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Is Your Business Signage ADA Compliant?

Is Your Business Signage ADA Compliant?

What are ADA signs?

ADA stands for American with Disabilities Act and ADA signs are required by law to have posted in public buildings or businesses. ADA signage identifies accessible features for people with disabilities to aid with navigating through buildings. They are commonly found in restaurants, stores, theaters and other public buildings across the US.

For example, restroom signs are required to have braille characters to assist people with visual impairments. Another example of a commonly found ADA sign is directional signage for elevator locations for people who require wheelchair access.

ADA compliant signage for your buisness

What are Compliant ADA sign regulations?

Many businesses have questions about ADA signage requirements. Review this check list below to ensure your building stays compliant with ADA regulations.

VISUALS – ADA signs can feature logos, company colors and graphics to support your branding.

  • Signs should have non-glare finish and well contrasted colors.
  • Pictograms can be presented on a 6-inch high field with no characters or braille sharing that field.

FONT & CHARACTERS – Do not use serif fonts. Be sure to use compliant fonts and characters. This is an important part of ADA signs.

  • Characters can be upper or lowercase, but never italic, cursive, decorative or overly bold.
  • ADA signs must use a sans-serif font.

BRAILLE – Braille is required for any signs to identify a room, space or area.

  • Braille dots should be dome-shaped not flat or jagged.
  • Braille should be located at least 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) below corresponding text and above any borders or decorate elements.

SPACING AND MEASUREMENTS – ADA guidelines dictate a series of spacing and measuring rules to ensure that signs are consistent and clear.

  • Characters should be placed at least 1/8 inch apart but no more than 4 characters apart.

PLACEMENT – It’s vital that ADA signs are well-placed for optimum visibility and accessibility.

  • Signs should be placed so that Braille Characters are between 48 and 60 inches above the ground, measured from the baseline of the highest tactile character.
  • Ceiling or wall projection signs should measure at least 80 inches from the bottom of the sign to the floor.

Stay ADA compliant with Sequoia Signs & Graphics!

Regardless of what industry you are in, you should always be sure your property is meeting the requirements listed above. Here at Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we have extensive experience with creating ADA signage that is not only compliant, but also unique and creative. Call us today at 925-300-1066 to discuss the best ADA signage options for your business.

Architectural Signage in the East Bay

Architectural Signage in the East Bay

When we tell people our company specializes in architectural signage, we almost always get the same response: “What is architectural signage?”

The answer, while simple in many ways, is almost as complicated as our friends and clients imagine!

Architectural signage can come in a myriad of shapes and forms.  At its core, it is a wayfinding system that directs individuals, crowds, or vehicles through a given complex or structure.  Ideally it will fit in well with the surrounding and provide an aesthetically pleasing effect which enhances the surrounding architecture.  Architectural signage is seen on almost any big campus or office complex, but it can also be included in smaller jobs to add just the right touch of class and lift even a small project above its peers.

For developers, architectural signage is often one of the more important aspects of a project even if it is relatively low on the cost structure relative to the entire job.  Signs are seen by almost everyone entering a building, campus or complex and whether or not they consciously note the signage, it is a big factor in the impressions they leave with. A great wayfinding system will fit in with the environment, meet all required codes and truthfully impress visitors to the area.

At Sequoia Signs, we believe in visual branding that goes beyond displaying your logo.  This means your marketing efforts don’t stop with advertisements or a digital ad campaign. Your clients will be visiting your building and they will notice a well-planned business sign system even if it is not tied directly to you.  The same goes for an elegant interior wayfinding plan. Sometimes these will involve your logo and branding, other times it is just the high-end effect that resonates with your clients.

Are you looking for help on a new wayfinding system for your building, campus or building complex?  We specialize in architectural signage and we would love to help!

Give us a call for a complimentary consultation and we will help you elevate your environment.

At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, our clients Stand Tall & Get Noticed!

How New Office Signs Can Update the Look of Your Business in San Ramon

How New Office Signs Can Update the Look of Your Business in San Ramon

Lobby signs in San Ramon

Are you looking to modernize the overall look of your business? Ready to make a change in your decor and increase your branding within your offices? Perhaps the best way to make the biggest impact is to re-do the office signs in your workplace.

From the minute your clients walk in, office signs have major potential to make a big impression. San Ramon is growing and expanding at breakneck speed, and we want to help you keep up. Here’s some food-for-thought as to how you can make your office signs work for you:

The First Impression

Space in San Ramon— and the entire Bay Area— is at an all-time high demand. Developers are being rewarded for creating plans that are economical in their use of space with an idea called tiered density. Your lobby is an important area too, and one that you need to make the most of, just like a developer would. It’s the first opportunity you have to show who you are as a company.

With the addition of a reception sign or lobby sign to your reception area, you can make a big statement about your business. In most workspaces, the lobby serves as a waiting room or receiving area, and it’s a big opportunity to leave a lasting impression. You can think of your lobby sign as a well-thought-out accessory: while it’s certainly decorative, its purpose is to enhance the content that’s already there. Just as you would take great care to hire a welcoming and professional receptionist, you want your lobby to be inviting and in-tune with your company’s mission.

Create a Sense of Welcome

Your lobby can be the new home to a host of different office signs: from a reception sign behind the front desk to a full custom-printed wall mural, each choice you make can be personalized to match the specific style and flair of your unique business. You can install 3D signs, with letters ranging in material from metal to wood to acrylic, or you can even opt for illuminated channel letters, lit from behind with LED lights so your name can really pop.

No matter the material, the color, or the font, each choice you make is yours. We are happy to work with you to ensure that the proportion, style, and graphics are just right for your space so that the overall effect of your sign is both aesthetically pleasing and professional.

Beyond a new lobby sign, you can implement other signs into your new reception look too. A properly placed high-resolution wall mural can set the tone for your workplace. Whether you want your logo splashed against an entire wall, or a serene setting to create a zen-like atmosphere, a wall mural is a perfect opportunity to let us help personalize and enhance your new custom lobby.

We can even create a mural for your floor or ceiling so your customers are fully immersed in your company the minute they walk in! Perhaps you will want to add a flashy new fabric banner, advertising a new promotion or idea. It’s a great way to introduce new concepts or business plans from the minute your guests walk into the space.

Beyond the Lobby

Once you pass the lobby, the sign opportunities don’t end. In fact, from directional signs to signs for the conference room and restrooms, to office door nameplates, to more wall graphics there are is a chance almost anywhere you look to expand your branding possibilities with bold designs, dimensional letters, and lit displays.

Each office sign we create for you is custom to your logo, theme, and to the space itself. We make sure the material, color, and scale are just right so that the look of your office signs is harmonious, current, and on-message for your company.

As the city of San Ramon focuses on the future and begins to update to match the growing business, housing, and shopping opportunities of Bishop Ranch and City Center, including a possible new driverless shuttle transit system, it’s important to keep your company in step with the modernity of its surroundings. With each new, exciting development, it can seem more and more difficult to stay current. Updating your office signs is a great way to keep up with all the changes happening here in San Ramon. It’s simple, easy, and we do all the work to make you look great.

Want to make a big impact in your workplace? Let us help you unify the signs in your business’s interior and give your company a fresh, new look. Contact us today to see how our custom office signs can improve the look of your business.

Office Signs for Your Business

Office Signs for Your Business

When it comes to signage, many business owners focus on implementing attention-getting outdoor signs, leaving crucial in-office signage as a second thought. However, there are several benefits of office signs and many opportunities to incorporate signs throughout your office.

Businesses should always ensure they never miss an opportunity to include signage in their office, no matter how small. This guide will take you through the many benefits and ways to utilize office signs as outlined below.

Types of In-Office Signage

Even small offices do well to incorporate basic and functional signage. These not only make a space look much more professional, but also serve as important and functional tools as well. Examples of office signs are as follows:

  • Restroom Signs or Bathroom Signs
  • Office Door Signs
  • Desk Signs
  • Individual Room Signs
  • Lounge Signs
  • Elevator Signs
  • Achievement Plaques
  • Lobby Signs

Custom signs are crucial and should never be overlooked. They help workers as well as visitors to your office identify where the restrooms or elevators are, which desk or office belongs to whom, and where to find meeting and lounge rooms. They also assist with wayfinding, so visitors and employees alike can easily navigate the office. A fun way to incorporate these signs is by featuring achievements and highlights of the company and its employees and showcasing them to bring style and motivation to any office.

Custom Sign Material Options

Basic office signs can feature lettering on banners, decals, acrylic bases, or on engraved metal plaques. The latter also allows the office to stay compliant with the ADA, or Americans With Disabilities Act, by incorporating ADA braille signs. Braille is a way to promote inclusivity and serve as highly important tools for the vision-impaired.

Benefits of In-Office Signs

There are several benefits of office signage from decals to engraved signs and all others in between. As mentioned above, some benefits include location marking, wayfinding, and staying ADA compliant while ensuring ease of use using braille.

Additionally, in-office signs don’t have to be solely functional. A dynamic vinyl or acrylic sign featuring customized and professional lettering and graphics can also spruce up a lobby, meeting room, or lounge. This adds atmosphere, ambiance, and brings a professionally aesthetic touch to your office space.

Sequoia Signs and Graphics offers dynamic office sign solutions and benefits to a wide range of businesses in the Walnut Creek, CA area. Contact us today and let’s help your office become more functional, professional, and stylish.

5 Spots in Your Office You Shouldn’t Skip Signage

5 Spots in Your Office You Shouldn’t Skip Signage

When an office sign is missing or doesn’t do its job well, that absence can have a felt impact on your customers, clients, employees, and even the health of your company as a whole. That’s why Sequoia Signs & Graphics, Inc. of Walnut Creek works so hard to provide high quality custom office signage to our customers—to improve your office’s appearance and function without causing distraction, especially in the following 5 critical spaces:Important places to use office signs in your business

1. Restrooms

Restroom signage serves a very simple and incredibly necessary role in the comfort and daily operations of your office. Even with great office signs your receptionists are probably sick of answering “where are the bathrooms” and poor signs can turn this question into a constant, unending refrain. Good restroom signs are highly visible, very clear, with good contrast. They make it easy for people to find them and save your team’s time with that clarity.

2. All Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding office signs are signs that point people in a certain direction to help them find what they are looking for. Bathrooms are a great example, as overhead signage in a main hallway with an arrow can help direct traffic and get people to the place they desperately need to be. Install these signs on walls and hallways with perpendicular placements to help individuals in your office self-navigate to their objectives quickly and without the need for assistance.

3. ADA Signage

Any office signage that falls under the rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) MUST be treated with care and manufactured to comply with all regulations. Violating the act can carry steep fines, and can also inconvenience any disabled visitors your office may host. Be sure to stay up to date on required ADA signs.

4. Wall Murals and Lobby Signs

Bare walls are bad for your professional image and office atmosphere. High quality wall murals provide a custom solution to get your logo, products, or motto up on the wall at an affordable cost. The results look great, fill in the empty space, and can help your company stand out in the minds of both perspective and current customers. Just be sure the mural, sign, or other artwork is produced to fit the space correctly for maximum effect.

5. Room Labels and Office Signage

The custom office signage you use to identify different rooms needs to be clear, much like the wayfinding signs in point 2. However, room and door signs play another important role that makes them important to get right the first time: they introduce the room’s occupants or purpose. The labels or nameplates on a room may be the only introduction your team member gets before a customer is inside and interacting. It is imperative, therefore, that office signs be kept in good repair and that they feature clear, attention-grabbing text in a font and color that supports your company brand.

Call us at Sequoia Signs & Graphics today at (925) 300-1066 and we’ll work with you to make sure that your company’s custom office signage looks and performs just the way you need it to.

5 Locations Inside Your Business Where You Should Have Signs

5 Locations Inside Your Business Where You Should Have Signs

Interior Business Sign Shop Walnut Creek CA - Office, Lobby, ADA, & More

Great business signs aren’t only for outside your business. They also belong indoors, where they can have a huge impact on your overall business strategy and foot traffic. These locations and signs include:

1. The Lobby

Interior Business Sign Shop Walnut Creek CA - Office, Lobby, ADA, & MoreLobby signs are absolutely essential for most businesses who cater to customers or who have multiple employees. These signs, usually mounted inside a lobby or waiting area, help to establish that all-important first impression with prospective clients and bring a certain respectability and professionalism to the location.

You can also use lobby signs throughout your offices in main hallways or meeting areas, which can help to reinforce your brand and image in the minds of new or existing customers and employees.

2. Storefront Windows

Your company’s windows present a tremendous option for sharing information with potential customers. Information including hours, contact info, specials, and other advertising. Consider removable placards or high quality window clings to get your message out.

3. Restrooms

When you have to go, you have to go. Restrooms need clear signage to guide visitors and help them determine where they need to go and which restroom belongs to which gender. Signs should be installed on or beside the restroom entrances and in main areas to point guests in the right direction.

You should also check to be sure that your signage meets requirements established by the Americans with Disabilities Act, a piece of legislation which states that all public areas must have the proper signs displayed for disabled individuals. This includes braille signs, handicap signs, wheelchair signs, handicap bathroom stall signs and more. As a professional sign maker, part of what we at Sequoia Signs do for our clients is research the most recent ADA codes to make sure you are covered and 100% compliant.

4. Room ID and Wayfinding Signs

Directional signs use clear text and simple icons to assist visitors, customers, and even your own employees with navigation around your site. When done well, these wayfinding signs are unobtrusive and hardly noticed until they’re needed.

The same goes for room identification signs which can help staff and visitors get the right room for their meetings with minimal confusion. Skimp on directional signs and you may find more than a few lost, confused customers and vendors and thousands more “can you help me find…” questions.

5. Trade Show Displays in Your Storage Area

Trade show displays and event displays are mobile, lightweight marketing solutions that can help you and your event team promote your brand to different audiences at local or regional events like trade shows, conventions, craft fairs, job fairs, and more. A good setup may feature products like retractable banner stands, table top displays, demo stations, and more. Combine these displays with custom signage and make an unforgettable presentation setup you can use for years to come.

If you need high quality, custom signage for your Bay Area, California company, then you need Sequoia Signs and Graphics of Walnut Creek, California. Call us today at (925) 300-1066 to make an appointment.

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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