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How to Elevate Your Multifamily Housing Project

How to Elevate Your Multifamily Housing Project

In the world of multifamily housing, first impressions matter, and one of the first things residents and visitors encounter is the signage. A well-designed, high-quality sign package can enhance the overall appeal, functionality, and branding of multifamily housing developments. When it comes to creating an exceptional signage experience, working with a reputable and established sign manufacturer can make all the difference.

Discover these 6 key benefits of partnering with an experienced architectural sign manufacturer to elevate your multifamily housing project.

1. Project Branding

Effective branding is essential for multifamily housing developments. It creates a sense of identity and community that residents can connect with. An architectural sign company understands the importance of consistent branding — this is true for new construction and remodels. They can help you design and create signage that aligns with your project’s unique identity, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.

Multifamily Monument Signage McInnis Park

2. Custom Sign Solutions

Reputable sign manufacturers offer custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require wayfinding signs, building identification signs, or amenity signs, an experienced manufacturer can deliver signage that meets your project’s requirements and exceeds your expectations.

ADA Unit Sign rebranding Multi-Family Housing - Sequoia Signs Contra Costa

3. Use of Time-Saving Technology for Multifamily Signage

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency matters. An experienced sign company will utilize cutting-edge technology for collaboration, review and approvals on detailed sign plans. This not only eliminates the cross referencing of multiple documents, but ensures a quicker turnaround time with real time access to digital sign blueprints.

Technology used in sign packages

4. Multifamily Housing Sign Design Services

Design plays a pivotal role in creating visually appealing and functional signage. A reputable sign company will take the time to understand the project’s target audience and develop a sign package that matches those values and match the architectural intent of the project. The professional design services should be are incorporated into all customer touch points, ensuring the signs service their intended purpose effectively.

Design services for multifamily sign companies

5. In-House SignFabrication

A key advantage of working with an established sign company is the ability to have in-house fabrication. This means greater control over the production process, resulting in consistent quality and faster delivery. You can trust that the signage will be made to your exact specifications.

One Lake Inhouse Fabrication Utility Unit IDs

6. Signage Code Compliance

Navigating local, state and federal regulations and building codes can be a complex and time-consuming process. An experienced sign manufacturer is well-versed in local sign codes and can ensure that your signage is compliant. This not only saves time but also helps you avoid potential legal issues down the road.

Multi-family evacuation map sign

Multifamily housing signage is more than just providing a name and directions; it’s about creating a welcoming and cohesive environment for residents and visitors. Partnering with a reputable, experienced sign manufacturer offers a range of benefits, from project branding to code compliance. By choosing an architectural sign company to design and produce your sign plan, you can enhance the overall appeal and functionality of your multifamily housing complex while saving time and ensuring the longevity of your signage investments.

The team at Sequoia Signs & Graphics has more than 40 years of experience in the multifamily signage business. Our team of professionals serves as a partner to architects, developers and contractors to create amazing multifamily sign packages. Let us help you elevate your development with a beautiful sign package.

Why a Thoughtful Sign Package is Essential for Multifamily Projects

Why a Thoughtful Sign Package is Essential for Multifamily Projects

A sign package is an important aspect of the design and functionality of a multifamily development. It helps create a cohesive and welcoming environment for residents and visitors while also promoting safety and compliance with regulations. A professionally designed sign package takes this even further by enhancing the visual appeal of the property to create a sense of community among residents and increase the ROI for the owners.


Multifamily Developments Need a Sign Package

In addition to creating cohesiveness throughout the property, there are several reasons why multifamily developments need a thoughtful sign package.

  1. Wayfinding: A sign package helps residents and visitors navigate through the development. This can include signs for building names, unit numbers, parking areas, and amenities.
  2. Branding: A sign package helps establish the identity of the development and can help promote its brand. This can include signs with the development’s logo or color scheme.
  3. Safety: A sign package can also include important safety information, such as emergency exit signs, fire extinguisher locations, and other important information that can help keep residents safe.
  4. Compliance: There are specific signage requirements for multifamily developments, such as ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. A sign package can help ensure that the development meets these requirements.

Starting Point for a Sign Package

Our design teams create a sign package by developing a mood board to help you visualize the sign elements in the space. For new developments, we will incorporate the architectural renderings into the design. For remodels or updated properties, we can use existing photography to show the new sign designs placed in actual locations. Then, we develop multiple concepts using best practices while also incorporating the vision of the developer. Below are examples of exterior blade sign concepts.

Sign Package Blade Concepts

Tips for Creating an Effective Sign Package

Effective sign package design should incorporate a variety of elements, such as color, typography, and imagery. It should also be consistent with a project branding and reflect its unique identity. A well-designed sign package will be consistent, easy to read and understand, and be visually appealing.

Keep it Simple

The most effective sign packages are those that are simple and easy to read. Too much information or cluttered design can be overwhelming for the viewer. A concise message, simple typography, and minimal design elements are essential for a successful sign package.

Contrast is Critical

Good contrast is essential for readability. Choose colors that contrast with each other to make the text and graphics stand out. High contrast between the text and background will make it easier for customers to read and understand the message. Furthermore, these are specific regulations related to contrast to make the signage code compliant.

Sign Package Contrast

Size Matters

The size of the sign package should be appropriate for the location and the intended audience. The larger the sign, the easier it is to read, but it should not be so large that it overwhelms the surrounding environment. A sign that is too small will be difficult to read and may not attract the attention of passersby.

Use Appropriate Typography

The typography used in the sign package should be legible and easy to read. Choose a font that is appropriate for the message and the intended audience. Avoid using fonts that are overly decorative or difficult to read.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is essential in creating a successful sign package. All signs should be consistent with a business’s branding and reflect its unique identity. This includes using the same colors, typography, and imagery across all signs.

Sign Package Consistency

Sequoia Sign Provides Expert Sign Package Services

Our design services help multifamily developers bring their property to life, attract tenants, promote the brand, and create a great user experience with signage. How can we help you create a unique sign package for your multifamily project? Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Multi-Family Signage: Taking the Pain Out of the Process

Multi-Family Signage: Taking the Pain Out of the Process

Multi-family housing projects are complex environments. Creating the sign package for multi-family projects is no exception. There can be hundreds of elements and details that need to be organized, reviewed, communicated, produced and checked by multiple people. This can be a daunting process; but it doesn’t have to be.


State-of-the-art Technology for Multi-Family Signage

Software for Sign Industry


Sequoia Signs utilizes sophisticated, state-of-the-art digital technology to streamline, simplify and improve the signage process for multi-family developers. Our easy-to-use digital interface enables all parties to review and approve schedules and artwork. We provide our clients with a link to the platform that allows users to review conveniently on their time. Our software even allows for multiple users with individual user permissions so that specific people can be designated viewers, commenters and approvers.

We use a digital signage platform because it helps eliminate many of the pain points experienced by developers, contractors and owners. The pain was real – sharing large files and documents, many details to cross reference, review and approve.  All of the elements were disconnected.

Time is Money in the Signage Review Process

The old method of using a paper review process or PDF files is extremely time consuming. Multiple files and formats need to be cross referenced to ensure accuracy. If edits or revisions are needed, the turn-around time can cause lengthy delays. Signage is typically the final step in securing a certificate of occupancy, so a speedy timeline is critical.

With our digital review and production platform, all of your files and communications are in one safe place that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. If there are last minute changes, we can quickly and easily make corrections. When changes are made, everyone who needs to be notified in already in the loop! And a bonus – our in-house production team can quickly make modifications, saving you time and money.

Perhaps one of the most time saving features for multi-family developers is our ability to digitally map each sign in its location and display the artwork. One click can expand the location showing the exact art file. The user can add comments or approve within the software – giving us feedback in real time.


Sign technology interface

Benefits of Using Digital Sign Technology

  • All documentation is in one place
  • Sign locations are mapped with art files
  • Easy to use interface
  • Available 24/7
  • Review, comment or approve plans instantly
  • Multiple levels of permissions for hierarchal approval
  • Reduces frustration of using printed maps or PDF files
  • Saves time and money!

Get in touch with us for a demonstration of our technology and see the positive impact it can have on your business.

Multi Family Community Entrance Signs in Walnut Creek, CA

Community Entrance Signs create an impressive entrance for a Multi Family Community. It’s one of the first thing visitors and residents see upon arrival at the community. Sequoia Signs & Graphics works with communities in Walnut Creek and surrounding towns. A community entrance sign is sometimes called a monument sign. If you want your community to stand out in your area, investing in a monument sign is a great decision to make.

Condominium Monument Sign - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek

Who can benefit from a community entrance sign

Sequoia Signs & Graphics has made many signs for residential communities over the years. Different type of communities can benefit from a community entrance sign. We have seen it’s popularity increase over time for different type of communities. Apartments, condominiums, townhomes, senior living communities, manufactured homes/RV parks, Homeowners Associations (HOAs), housing developments are amongst our clients.

Senior Living Entrance Sign - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek

Multi-Family Community Entrance Sign - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek

Why to invest in a community entrance sign

It’s quite an investment to get an new entrance sign for your community. As a result, this can make it difficult to convince owners or residents of the need of a new sign. Luckily, there are many benefits of a professional community sign.

  1. Visibility
  2. Durability
  3. Match property architecture
  4. Increase value of the property



Structure of a monument sign

A community sign can be fabricated in different ways and with different materials. However each entrance signs starts with a based. Considering the overall size of the sign, it always comes with a solid concrete base. This is to guarantee safety according to the state guidelines, approved by an engineer. The base of the sign usually is a combination of concrete, poles and steel wire.

For the fabrication of the visual part of the sign, different materials and construction methods can be used. This is determined based on the design of your sign and the budget. A popular material for monument signs is EPS foam. EPS stands for Expanded Polystyrene ( EPS) foam, creating a tough, outer shell. Although the name ‘foam’ is misleading, it’s a very sturdy material, resisting the elements. Due to the flexibility of the material you can make it look like concrete, brick or stones and form it into any shape. Alternative fabrication methods are aluminum, stones, bricks, concrete, HDU or colorcore.

HOA Entrance Sign - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek

Our experts have the experience to recommend the right material, so you don’t have to worry about that. Based on your design requirements and budget we’ll propose the best solution for your signage needs. As a result, Sequoia Signs & Graphics is your local source for attractive, durable custom monument signs in Walnut Creek. Showcasing the professionalism and longevity of your community.

Call us today at (925) 300-1066 or fill in the contact form for a consultation with a Monument Sign Specialist!

Must-Know ADA Sign Guidelines for Multi-Family Housing

Must-Know ADA Sign Guidelines for Multi-Family Housing


Why follow ADA Guidelines?

If you fail to comply with ADA guidelines, you may lose tenants, pay fines, or pay for renovations that could’ve been prevented. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we will ensure that you are always up to date with the ADA guidelines.

The guidelines for commercial properties are different from residential properties. The good news is that Private residential properties don’t require all the rules that apply for commercial properties. Public areas in your apartment facility must be ADA compliant, but this doesn’t directly apply to the individual residential units. In terms of financial responsibility, the landlord bears responsibility for any accommodations built for tenants with disabilities as well as public area modifications However, the tenant is responsible for any requested modifications to an existing unit. This usually doesn’t refer to signage but is good to know for overall construction.

Follow ADA Guidelines for Apartment Housing - Sequoia Signs East Bay

1. Private Residential Housing

Private Residential Housing is not covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, this doesn’t mean that you are not required to adhere to any ADA Guidelines. It’s important to take note that it can affect some multi-family apartment projects, making it important for your signs to be ADA compliant. For example:

  • Public accommodations in residential buildings such as clubhouses, gyms, or swimming pools
  • Residential properties provided by educational institutions
  • Government-owned and/or operated residential facilities

ADA Signs for Multi-Family Housing - Sequoia Signs East Bay

2. ADA Guidelines for Multi-Family compared to Commercial

If you are renovating an existing building that is not ADA compliant, look closely at the sign requirements for doorways, exits, restrooms, and wayfinding. Not only are ADA signs required for these areas, but the signs must be fabricated and installed according to the ADA Guidelines. 

Read more about sign fabrication and installation in the guidelines here: ADA Signs for Multi-Family Housing that Is Compliant to Pass Your Inspection here.

In terms of financial responsibility, the landlord bears responsibility for any accommodations built for tenants with disabilities. Any requested modifications to an existing unit the tenant is responsible for. This usually doesn’t refer to signage but is good to know for overall construction.

3. ADA Guidelines when renovating

ADA Compliant Signs - Sequoia Signs East BayIf you are renovating an existing building that is not ADA Compliant, make sure to take a close look at the following features that are unrelated to signs. Be sure to inspect the following: doorways, hallways, restrooms, handrails, parking spaces, elevators, and more.

Moving on to the signage, which must be fabricated and installed according to the ADA Guidelines. Read more about: ADA Signs for Multi-Family Housing that Are Compliant to Pass Your Inspection here.

We hope the above has provided you with information on why and how to follow ADA Guidelines. Multi-Family Housing is treated differently than commercial when it comes down to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Are you curious how to incorporate branding and design into ADA compliant room signs? Or do you have any more questions about this topic? Give us a call or contact us via our contact form.

Common Design Misconceptions for ADA Room Signs

Common Design Misconceptions for ADA Room Signs

To incorporate branding and design into ADA Compliant Room ID Signs is a top priority for any new ADA sign design. Certainly, ADA compliance has the top priority, but it doesn’t mean that ADA compliant signs can’t be attractive in terms of design! This is a concern that we often hear from our clients. Luckily at Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we consider the best of both worlds, making sure that your ADA Room ID signs are compliant AND have an attractive design.

Misconception about ADA Compliant Room ID Signs

​It’s a common misconception that ADA Compliant Signs must be plain and bland. Although they need to be designed following the ADA guidelines, this is a common misconception. To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, we’ll have to follow the design policies, but those guidelines are more flexible than one may think.  Therefore, your company’s branding can easily be incorporated into the design while still following the ADA guidelines!

Let’s have a look at a few guidelines that are related to the design of the sign. If you would like to know more about how to be ADA compliant and pass your signage inspection, read our other blog.


There are no stipulated colors, meaning that you are totally flexible in using your company’s colors for ADA signs and you’ll still be ADA compliant. The only requirement concerning the color of the sign is related to the contrast of the colors. ADA Compliant Signs require a contrast of 70% between the tactile and background color. This translates into making sure that either the tactile or background color needs to be darker than the other. However, you decide which color is darker and which color is lighter through your company’s branding. 


The material used for ADA signs is required to be non-glare. Sharp edges also must be avoided for safety reasons. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we have a large variety of materials available. When looking at your branding and the interior design of your space, we can propose a material that fits both. Some options include, but are not limited to wood, acrylic, or brushed silver.


When it comes down to fonts, there are a few more restrictions, unfortunately. The copy must be in all caps and the font must be San Serif. The ADA Compliant font restrictions will help you select a font that enhances readability. Italic, script, bold and decorative fonts are not allowed. If your branding includes this type of font, we will work together to find an alternative and come to a mutually agreed font. Apart from your signs being ADA compliant, you also want your signs to be readable. After all, that’s the main objective of the sign!

When designing ADA Compliant Room ID Signs, we see it as an opportunity to improve your branding through signage. Notwithstanding the design limitations, we can create powerful, effective, and compliant signs that extend your brand for increased awareness and consistency.

Hopefully, we were able to take away some doubts about the creative designs for ADA Signs. Are you ready to get started? Give us a call today or fill in the contact form, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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