make up the entire sign presentation. 

Channel letter signs are optimal for storefronts or business because they are flexible and customizable. Commonly made out of aluminum, steel and/or acrylic, channel letters can either be mounted on a raceway, mounted on a backer or mounted directly to the wall. The customization options are endless! At Sequoia Signs, we help you create the best shape, size, color combinations, borders, and stylized fonts to create a one-of-a-kind sign for your business.  

Channel letters can be either illuminated or non-illuminated. Today, mostly all internally-illuminated channel letters are fabricated using LED lighting, resulting in significant energy cost savings over neon or other options. Read more about the 3 most common types of channel letters. 

Face Lit  

Face Lit Channel letters are inlaid with LED to illuminate the face. The sides and backing are generally made of aluminum with a translucent acrylic face, or the aluminum letters left open depending on the desired lighting effect.  

Face Lit Channel Letters Face Lit Channel Letters

Halo Lit   

Halo Lit Channel Letters usually have an aluminum face and are backlit instead of face-lit. Because they are mounted slightly away from the building, the light shines out from behind the letter and creates a halo or glow that radiates out from behind the sign. 

Halo Lit Channel Letters Halo Lit Channel letters


Fabricated Channel Letters that are non-illuminated can range from one inch to five inches deep.  They are lightweight and commonly seem mounted directly to the façade of the building. 

Fabricated channel letter sign Fabricated channel letters in Walnut Creek, CA

Whichever channel letter sign you choose, you can be sure that your business or storefront sign will make a high impact visual statement! We’re here to help your brand make a strong and lasting impression! 


Fairfield, CA – The best Sign Company for all your interior & exterior signs

Fairfield, CA – The best Sign Company for all your interior & exterior signs

Are you looking for the best Sign Company for all your interior & exterior signs? Look no further, at Sequoia Signs & Graphics we serve the Easy Bay region, including Fairfield, CA. As a business owner it’s important to remember that signage is the number one form of advertising. An illuminated sign is your 24/7 ad, and only needs to be paid for once. As your local sign company, we offer a wide variety of interior & exterior signs, in addition to illuminated business signs. Let’s have a look at the different types of business signs that your company can benefit from.

Sign Company - Outdoor Signs - Sequoia Signs Fairfield CA

Exterior Signs

Exterior Signs or Outdoor Signs are a great opportunity to create brand awareness and attract potential customers. A must-have for any business with a storefront. Even if your business doesn’t have it’s own storefront, some of these sign types might still be an option to discuss with your landlord. As mentioned above, it’s the number one form of advertising, making it worth your investment.


Building Signs

Also referred to as storefront sign, buildings signs are the number one sign opportunity to make a first impression. Usually building signs are made out of dimensional letters or can be designed in the form of a panel.


Illuminated Business Signs

An Illuminated Business Sign is designed with LED illumination, providing visibility day and night. Illuminated Signs come in different types and the most popular are Channel Letters Signs & Light Box Signs.


Monument Signs

A Monument Sign is located at the road near the entrance of your building. Especially if your building is set back from the road this is a great opportunity to create extra visibility for your business.

Sign Company - Interior Signs - Sequoia Signs Fairfield CA

Interior Signs

Moving on to Interior Signs or Indoor Signs, it’s main purpose is usually creating brand awareness plus a decorative aspect. However, they are also popular when it comes to special promotions and sales. In summary, the below interior signs are a must-have to serve different purposes and make your business stand out.


ADA Compliant Signs

ADA Signs are room signs that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. All permanent rooms in public buildings require ADA Signs with tactile & braille lettering.


Lobby & Reception Signs

An essential branding tool for any type of business, with a lobby, reception, waiting room of meeting room. All our lobby signs are custom designed around your business’s logo, slogan or trademark to help legitimize your business.


Wall Wraps & Graphics

Wall Wraps & Graphics can be used to communicate a message or create a certain mood. However overall it can contribute to the interior design of your facility, bringing your company to the next level.


Floor & Window Graphics

At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we leave no space unused and this is where Floor & Window Graphics come in. Although they are great for branding, advertising promotions is the number one use of Floor & Window Graphics.


Sign Company in Fairfield

As your local sign company we are dedicated to add value to your business with professional interior & exterior signs. Located in the East Bay area, we serve all cities including Fairfield, Berkeley, Oakland, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Concord and Walnut Creek. Are you ready to start your next sign project? Contact us today for a free consultation or quote! You can contact us by filling in our contact form or call us at (925) 300-1066.

The must-have Channel Letters Signs Guide for your business in Oakland, CA

The must-have Channel Letters Signs Guide for your business in Oakland, CA

Channel Letters Signs are one of the most popular sign types when it comes to building signs and storefront signs. As your local sign company in Oakland, we are going to explain everything you need to know about Channel Letters Signs in this article. You’ll learn important points of consideration before purchasing this kind of sign. We’ll answer your questions from what is a Channel Letters Sign? To what are the benefits? How are they made? And what are the different types of Channel Letters Signs?

Channel Letters Signs - LED Illuminated - Sequoia Signs & Graphics Oakland, CA

What is a Channel Letters Sign?

Let’s start with the basics and find out what they are. A Channel Letter Sign is a three-dimensional fabricated sign, shaped into individual letters, numbers or logo’s. They can be fabricated out of plastic or aluminum, whereas aluminum is the most common in order to comply with local city codes in Oakland and the East Bay region. Most signs have LED modules to illuminate at night, however they are also available without illumination.

Storefront Channel Letters Signs - Sequoia Signs & Graphics Oakland, CA

 What are the benefits of Channel Letters?

Now that we know what a Channel Letter is, let’s look at it’s benefits. We have listed the main benefits of this type of business sign, considering a sign with illumination. We are confident that these benefits will help you to understand why they are so popular.

  • Extra visibility during the day AND night
  • Creating brand awareness due to unlimited options in terms of design
  • Cost effectiveness as it’s a one time investment that is extremely durable
  • Establishing professionalism and authority of your business

Channel Letters Signs - Front Lit - Sequoia Signs & Graphics Oakland, CA

 How are Channel Letters Signs made?

Without getting too technical we would like to give you a quick overview of the different elements that channel letters are made from, explaining you how they are made.

  • Face: an acrylic face, which is routed into the shape of the letter, number of logo. Acrylic faces are available in standard colors, as well as custom colors.
  • Trim Cap: Holding the face and the body of the letter together, molded around the edges of the face.
  • Returns: these are the sides of the letter, which are fabricated out of aluminum and available in different depths.
  • Back: the back of the channel letter is similar to the face of the letter, routed into the shape of the letter, number or logo. The back is fabricated out of aluminum or clear acrylic (for a halo effect).
  • Light Source: an illuminated letter has a light source inside the letters which are LED modules.

Channel Letters Signs - Back Lit - Sequoia Signs & Graphics Oakland, CA

 What types are available?

At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we offer a wide range of sign options to make you stand out. Below is a short description of the different types of Channel Letters Signs available.

–        Front Lit or Standard: The most common type of channel letters, using LED’s to illuminate the front face of the sign.

–        Back Lit or Reverse Lit: Illumination from the back of the letter, creating a halo effect.

–        Front & Back Lit: Illuminates both the front and the back of the channel letter.

–        Open Face: Open at the front, often used with bulb lighting as part of the design effect.

We hope to have answered all your questions about Channel Letters Signs! However do not hesitate to contact us for any other questions or to start your next sign project.

Top 5 Types of Outdoor Business Signs

Top 5 Types of Outdoor Business Signs

Outdoor Business Signs

Outdoor signs help businesses to communicate a message and stand out. This first encounter with potential customers can make a difference, and can leave a long lasting impression. For years, Sequoia Signs & Graphics has been fabricating outdoor business signs for the Bay Area community. We’ll share the top 5 most popular business signs to demonstrate how signage can create awareness and brand identity.


1. Wall Signs

Wall Signs are without a doubt the most popular sign type amongst outdoor signs. These building signs are quite literally attached to the exterior wall! These can come in a many formats including custom developed to fit your exterior facade. Wall signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated, they can be 3-dimensional or flush mounted, or, as in the case with Fire and Brew, custom built to fit the architecture of the building. Wall signs are suitable for any business with a storefront. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we provide wall signs options for any type of storefront throughout the Bay Area.

Wall Sign Exterior Business

2. Monument Signs

Monument Signs are placed at the road side of a business to attract attention from passerby’s and serve as wayfinding. These signs are suitable for multi-tenant businesses, including, business parks, medical centers and shopping plazas. As well as, single tenant businesses located with a setback to the main road.

Outdoor Signs - Monument Signs - Sequoia Signs & Graphics Walnut Creek

3. Directional Signs

Directional Signs are most often seen at shopping malls, medical facilities, universities, business parks and airports.  These are the type of signs that provide information on where specific businesses can be found within a facility.

Directional Sign at shopping center

4. Blade Signs

Blade Signs are also referred to as projecting signs, which are mounted perpendicular to a wall. They are an excellent option for storefronts with frequent foot traffic. Since they stick out from the building they help to identify stores from a greater distance.

Blade Sign

5. Channel Letters

Channel Letters are a type of wall sign most commonly seen on building exteriors. Each letter is an individually fabricated and placed side-by-side to create the complete sign. The 3-dimensional feature of channel letters makes these stand out and appear to be floating off the surface. Channel letters can be illuminated so that they stand out and can be seen at night from a distance.

Outdoor Signs - Wall Signs - Sequoia Signs & Graphics Walnut Creek

Not sure what type of outdoor signs is right for your business?  These are just a few examples of the most recognizable types of exterior signs. Our experts at Sequoia Signs & Graphics can guide you in the right direction during a sign consultation, to help you determine which type of signage will work best for your business. As your local sign company in the Bay Area we are passionate about assisting you with your outdoor signage needs.  Call us at (925) 300.1066 or fill in the contact form below.

The best Lighted Outdoor Business Signs for your company in Concord, CA

The best Lighted Outdoor Business Signs for your company in Concord, CA

Lighted outdoor business signs are a great advertising opportunity for your company in Concord, CA. If you are  looking to open a new company and want to stand out from your competitors? Our design team at Sequoia Signs & Graphics are specialized in commercial sign design. In addition to storefront signs, also window graphics, wall graphics, a lobby reception sign and directional signs can’t be forgotten.

Lighted Outdoor Business Signs

An illuminated storefront sign can make you stand out from the competition, but it is also the first impression for a new potential customer. Therefore it’s important to invest in a professionally designed and fabricated outdoor business signs. Although it’s an investment, it provides long term benefits. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we offer different type of Lighted Outdoor Business Signs. Let’s find out what is right for your business.

Channel Letters

Regular Channel Letters are actually Front Lit Channel Letters. As the name suggests they have illumination from the front. When referenced to a Channel Letter, usually this means a Front Lit Channel Letter. This type of illuminated sign uses light to illuminate the face of the letter. The faces of the letters are made from acrylic and are available in stock colors. If you are looking for a custom color, we’ll apply digitally printed graphics on a white face. This will give you the opportunity to convert any custom logo into a channel letter sign.

Lighted Outdoor Business Sign - Sequoia Signs Concord

Back Lit Channel Letters

Back Lit Channel Letters are also referred to as Reverse Channel Letters or Halo Letters. This is because the illumination gives a halo affect and is applied on the back. Reverse Channel Letters are gaining in popularity because they provide the most classy look, amongst all types of Lighted Outdoor Signs. Especially for non-commercial facilities they are a great option.

Reverse Channel Letter Signs - Sequoia Signs Concord

Front & Back Lit Channel Letters

By now, most likely you can guess that the Front & Back Lit Channel Letter is illuminated from the front and the back. It’s basically a combination of the first two types of channel letters. If you are looking for a more dramatic effect and want to make sure to stand out, this is the type of sign that you are looking for. Another advantage of a Front & Back Lit Channel Letter Sign is that it increases visibility and readability.

Front & Back Lit Outdoor Business Sign - Sequoia Signs Concord

Together with our experts we look forward to learn more about your requirements and find out which type of illuminated outdoor sign is right for you. Depending on your budget and storefront we’ll find a suitable solution. Give us a call today to get started on your new signage project!

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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