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Neon Signs vs. Channel Letters: What You Need To Know

Neon Signs vs. Channel Letters: What You Need To Know

Neon signs and channel letters are both popular options for outdoor signage, but they are vastly different in terms of their design, maintenance, and cost. Let’s take a look:

What are Neon Signs?

Neon signs are made from glass tubes filled with neon gas or other gasses such as argon or krypton. These tubes are bent into various shapes and sizes to create the desired image or lettering. The tubes are then lit by a high-voltage electrical current, which causes the gas inside to glow, creating a bright and eye-catching display. Neon signs are often associated with vintage and retro aesthetics and are commonly used in bars, nightclubs and diners.


Channel Letter Signs for StorefrontWhat are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter signs are made from metal and are typically illuminated by LED lights. The letters or images are formed by cutting the metal into shape and then attaching it to a backing, which is typically made of aluminum or plastic. The LED lights are then placed inside the letters or images, illuminating them from the inside. Channel letter signs are often used for modern and sleek designs, and are commonly used for business and commercial signs.


Old vs. New

Like a blast from the past, neon signs evoke emotion and feelings of nostalgia. Neon creates a dazzling and radiant display that is sure to catch the eye and calls up memories of diners, bars and night-clubs. 

Ironically, there was a time when channel letter signs were lit with neon lights inside of them. But those days are gone! Today’s modern channel letter signs are illuminated with LED lights, giving them a clean and professional appearance. Typically made of metal, acrylic or aluminum, channel letters create a sleek and polished look and have become the industry standard for business and commercial signs.

When it comes to maintenance, neon signs can be like a delicate flower, they need regular check-ups and if a tube breaks, the entire sign will need to be repaired or replaced. Channel letters, on the other hand, are known to be sturdy and dependable, having a longer lifespan and requiring less maintenance.


Potential Issues with Neon Signs

In terms of cost, neon signs are generally more expensive to produce than channel letters. The cost of the materials, as well as the specialized labor required to bend and shape the glass tubes, can make neon signs more costly. In addition to production costs, neon signs present other potential issues you should be aware of:

  1. Maintenance: Neon signs require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to function properly. The glass tubes need to be checked for leaks, and if a tube breaks, the entire sign will need to be repaired or replaced. This can be costly and time-consuming.
  2. Power consumption: Neon signs consume a significant amount of electricity, which can lead to higher energy bills.
  3. Environmental impact: The production and disposal of neon signs can have a negative impact on the environment. The gasses used to create neon signs are not environmentally friendly, and disposing of broken neon signs can be difficult and costly.
  4. Cost: Neon signs are generally more expensive to produce than other types of signs, such as LED or channel letters. This can make them cost-prohibitive for some businesses.
  5. Safety: Neon signs are fragile and can be broken easily. They are also dangerous if they are left on and have a broken tube.
  6. Heat: Neon signs can get quite hot and this could be a problem if they are close to flammable materials.


Neon signs and channel letters both have their own unique characteristics. In the end, we recommend using channel letter signs for business and commercial purposes. Channel letters offer flexibility, ease of maintenance and a plethora of creative design options. Let us know how we can help you create the ideal sign package for your business. Contact us today!

Benefits of In-House Sign Production

Benefits of In-House Sign Production

There is a certain convenience that comes with working with an in-house production facility for commercial, retail and multi-family signage. Rather than having to coordinate various outsourced companies and try to confirm the details of your order, you can have everything taken care of efficiently and properly. If you’re located in the Bay Area and are in need of a trusted and reputable sign manufacturer, Sequoia Signs offers many advantages with its in-house manufacturing facility.

In house production laser machine
Priority Services
Each client should feel as though their needs are a priority to the production facility. When you’re working with an in-house company, you often feel like you’re their only client and that’s how it should be. If you’re in need of something last minute or you have a big project that needs a lot of detail, you’ll get what you need in an efficient manner. Simpler and timely projects can often be completed within a couple of days for a superior turnaround time.

Large, outsourced companies often duplicate a lot of their content. What you end up receiving from them isn’t necessarily what’s best for your brand or needs. An in-house sign manufacturer can help you stand out from the competition. You’ll also be taken care of with the professional knowledge of what other people in the Bay Area are using, as well as whether or not it’s effective.

Sign production equipmentSelection
You receive a large selection of material types when you’re working with a company that produces signs in-hose. Sequoia Signs has multiple types of samples and material types that help you get the desired effect with your signs. Selection ranges from premier, limited stock materials to value engineered options.

An in-house production facility allows for custom designs that tailor to the needs of a client. Whether you need something that’s a little out of the norm or something needs to be changed last minute, your needs can be accommodated. From start to finish, you’re working with design specialists that will make sure you’re receiving products that will turn heads and gain attention.

If you’re not sure what you want, looking at different samples and discussing your project with an experienced professional in-person is something you’ll benefit from. Being able to see the different materials that you have access to is something that can often guide your vision in a specific direction. Your dream can then be made a reality. From multi-family signs to a one-off design, attention to detail is a priority.

Most clients welcome hands-on control over the details of their sign project. Thanks to our in-house production facility in the East Bay, we’ll make sure that you receive a streamlined approach to all of your sign needs. Contact us today for more information.

Multi-Family Signage: Taking the Pain Out of the Process

Multi-Family Signage: Taking the Pain Out of the Process

Multi-family housing projects are complex environments. Creating the sign package for multi-family projects is no exception. There can be hundreds of elements and details that need to be organized, reviewed, communicated, produced and checked by multiple people. This can be a daunting process; but it doesn’t have to be.


State-of-the-art Technology for Multi-Family Signage

Software for Sign Industry


Sequoia Signs utilizes sophisticated, state-of-the-art digital technology to streamline, simplify and improve the signage process for multi-family developers. Our easy-to-use digital interface enables all parties to review and approve schedules and artwork. We provide our clients with a link to the platform that allows users to review conveniently on their time. Our software even allows for multiple users with individual user permissions so that specific people can be designated viewers, commenters and approvers.

We use a digital signage platform because it helps eliminate many of the pain points experienced by developers, contractors and owners. The pain was real – sharing large files and documents, many details to cross reference, review and approve.  All of the elements were disconnected.

Time is Money in the Signage Review Process

The old method of using a paper review process or PDF files is extremely time consuming. Multiple files and formats need to be cross referenced to ensure accuracy. If edits or revisions are needed, the turn-around time can cause lengthy delays. Signage is typically the final step in securing a certificate of occupancy, so a speedy timeline is critical.

With our digital review and production platform, all of your files and communications are in one safe place that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. If there are last minute changes, we can quickly and easily make corrections. When changes are made, everyone who needs to be notified in already in the loop! And a bonus – our in-house production team can quickly make modifications, saving you time and money.

Perhaps one of the most time saving features for multi-family developers is our ability to digitally map each sign in its location and display the artwork. One click can expand the location showing the exact art file. The user can add comments or approve within the software – giving us feedback in real time.


Sign technology interface

Benefits of Using Digital Sign Technology

  • All documentation is in one place
  • Sign locations are mapped with art files
  • Easy to use interface
  • Available 24/7
  • Review, comment or approve plans instantly
  • Multiple levels of permissions for hierarchal approval
  • Reduces frustration of using printed maps or PDF files
  • Saves time and money!

Get in touch with us for a demonstration of our technology and see the positive impact it can have on your business.

Effective Wayfinding Signage System to improve visitor experience – Oakland, CA

Effective Wayfinding Signage System to improve visitor experience – Oakland, CA

An effective Wayfinding Signage System can help to improve visitor experience, making it a valuable asset. If executed right, very few people will notice the wayfinding signs however if not executed right it might cause irritation. Irritation amongst your customers or visitors is something you would like to avoid at all times, making an effective wayfinding signage system even more valuable. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we have summarized three best practices for wayfinding at your facility in Oakland and the East Bay area. 

Effective Wayfinding Signage System - Sequoia Signs in Oakland, CA

1. Walk the grounds

If you are in charge of creating a wayfinding signage system, you are most likely very familiar with the facility. Therefore it’s an important step, to put yourself in the shoes of a visitor that hasn’t visited your facility before. Walking the grounds and identify where people have to make a decision on which direction to take is an effective way to start designing a wayfinding system. 

2. Choose user-friendly and consistent language

When designing a wayfinding signage system it is important to use content that people are familiar with. An example, If you are referring to building names only, but not the function of the building. Some of your visitors might not be aware that the ‘George Washington Hall’ is the auditorium that they are looking for. Therefore it’s recommended to use clear content with a good layout that is easy to read.

3. Don’t provide too many directional choices

Although ‘all roads lead to Rome’ you don’t want to provide too many directional choices. Your visitors want the most effective way to get from a to b and are most likely not interested in sight seeing of your facility. Limiting user choices not only prevents confusion but also allows them to orient themselves to their surroundings faster.

Effective Wayfinding Signage System - Sign Company in Oakland, CAFinal takeaways for Wayfinding Signage

To conclude the principals of an effective wayfinding signage system, we would like to share a few final takeaways.

  • Work with a sign company that provides custom design services to make sure your wayfinding signage integrates with your company branding and building architecture.
  • Use premium materials, because the better it’s build the longer it will last.
  • Hire a sign company that can take care of the entire process from design to fabrication, permits, installation and maintenance.

At Sequoia Signs we offer all of the above to be your partner for effective wayfinding signage. Whatever you are looking for in a wayfinding signage system, our team is up to the task. As your full service sign company we service Oakland and the entire East Bay Area.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or request a quote. Call Sequoia Signs & Graphics at (925) 300-1066 or fill in the contact form below.

Examples of some of our best Lobby & Reception Signs in Berkeley, CA

Examples of some of our best Lobby & Reception Signs in Berkeley, CA

Lobby & Receptions signs are a real eye catcher in any type of facility. Such wall signs are usually designed around your logo and business name. Furthermore, they are displayed in a prominent area of your lobby. It’s an opportunity to enhance your branding and get creative. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we offer a wide variety of designs & materials. Although no sign is the same, we have divided Lobby & Reception Signs in 4 categories to make it easier to decide what might suit your business. In this post we share our best examples of Lobby & Reception Signs for your business in Berkeley, or anywhere in the East Bay region.


Dimensional Letters in custom colors

We are starting off with the option of dimensionally routed letters & logos. The most common materials for this type of sign vary between PVC, Foam and Acrylic. Acrylic is available in different types of stock colors, however most signs will be custom painted to match your company branding colors. The Lobby & Reception Signs in the below picture has a unique feature of added spacers to the letters. This provides a more dimensional effect, by creating a space between the letters and the wall.

Dimensional Lobby & Reception Signs - Sequoia Signs Berkeley, CA

Dimensional Letters with metal laminate

These type of Lobby & Reception Signs are initially the same as the first option, apart from the finishing. Instead of painting the letters, they have a laminated finishing that is available in different colors and textures. In the picture below you see a combination of a painted logo with brushed silver letters. Other popular options of the laminate include polished gold & satin bronze.

Lobby & Reception Signs - Sequoia Signs Berkeley, CA

Panel based Lobby & Reception Signs

Panel based Lobby & Receptions Signs provide a completely different look compared to the first two options. However when it comes to materials they are very much alike. A panel based sign is usually made out of a clear or painted acrylic panel, or with a metal laminate finishing. The logo is applied on top of the panel, made out of dimensional letters. If you are looking for a more cost effective option a panel sign with digitally printed graphics may be a good solution.

Lobby & Reception Signs - Sequoia Signs Berkeley, CA- East Bay Sign Company

Illuminated Lobby & Reception Signs

Lastly, we are showing an Illuminated Lobby & Reception Sign. The LED Illumination provides a high end finishing to the design of the wall sign. Furthermore, if you have a storefront location, the illumination can add exposure of your business at night. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we always carefully plan for the installation of your lobby sign in Berkeley or surrounding area. This is in order to determine the power supply that is required for the LED illumination.

Illuminated Lobby & Reception Signs - Sequoia Signs Berkeley, CA

Do you already have a favorite Lobby & Reception Sign for your business? Contact us today to request a quote and start your next signage project. Call us at (925) 300 1066 or fill in the contact form here.

Maximize the Benefits of Wayfinding Signage in Multi-Family Developments

Maximize the Benefits of Wayfinding Signage in Multi-Family Developments

Wayfinding signage is essential when creating a sign package for a multi-family housing development with Sequoia Signs. Whether it’s for a senior living community, apartment complex, country club, or any other multi-family housing, effective wayfinding signage provides many benefits. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we specialize in multi-family housing signage from initial consultation, to sign design, to fabrication, and installation.

Wayfinding Signs for Multi-Family Housing Development - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

Benefits of Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs are often taken for granted by property owners and developers, considered as a last-minute task to be quickly signed off a to-do list for a property development project. Unfortunately, this often results in boring and thoughtless wayfinding signage. An effective wayfinding package can do so much more. Consider these benefits when developing a wayfinding sign program:

Create Brand Awareness

Effective signage placed throughout your property contributes to your branding. The most valuable signs are the wayfinding signs, which provide information while reinforcing brand awareness. Efficiently designed signs can reflect positively on your brand and show that you care for your property. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we will incorporate your company branding and match the architectural property to design effective directional signage.

Improve Visitor Experience

The main objective of wayfinding signage is to aid with directions. By investing in Wayfinding Signage, you contribute to the overall experience of the residents and their guests. Poorly designed or non-existent wayfinding signage can reflect negatively on your property. Facilities with effective wayfinding signage look more inviting, resulting in attracting more potential residents.

Directional Signs for Multi-Family Housing Development - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

Increase Property Value

Last but not least, wayfinding signs can actually increase property value. Up to date and professionally designed signs send the message of a well maintained and cared for property. In a residential community this will aid in tenant retention and as a result, increase the property value.

Building Identification - Wayfinding Signs for Multi-Family Housing - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

Wayfinding Signage

Our experienced team at Sequoia Signs & Graphics has the expertise to manage your next wayfinding sign project. Serving the Bay Area, we are your local sign company, familiar with all sign criteria of your local municipality.

Contact us today to start your next wayfinding signage project in Concord, CA today! You can call us at (925) 300-1066 or email [email protected].

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