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Effective Wayfinding Signage System to improve visitor experience – Oakland, CA

Effective Wayfinding Signage System to improve visitor experience – Oakland, CA

An effective Wayfinding Signage System can help to improve visitor experience, making it a valuable asset. If executed right, very few people will notice the wayfinding signs however if not executed right it might cause irritation. Irritation amongst your customers or visitors is something you would like to avoid at all times, making an effective wayfinding signage system even more valuable. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we have summarized three best practices for wayfinding at your facility in Oakland and the East Bay area. 

Effective Wayfinding Signage System - Sequoia Signs in Oakland, CA

1. Walk the grounds

If you are in charge of creating a wayfinding signage system, you are most likely very familiar with the facility. Therefore it’s an important step, to put yourself in the shoes of a visitor that hasn’t visited your facility before. Walking the grounds and identify where people have to make a decision on which direction to take is an effective way to start designing a wayfinding system. 

2. Choose user-friendly and consistent language

When designing a wayfinding signage system it is important to use content that people are familiar with. An example, If you are referring to building names only, but not the function of the building. Some of your visitors might not be aware that the ‘George Washington Hall’ is the auditorium that they are looking for. Therefore it’s recommended to use clear content with a good layout that is easy to read.

3. Don’t provide too many directional choices

Although ‘all roads lead to Rome’ you don’t want to provide too many directional choices. Your visitors want the most effective way to get from a to b and are most likely not interested in sight seeing of your facility. Limiting user choices not only prevents confusion but also allows them to orient themselves to their surroundings faster.

Effective Wayfinding Signage System - Sign Company in Oakland, CAFinal takeaways for Wayfinding Signage

To conclude the principals of an effective wayfinding signage system, we would like to share a few final takeaways.

  • Work with a sign company that provides custom design services to make sure your wayfinding signage integrates with your company branding and building architecture.
  • Use premium materials, because the better it’s build the longer it will last.
  • Hire a sign company that can take care of the entire process from design to fabrication, permits, installation and maintenance.

At Sequoia Signs we offer all of the above to be your partner for effective wayfinding signage. Whatever you are looking for in a wayfinding signage system, our team is up to the task. As your full service sign company we service Oakland and the entire East Bay Area.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or request a quote. Call Sequoia Signs & Graphics at (925) 300-1066 or fill in the contact form below.

Examples of some of our best Lobby & Reception Signs in Berkeley, CA

Examples of some of our best Lobby & Reception Signs in Berkeley, CA

Lobby & Receptions signs are a real eye catcher in any type of facility. Such wall signs are usually designed around your logo and business name. Furthermore, they are displayed in a prominent area of your lobby. It’s an opportunity to enhance your branding and get creative. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we offer a wide variety of designs & materials. Although no sign is the same, we have divided Lobby & Reception Signs in 4 categories to make it easier to decide what might suit your business. In this post we share our best examples of Lobby & Reception Signs for your business in Berkeley, or anywhere in the East Bay region.


Dimensional Letters in custom colors

We are starting off with the option of dimensionally routed letters & logos. The most common materials for this type of sign vary between PVC, Foam and Acrylic. Acrylic is available in different types of stock colors, however most signs will be custom painted to match your company branding colors. The Lobby & Reception Signs in the below picture has a unique feature of added spacers to the letters. This provides a more dimensional effect, by creating a space between the letters and the wall.

Dimensional Lobby & Reception Signs - Sequoia Signs Berkeley, CA

Dimensional Letters with metal laminate

These type of Lobby & Reception Signs are initially the same as the first option, apart from the finishing. Instead of painting the letters, they have a laminated finishing that is available in different colors and textures. In the picture below you see a combination of a painted logo with brushed silver letters. Other popular options of the laminate include polished gold & satin bronze.

Lobby & Reception Signs - Sequoia Signs Berkeley, CA

Panel based Lobby & Reception Signs

Panel based Lobby & Receptions Signs provide a completely different look compared to the first two options. However when it comes to materials they are very much alike. A panel based sign is usually made out of a clear or painted acrylic panel, or with a metal laminate finishing. The logo is applied on top of the panel, made out of dimensional letters. If you are looking for a more cost effective option a panel sign with digitally printed graphics may be a good solution.

Lobby & Reception Signs - Sequoia Signs Berkeley, CA- East Bay Sign Company

Illuminated Lobby & Reception Signs

Lastly, we are showing an Illuminated Lobby & Reception Sign. The LED Illumination provides a high end finishing to the design of the wall sign. Furthermore, if you have a storefront location, the illumination can add exposure of your business at night. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we always carefully plan for the installation of your lobby sign in Berkeley or surrounding area. This is in order to determine the power supply that is required for the LED illumination.

Illuminated Lobby & Reception Signs - Sequoia Signs Berkeley, CA

Do you already have a favorite Lobby & Reception Sign for your business? Contact us today to request a quote and start your next signage project. Call us at (925) 300 1066 or fill in the contact form here.

Maximize the Benefits of Wayfinding Signage in Multi-Family Developments

Maximize the Benefits of Wayfinding Signage in Multi-Family Developments

Wayfinding signage is essential when creating a sign package for a multi-family housing development with Sequoia Signs. Whether it’s for a senior living community, apartment complex, country club, or any other multi-family housing, effective wayfinding signage provides many benefits. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we specialize in multi-family housing signage from initial consultation, to sign design, to fabrication, and installation.

Wayfinding Signs for Multi-Family Housing Development - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

Benefits of Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs are often taken for granted by property owners and developers, considered as a last-minute task to be quickly signed off a to-do list for a property development project. Unfortunately, this often results in boring and thoughtless wayfinding signage. An effective wayfinding package can do so much more. Consider these benefits when developing a wayfinding sign program:

Create Brand Awareness

Effective signage placed throughout your property contributes to your branding. The most valuable signs are the wayfinding signs, which provide information while reinforcing brand awareness. Efficiently designed signs can reflect positively on your brand and show that you care for your property. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we will incorporate your company branding and match the architectural property to design effective directional signage.

Improve Visitor Experience

The main objective of wayfinding signage is to aid with directions. By investing in Wayfinding Signage, you contribute to the overall experience of the residents and their guests. Poorly designed or non-existent wayfinding signage can reflect negatively on your property. Facilities with effective wayfinding signage look more inviting, resulting in attracting more potential residents.

Directional Signs for Multi-Family Housing Development - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

Increase Property Value

Last but not least, wayfinding signs can actually increase property value. Up to date and professionally designed signs send the message of a well maintained and cared for property. In a residential community this will aid in tenant retention and as a result, increase the property value.

Building Identification - Wayfinding Signs for Multi-Family Housing - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

Wayfinding Signage

Our experienced team at Sequoia Signs & Graphics has the expertise to manage your next wayfinding sign project. Serving the Bay Area, we are your local sign company, familiar with all sign criteria of your local municipality.

Contact us today to start your next wayfinding signage project in Concord, CA today! You can call us at (925) 300-1066 or email [email protected].

Fairfield, CA – The best Sign Company for all your interior & exterior signs

Fairfield, CA – The best Sign Company for all your interior & exterior signs

Are you looking for the best Sign Company for all your interior & exterior signs? Look no further, at Sequoia Signs & Graphics we serve the Easy Bay region, including Fairfield, CA. As a business owner it’s important to remember that signage is the number one form of advertising. An illuminated sign is your 24/7 ad, and only needs to be paid for once. As your local sign company, we offer a wide variety of interior & exterior signs, in addition to illuminated business signs. Let’s have a look at the different types of business signs that your company can benefit from.

Sign Company - Outdoor Signs - Sequoia Signs Fairfield CA

Exterior Signs

Exterior Signs or Outdoor Signs are a great opportunity to create brand awareness and attract potential customers. A must-have for any business with a storefront. Even if your business doesn’t have it’s own storefront, some of these sign types might still be an option to discuss with your landlord. As mentioned above, it’s the number one form of advertising, making it worth your investment.


Building Signs

Also referred to as storefront sign, buildings signs are the number one sign opportunity to make a first impression. Usually building signs are made out of dimensional letters or can be designed in the form of a panel.


Illuminated Business Signs

An Illuminated Business Sign is designed with LED illumination, providing visibility day and night. Illuminated Signs come in different types and the most popular are Channel Letters Signs & Light Box Signs.


Monument Signs

A Monument Sign is located at the road near the entrance of your building. Especially if your building is set back from the road this is a great opportunity to create extra visibility for your business.

Sign Company - Interior Signs - Sequoia Signs Fairfield CA

Interior Signs

Moving on to Interior Signs or Indoor Signs, it’s main purpose is usually creating brand awareness plus a decorative aspect. However, they are also popular when it comes to special promotions and sales. In summary, the below interior signs are a must-have to serve different purposes and make your business stand out.


ADA Compliant Signs

ADA Signs are room signs that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. All permanent rooms in public buildings require ADA Signs with tactile & braille lettering.


Lobby & Reception Signs

An essential branding tool for any type of business, with a lobby, reception, waiting room of meeting room. All our lobby signs are custom designed around your business’s logo, slogan or trademark to help legitimize your business.


Wall Wraps & Graphics

Wall Wraps & Graphics can be used to communicate a message or create a certain mood. However overall it can contribute to the interior design of your facility, bringing your company to the next level.


Floor & Window Graphics

At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we leave no space unused and this is where Floor & Window Graphics come in. Although they are great for branding, advertising promotions is the number one use of Floor & Window Graphics.


Sign Company in Fairfield

As your local sign company we are dedicated to add value to your business with professional interior & exterior signs. Located in the East Bay area, we serve all cities including Fairfield, Berkeley, Oakland, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Concord and Walnut Creek. Are you ready to start your next sign project? Contact us today for a free consultation or quote! You can contact us by filling in our contact form or call us at (925) 300-1066.

Top 5 Types of Outdoor Business Signs

Top 5 Types of Outdoor Business Signs

Outdoor Business Signs

Outdoor signs help businesses to communicate a message and stand out. This first encounter with potential customers can make a difference, and can leave a long lasting impression. For years, Sequoia Signs & Graphics has been fabricating outdoor business signs for the Bay Area community. We’ll share the top 5 most popular business signs to demonstrate how signage can create awareness and brand identity.


1. Wall Signs

Wall Signs are without a doubt the most popular sign type amongst outdoor signs. These building signs are quite literally attached to the exterior wall! These can come in a many formats including custom developed to fit your exterior facade. Wall signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated, they can be 3-dimensional or flush mounted, or, as in the case with Fire and Brew, custom built to fit the architecture of the building. Wall signs are suitable for any business with a storefront. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we provide wall signs options for any type of storefront throughout the Bay Area.

Wall Sign Exterior Business

2. Monument Signs

Monument Signs are placed at the road side of a business to attract attention from passerby’s and serve as wayfinding. These signs are suitable for multi-tenant businesses, including, business parks, medical centers and shopping plazas. As well as, single tenant businesses located with a setback to the main road.

Outdoor Signs - Monument Signs - Sequoia Signs & Graphics Walnut Creek

3. Directional Signs

Directional Signs are most often seen at shopping malls, medical facilities, universities, business parks and airports.  These are the type of signs that provide information on where specific businesses can be found within a facility.

Directional Sign at shopping center

4. Blade Signs

Blade Signs are also referred to as projecting signs, which are mounted perpendicular to a wall. They are an excellent option for storefronts with frequent foot traffic. Since they stick out from the building they help to identify stores from a greater distance.

Blade Sign

5. Channel Letters

Channel Letters are a type of wall sign most commonly seen on building exteriors. Each letter is an individually fabricated and placed side-by-side to create the complete sign. The 3-dimensional feature of channel letters makes these stand out and appear to be floating off the surface. Channel letters can be illuminated so that they stand out and can be seen at night from a distance.

Outdoor Signs - Wall Signs - Sequoia Signs & Graphics Walnut Creek

Not sure what type of outdoor signs is right for your business?  These are just a few examples of the most recognizable types of exterior signs. Our experts at Sequoia Signs & Graphics can guide you in the right direction during a sign consultation, to help you determine which type of signage will work best for your business. As your local sign company in the Bay Area we are passionate about assisting you with your outdoor signage needs.  Call us at (925) 300.1066 or fill in the contact form below.

Types of Signs Needed to be ADA Compliant in California

Types of Signs Needed to be ADA Compliant in California

ADA Compliant Signs are a must-have in any facility that is accessible to the public. Hotels, restaurants, offices, malls, schools, hospitals, medical facilities, and multi-family housing all need ADA compliant signs. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we are specialized in ADA compliant signage. Our objective is to make sure your facility is compliant with ADA signs and that those signs contribute to the interior design of the space.


Americans with Disabilities Act

In the 1990s, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was first put into legislation to help those who are disabled in public spaces. Business owners are required by law to have their facilities ADA compliant — which includes proper signage. The act states that all public areas must display proper signage for accessibility. If you are not ADA compliant, you may be fined up to or over $50,000.

Room Identification Signs - Sequoia Signs East Bay Area

Room Identification Signs

Room Identification Signs are a type of ADA compliant signs. They can be found in every facility and are usually identified with a 3 or 4 digit room number. Depending on the type of room and size of the sign, you may be able to include additional information such as a name or logo. Room Identification signs are required in the following areas:

ADA Compliant Restroom Signs - Sequoia Signs East Bay Area

ADA Restroom Signs

Even more common than Room Identification Signs are ADA Restroom Signs. Restrooms require a second ADA sign in the state of California. Male restrooms require a triangle-shaped symbol and women’s restrooms and unisex restrooms require a round circle. The triangle and circular signs must be mounted on the doors, in addition to the federal ADA compliant signs on the door latch.

Maximum Occupancy ADA Compliant Signs - Sequoia Signs East Bay Area

Maximum Occupancy Signs

Every room or area that is an assembly space must have the occupancy limit posted on a sign in a conspicuous place. For example, occupancy limit signs can be seen near the main exit or the exit access doorway. Maximum Occupancy Signs are common in conference rooms, event venues, classrooms, restaurants, and more.

Fire & Safety ADA Compliant Signs - Sequoia Signs East Bay Area

Fire & Safety ADA Signs

Last but not least is your Fire and Safety ADA Signs. They are extremely important in order to pass your local fire inspection; therefore they should be a top priority if you are in charge of the new construction. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we understand the importance of these and other regulations. We act as a partner and project manager to ensure you obtain your certificate of occupancy. 

If you have any further questions about the different types of ADA Compliant Signs you need for your facility, contact our experts at Sequoia Signs & Graphics. Give us a call today at (925) 300-1066 or fill in the contact form, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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