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Signage at Athletic Facilities & Schools

Signage at Athletic Facilities & Schools

Wondering what value signs add to athletics facilities? Beyond the obvious of improving the aesthetics, athletic signs can motivate, inspire, showcase, inform and honor. Some of the most rewarding jobs we have had the pleasure to complete are with our local schools and athletic facilities. 

DVC Athletic Signage

Signs offer may benefits to athletic organizations and sports facilities:

1. Donor Recognition

Many athletic programs and facilities are funded by private donors, alumni or local businesses. Signage plays a primary role in recognizing those donors for their contributions and support. St. Mary’s College in Moraga used dimensional letter signs on the exterior of the Player Development Center to honor its major funder. Scottsdale Swim Club incorporated local businesses into the new scoreboard with full-color logos below the digital display. Seven Hill School created a unique donor wall to give recognition to all the patrons who support the school. 

St Marys College Baseball Player Development Recognition

Swim Club signage Walnut Creek, CA

School donor wall Seven Hills School Walnut Creek, CA


2. Sponsorship Showcase

Athletic facilities can often present challenges for signage. They often lack traditional surfaces or standard sizes. We worked closely with the Ultimate Fieldhouse in Walnut Creek to create unique signs to fulfill sponsorship agreements. With 20-foot tall, open ceilings and basketball stations against ever wall, we had to get creative. We devised a banner with weights inserted into the lower edging that hung from the rafters. This 25-foot banner was sturdy enough to withstand impact from basketballs and predominately showcased the program sponsors. Similarly, we wrapped support beams with sponsor-branded impact pads that served a dual purpose of protecting the players and highlighting a key sponsor.

Athletic facility signage

Sponsorship Signage

3. Motivation

Signs can create motivation and inspiration within an athletic facility. These magnetic wall graphics at COPA soccer training facility feature full-capacity soccer stadiums across from the world. Talk about inspiration to become your best!

COPA fitness Magnetic wall graphics

4. Information

Carondelet High School in Concord needed some informational signs for its athletes and visitors. We worked with the athletic department and school facilities manager to create temporary and permanent signs. The stand-alone fabric banner in the weight room informed athletes of the equipment and programs at that location. These signs were light and portable to accommodate various locations within the room. The outdoor directional signs helped guide visitors to the location of the fields and courts throughout the campus.

Carondelet High School Athletic Informational Signage

Carondelet Sports Facility directional signage

5. Honor and Reward

Lastly, and most importantly, are the gymnasium banners that serve as timeless trophies for the championship teams. We’ve had the pleasure of working with many schools and universities throughout the Bay Area that honor their student-athlete champions with gym banners. Whether it’s a 6th grade cross country title at Orinda Intermediate School or an NCAA title at St. Mary’s College, these banners serve as sources of pride and unity for the entire student body.

Orinda Intermediate School Award banners

St Mary College Athletic Award banners


Let us know how we can help with signage needs at your sports facility or athletic department. Give us a call to schedule a consultation!

Why Top Business Use Environmental Signage

Why Top Business Use Environmental Signage

Environmental signage is a vehicle to share brand messaging by using existing space to tell a story. It allows businesses to turn blank spaces into branded environments that evoke an emotional appeal. It blurs the lines between utility and art by combining function with graphic design to transform otherwise underutilized spaces. Environmental signage fosters engagement with customers and employees and enables you to make an impact at your retail location, office space or within the community using thoughtfully designed signs. 

Environmental signage can establish a brand identity, reinforce brand values and create positive customer experiences. Some examples of environmental signage include:

  • wayfinding information
  • wraps 
  • window graphics
  • word walls
  • wall graphics and murals
  • interpretive graphics or art installations
  • immersive spaces


Benefits of Using Environmental Signage


Your signage gives customers an idea of what your brand stands for and provides context for what kind of experience your customers can expect. Where does your brand fall in the larger scheme of things? How do you compare to the competition? Environmental signage visually communicates and conveys this information. Kinder’s retail location in Concord did this in spades showcasing it’s heritage and mission using wall graphics throughout the store.

Communicate a message Wall Wrap - Sequoia Signs East Bay


Environmental signage fosters engagement with customers as well as employees. It can create an emotional connection through imagery, color and location. Does it surprise and delight? Is it unique and creative? Retail store, Anthropology in Walnut Creek, used environmental graphics on the outside and inside of the elevators to create a cohesive and welcoming customer experience.

Environmental Signage - Elevator Wrap


Environmental signage is one of the most effective ways that an organization can craft and direct the interaction between user, place and purpose. According to Fedex Office, who operates approximately 2,000 locations in the U.S., over 2 out of 3 consumers believe that business signage reflects the quality of its products and services.  KOTA Contenders extended its “fight like a lion” tagline through wall graphics and murals demonstrating the brand ethos.

Sports Wall Wrap & Graphics - Sequoia Signs Berkeley



Use environmental signage to grow your business and create better experiences for customers. Companies stand out with branding. Signage with clean, clear designs and vibrant colors make your brand memorable. At Sequoia Signs, our goal is to make sure your signage not only performs functionally but also helps create a winning customer experience. COPA Soccer Training Center in Walnut Creek enhanced it’s fitness center with large-scale images of famous soccer stadiums around the world.

Environmental Signage - Wall Graphics


Environmental signage is a great vehicle for brand storytelling. Creative branding helps companies reflect their values and lifestyle, engaging potential customers. Using environmental signage allows businesses to establish a brand personality and identity. It makes your business memorable and relatable. 

Office Wall Wrap - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek


Sequoia Signs and Graphics helps organizations develop environmental signage and graphics packages that merge their companies branding with their signage needs. 

With so many elements and considerations, environmental signage can be complex. See more examples of our recent environmental graphics and wall wraps for inspiration! Our expertise is helping guide our clients through the problem solving and technical elements of the sign package and graphics process while keeping a clear focus on your brand. 

Give us a call to see how we can help you tell your story!



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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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