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Maximize the Benefits of Wayfinding Signage in Multi-Family Developments

Maximize the Benefits of Wayfinding Signage in Multi-Family Developments

Wayfinding signage is essential when creating a sign package for a multi-family housing development with Sequoia Signs. Whether it’s for a senior living community, apartment complex, country club, or any other multi-family housing, effective wayfinding signage provides many benefits. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we specialize in multi-family housing signage from initial consultation, to sign design, to fabrication, and installation.

Wayfinding Signs for Multi-Family Housing Development - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

Benefits of Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs are often taken for granted by property owners and developers, considered as a last-minute task to be quickly signed off a to-do list for a property development project. Unfortunately, this often results in boring and thoughtless wayfinding signage. An effective wayfinding package can do so much more. Consider these benefits when developing a wayfinding sign program:

Create Brand Awareness

Effective signage placed throughout your property contributes to your branding. The most valuable signs are the wayfinding signs, which provide information while reinforcing brand awareness. Efficiently designed signs can reflect positively on your brand and show that you care for your property. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we will incorporate your company branding and match the architectural property to design effective directional signage.

Improve Visitor Experience

The main objective of wayfinding signage is to aid with directions. By investing in Wayfinding Signage, you contribute to the overall experience of the residents and their guests. Poorly designed or non-existent wayfinding signage can reflect negatively on your property. Facilities with effective wayfinding signage look more inviting, resulting in attracting more potential residents.

Directional Signs for Multi-Family Housing Development - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

Increase Property Value

Last but not least, wayfinding signs can actually increase property value. Up to date and professionally designed signs send the message of a well maintained and cared for property. In a residential community this will aid in tenant retention and as a result, increase the property value.

Building Identification - Wayfinding Signs for Multi-Family Housing - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

Wayfinding Signage

Our experienced team at Sequoia Signs & Graphics has the expertise to manage your next wayfinding sign project. Serving the Bay Area, we are your local sign company, familiar with all sign criteria of your local municipality.

Contact us today to start your next wayfinding signage project in Concord, CA today! You can call us at (925) 300-1066 or email [email protected].

Which Signs Do I Need for a Multi-Family Housing Project in the East Bay Area

Which Signs Do I Need for a Multi-Family Housing Project in the East Bay Area

Identifying which signs are needed for a Multi-Family Housing project might seem overwhelming and complicated. Luckily this is our specialty and our experts will take this type of research off your plate. Read on for a summary on the most important signs for your project. An important note: some signs are a must to be compliant and pass your building inspections. Continue to read to find out how to be compliant.

Monument Signs for Multi-Family Housing project - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Monument Signs

Let’s start on the outside, the first impression of any visitor or resident. A Monument Sign is the first introduction to your property from the main street. The Monument Sign always includes the name of the community, along with the address number. Both will help to identify the location for easy reference. Monument Signs are available within a wide budget range, depending on your requirements. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we can custom design your design, following existing architecture or come up with a design proposal from scratch.


Directional Signs

Directional Signs become necessary as soon as you reach the gate of the property. Good directional signs improve the visitor experience, creating a friendly environment. At a Multi-Family Housing project directional signs are mainly used to indicate the house numbers, parking and then the club house, pool or gym if any. Directional Signs are exterior signs, designed for long durability. Furthermore readability is important so we keep that in mind while designing these signs.


ADA Signs for Multi-Family Housing project - Sequoia Signs East BayADA Room Signs

Now we are moving on to the type of signs that are a must in order for you to be compliant and pass your inspections. All units need to be equipped with an ADA Compliant Room Sign. An ADA Compliant room sign is installed on the latch side of the entrance door, including tactile and braille. If you would like to read more about ADA Signs for Multi-Family Housing, have a look at this article. One of the fun aspects is to be ADA compliant and design a good looking sign at the same time. Our design team is specialized in designing these type of signs. Keeping in mind the ADA guidelines in combination with the interior design & architecture of the project.


Regulatory Signs for Multi-Family Housing project - Sequoia Signs East BaySafety & Regulatory Signs

The least fun part of the sign project is usually the safety & regulatory signs. Hereby think about emergency exits and evacuations maps but also non-smoking signs or elevator signs. Our team will make sure to include all the necessary signs in your proposal in order to meet the safety regulations. All Safety and Regulatory signs will also be designed to be compliant and matching the design at the same time.

Do you have any further questions about which types of signs are required for a Multi-Family Housing project? Feel free to give us a call (925) 300 1066 or fill in the contact form below to be in touch with one of our consultants.

Different Types of Wayfinding Signage for Your Facility in Walnut Creek, CA

Different Types of Wayfinding Signage for Your Facility in Walnut Creek, CA

Interior-building-wayfinding-signageWayfinding Signage serve a very important role for your facility and as a facility or property manager it’s important to understand the difference between the types of Wayfinding Signage. These types of signs come into place in different types of facilities like communities, multi-family housing, malls, hospitals, office buildings or any other public building.

In this article we will explain four different types of Wayfinding Signage including directional, identification, regulatory and informational.


Directional Signs

Directional Signs are often confused with Wayfinding Signs, while actually they are a type of Wayfinding Sign. This type of sign basically gets you where you need to be. Therefore they are most often used in large parking lots at junctions and areas without a clear traffic flow. A good directional sign avoids people getting lost plus it creates a safe environment. Directions can be communicated via illuminated or non-illuminated signs with arrows or simply with colored lines on the floor.


ADA Compliant Signs - Sequoia Signs ConcordIdentification Signs

After a good directional sign brings you to your location, an identification sign actual tells you when you reached that location. Think about a much smaller type of sign, but not less important. When you reached the hospital, you still want to make sure to reach the correct department. This is where identification signs come into place.


Regulatory Signs

Perhaps the least fun type of sign, but one that cannot be forgotten. The focus of Regulatory Signs is on safety and liability. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we always try to incorporate your branding into your signs, however Regulatory Signs often need to comply with local, state or national rules. ADA compliant Signs are an example of regulatory signs.


Regulatory Signs - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek, CAInformational Signs

Informational Signs are the ones that actually should answer questions. Do you have a waiting room? What are your opening hours? Where is the pick-up location? Do you have WIFI? Informational Signs give answers to these questions. As a result symbols are often used for this type of sign, to make the information more clear and to the point.

One important factor that all wayfinding signs have in common, is that they need to be uncluttered and straight to the point. They can definitely be branded but our designers will make sure that the main message does not get lost. We will use the correct fonts, sizes and contrast for your sign design.

Need some advice on the correct type of Wayfinding Signage for your facility? Our experts are available to assist with your request and provide a free consultation at your location. You can call us at (925) 300-1066 or email to [email protected].

Have You Been to the Lamorinda All Access Playground in Moraga, CA?

Have You Been to the Lamorinda All Access Playground in Moraga, CA?

Sequoia Signs Volunteering at the All Access Playground

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Rotary Club of Moraga, more than $340,000 was raised for the 5,000-square-foot La Morinda All Access Playground, located at 1425 St. Marys rd. The goal of the project was to build a playground where children with special needs and able-bodied kids could play side by side. In addition to raising the funds to produce the structure, more than 40 volunteers came together, assembled the play equipment, and poured the rubberized surface.

Sequoia Signs & Graphics Outdoor Signage and Volunteering

The play area is designed for children ages 2-12 and features more than two dozen pieces of specialized play equipment, including swings, slides, a wheelchair-accessible sandbox, drums, chimes, seesaw and metallophones. The play equipment is designed to be all inclusive and accessible for all children.

Sequoia Signs & Graphics is proud to be part of this cause, where our very own CEO, Tom Snchurr was one of the volunteers among the 40 people to assist with the assembly of the structure. Not only were we part of the assembly of the structure, our team produced the bronze plaque (pictured below) at the park honoring the memory of Russell J. Bruzzone, and recognizing the 50th anniversary of the Rotary Club, as well as the platinum, gold, silver and bronze sponsors of this amazing project.

Outdoor Signage at Lamorinda All Access Playground

­­If you have not visited La Morinda All Access Playground already, be sure to stop by with your family! They will have a blast at this unique all access park. While you’re there, take a moment and check out this very cool bronze plaque, and while you’re at it, snap a photo and tag @SequoiaSigns on social! We love producing high quality outdoor signage!

Want to know more about how we can be a partner in your next signage project? Give us a call at 925.300.1066! Our team of qualified experts can turn your creative vision into reality!

6 Lessons for Great Business Directional Signs

6 Lessons for Great Business Directional Signs

Directional Business SignsIf your company is located off the beaten path it can severely limit your foot traffic and hold back your business. Of course, thanks to the internet and social media (not to mention television and radio) there are still plenty of ways to reach customers who are out of eyesight, but that doesn’t diminish the importance of having good old fashioned directional signage on main roads to promote awareness of your brand and lure in the customers you depend on.

So, if you are looking to expand your advertising program with new directional signs, consider these 6 lessons for great directional signs and why each one matters when it comes to reaching out to customers in your area.

1. Keep It Simple

The customers who see your signs will almost certainly be in motion, and when you look at motorists that means you may only have 2-5 seconds to reach them. That brief window won’t give you the time to transmit a complex message or appeal, but it will give you the time to show off your logo and identify your business and industry.

2. Aim for Clarity

Contrast and clarity are intensely important for wayfinding signs. Not only will high contrast designs and designs featuring large, simple text make your sign stand out, it will be simpler to read and far more memorable as well.

3. Don’t Leave Gaps

Perhaps you are close enough to a main road to make do with two signs. If so, great! Just make sure that you take the time to look at your signs from the perspective of a customer and follow their direction as if you had never been to your own front door before. If you find any gaps in the directions or notice that customers are being misled, make sure that your trail is patched with new signs to help get your customers to your door. A breadcrumb trail doesn’t work if you leave gaps in the middle.

4. Check out Local Traffic Patterns

Putting out signs randomly may not be much help. Instead, take a look at the local traffic and place your signs intelligently based on driver and pedestrian behavior. This may mean placing signs beside other points of visual interest, adding directional features to your signage, placing extra signs further away so drivers have time to decelerate and pull over, or placing your signs on completely different roads if your closest intersection doesn’t have the traffic volume you need.

5. Consider Portability

If you can set up permanent signage, no problem. However, if you are going to be relying on temporary signage that will need to be taken in or moved frequently, you’ll want to consider its weight and the storage you’ll need to manage it. After all, if moving and keeping the signage is a pain for just one day there is no way you’ll want to keep using it it for years to come.

6. Buy the Right Quality

Low quality, cheap-looking signage will turn customers away. Be willing to spend what you need to get great signage that sends the right message to your customers. If you aren’t sure what signage is best for your situation, contact the experts here at Sequoia Signs & Graphics, Inc. As local Walnut Creek sign makers we are deeply invested in our community and ready to help local businesses design and implement the very best signage for them, with directional signs that meet your goals and contribute directly to your long-term success.

To make an appointment, call us at (925) 300-1066 today!

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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