Maximize the Benefits of Wayfinding Signage in Multi-Family Developments

Maximize the Benefits of Wayfinding Signage in Multi-Family Developments

Wayfinding signage is essential when creating a sign package for a multi-family housing development with Sequoia Signs. Whether it’s for a senior living community, apartment complex, country club, or any other multi-family housing, effective wayfinding signage provides many benefits. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we specialize in multi-family housing signage from initial consultation, to sign design, to fabrication, and installation.

Wayfinding Signs for Multi-Family Housing Development - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

Benefits of Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs are often taken for granted by property owners and developers, considered as a last-minute task to be quickly signed off a to-do list for a property development project. Unfortunately, this often results in boring and thoughtless wayfinding signage. An effective wayfinding package can do so much more. Consider these benefits when developing a wayfinding sign program:

Create Brand Awareness

Effective signage placed throughout your property contributes to your branding. The most valuable signs are the wayfinding signs, which provide information while reinforcing brand awareness. Efficiently designed signs can reflect positively on your brand and show that you care for your property. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we will incorporate your company branding and match the architectural property to design effective directional signage.

Improve Visitor Experience

The main objective of wayfinding signage is to aid with directions. By investing in Wayfinding Signage, you contribute to the overall experience of the residents and their guests. Poorly designed or non-existent wayfinding signage can reflect negatively on your property. Facilities with effective wayfinding signage look more inviting, resulting in attracting more potential residents.

Directional Signs for Multi-Family Housing Development - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

Increase Property Value

Last but not least, wayfinding signs can actually increase property value. Up to date and professionally designed signs send the message of a well maintained and cared for property. In a residential community this will aid in tenant retention and as a result, increase the property value.

Building Identification - Wayfinding Signs for Multi-Family Housing - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

Wayfinding Signage

Our experienced team at Sequoia Signs & Graphics has the expertise to manage your next wayfinding sign project. Serving the Bay Area, we are your local sign company, familiar with all sign criteria of your local municipality.

Contact us today to start your next wayfinding signage project in Concord, CA today! You can call us at (925) 300-1066 or email [email protected].

Benefits of Fleet Graphics & Wraps for your company in Concord, CA

Benefits of Fleet Graphics & Wraps for your company in Concord, CA

Most likely you will see fleet graphics & wraps on the roads around you on a daily basis. However did you every consider vehicle wraps & graphics for your business? They are a unique and creative way to advertise your brand. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, serving Concord and East Bay, we offer high quality wide format printing, allowing any design & color for your fleet graphics & wraps. Vehicle advertisement provides several benefits, so continue to read and find out if it’s right for your business.

Benefits Fleet Graphics & Wraps - Trucks - Sequoia Signs Concord

1. Fleet Graphics & Wraps create brand awareness

Brand awareness is extremely important, whether you are a national company or serving your local community. A branded vehicle fleet creates brand awareness on a local level. In addition to creating brand awareness, it’s an advertising opportunity for your company 24/7. Being on the way to a client or being parked while visiting a client or at night, your fleet graphics & wraps never sleep!


2. Vehicle Graphics are cost effective

Vehicle Graphics are a cost effective way of advertising. While with traditional advertising you rent a specific spot or time slot, vehicle graphics are a one time investment with unlimited returns. This results into a very low advertising cost per impression, making it worth your while. Although Vehicle Graphics are considered a one time investment, check with your sign company about the lifetime of the vinyl to avoid damage to your vehicle.

Benefits Fleet Graphics & Wraps - Vans - Sequoia Signs Concord

3. Fleet Graphics are mobile

Fleet graphics are like a moving billboard. Your message will be shown wherever your vehicle is. Every time your company vehicle is being driven, your business is gaining more exposure. Vehicle wraps can achieve greater exposure than other traditional means because your design will be seen all over Concord or any neighboring city.


4. Full Vehicle Wraps protect your vehicle

Considering that most likely your vehicle fleet provides you enough maintenance, a full vehicle wrap can actually protect your vehicle. The vinyl wrap which is installed with a protective laminate, protects your vehicle from light dents and scratches. Furthermore, a full vehicle wrap will protect the original paint from sun exposure. In summary, a full vehicle wrap is a great way to protect your vehicle, especially if you are leasing.

Benefits Fleet Graphics & Wraps - Box Truck - Sequoia Signs Concord

Sequoia Signs for all your Fleet Graphics & Wraps

Are you convinced of the benefits of fleet graphics & wraps for your business? At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we are dedicated to deliver well designed and high quality vehicle wraps & graphics. Whether you are looking for a full wrap or perhaps some elegant vehicle lettering, we do it all! Located in the East Bay Area we serve all cities including Concord, Walnut Creek, Fairfield, Oakland, Berkeley, San Ramon and Pleasant Hill. Contact us today for a free quote to get your vehicle fleet advertising project started!

The best Lighted Outdoor Business Signs for your company in Concord, CA

The best Lighted Outdoor Business Signs for your company in Concord, CA

Lighted outdoor business signs are a great advertising opportunity for your company in Concord, CA. If you are  looking to open a new company and want to stand out from your competitors? Our design team at Sequoia Signs & Graphics are specialized in commercial sign design. In addition to storefront signs, also window graphics, wall graphics, a lobby reception sign and directional signs can’t be forgotten.

Lighted Outdoor Business Signs

An illuminated storefront sign can make you stand out from the competition, but it is also the first impression for a new potential customer. Therefore it’s important to invest in a professionally designed and fabricated outdoor business signs. Although it’s an investment, it provides long term benefits. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we offer different type of Lighted Outdoor Business Signs. Let’s find out what is right for your business.

Channel Letters

Regular Channel Letters are actually Front Lit Channel Letters. As the name suggests they have illumination from the front. When referenced to a Channel Letter, usually this means a Front Lit Channel Letter. This type of illuminated sign uses light to illuminate the face of the letter. The faces of the letters are made from acrylic and are available in stock colors. If you are looking for a custom color, we’ll apply digitally printed graphics on a white face. This will give you the opportunity to convert any custom logo into a channel letter sign.

Lighted Outdoor Business Sign - Sequoia Signs Concord

Back Lit Channel Letters

Back Lit Channel Letters are also referred to as Reverse Channel Letters or Halo Letters. This is because the illumination gives a halo affect and is applied on the back. Reverse Channel Letters are gaining in popularity because they provide the most classy look, amongst all types of Lighted Outdoor Signs. Especially for non-commercial facilities they are a great option.

Reverse Channel Letter Signs - Sequoia Signs Concord

Front & Back Lit Channel Letters

By now, most likely you can guess that the Front & Back Lit Channel Letter is illuminated from the front and the back. It’s basically a combination of the first two types of channel letters. If you are looking for a more dramatic effect and want to make sure to stand out, this is the type of sign that you are looking for. Another advantage of a Front & Back Lit Channel Letter Sign is that it increases visibility and readability.

Front & Back Lit Outdoor Business Sign - Sequoia Signs Concord

Together with our experts we look forward to learn more about your requirements and find out which type of illuminated outdoor sign is right for you. Depending on your budget and storefront we’ll find a suitable solution. Give us a call today to get started on your new signage project!

Different Types of Office Signs to Fit Your New Facility in Concord, CA

Good Office Signs for your facility are a must have these days! Good signage contributes to the overall branding of your office. First of all strong branding shows professionalism and is important for your existing customers as well as your potential customers. Another benefit of good office signage is for your employees. It’s proven that good branding motivates employees, to be part of an established company.

Office Signs can be implemented in different ways, areas and budgets. Therefore let’s have a look at different types of Office Signs and their benefits.

Office Signs - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

Lobby & Reception Signs

This is by far the most popular type of Office Sign due to the fact that it’s a real eye catcher upon arrival in the office. A Lobby Sign is usually displayed above the reception desk or in the waiting room. Another good location for a lobby sign is in your conference room, that is to say if you have one. Out of all office signs, a lobby sign is the most diverse in cost. If you are looking to make an impact but have a low budget, a simple acrylic panel with graphics can be a great option. Although, if you are considering a more high end product, the options are endless. We can design lobby signs with different type of materials for a more exclusive look, or even include illumination. Our Gallery has a good selection of lobby signs for your inspiration.

ADA Compliant Signs - Sequoia Signs Concord, CA

ADA Signs

In order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, all your rooms need to have an ADA Sign. For instance think about offices, conference rooms, restrooms, waiting rooms, staff rooms and so on. ADA Signs can be designed based on your company branding, while at the same time comply with the regulations. If you would like to learn more about a well designed & installed ADA sign, read our recent post here.

Directional Signs

Directional Signs come into place into larger office facilities. If you are expecting a large amount of visitors on a daily basis, they come in handy, but otherwise your employees can benefit from good directional signage too. Good Directional Signs showcase that a company cares and contributes to it’s hospitality. In other words, Directional Signs have multiple benefits for your company, customers and employees.

Office Window Graphics - Sequoia Signs, CA

Window & Wall Graphics

Window & Wall Graphics can make a huge impact at a low cost. Are you trying to display a message? Or perhaps motivate employees? Showcase your Company Values? Window & Wall Graphics are perfect for this, especially because they are available in either temporary or permanent applications. Wall Graphics and Wraps are also a good way of elevating the interior design of your office. A plain and boring wall can be turned into a high energy environment.


In summary, there are plenty of options to elevate your office signs with different type of office sign products. Our experts are available to visit your office to brainstorm together with your marketing department or come up with a design proposal. You can call us at (925) 300-1066 or email to [email protected].

Why You Definitely Need to Consider a Monument Sign for Your Business in Concord

Why You Definitely Need to Consider a Monument Sign for Your Business in Concord

Custom Monument Signs in northern California

If you’re thinking about updating or adding to your exterior signage for your business in Concord, we think you should strongly consider an eye-catching monument sign. Business is growing in Concord like never before, with all kinds of incentives for business owners to start their companies here. It’s the perfect time to catch the eye of potential new customers or clients with a custom monument sign on the exterior of your business.

For passersby, a monument sign with vivid graphics and custom lettering is an unforgettable way to say, “We are here!”

Growth in Concord, CA

There’s no denying the growth that’s happening in Concord. There are big changes on the horizon, like the completion of The Veranda shopping center, and major companies, including Wells Fargo, committing to bring over 2,200 employees to the area with an 8-year lease at Swift Plaza.  

With the 2019 redevelopment of the old Concord Naval Weapons Station as a center where residents can live, work, shop, learn, and play. Thanks to these exciting changes, the city is taking its place as a new leader in commerce in the Bay Area.

As development in Concord continues, it’s important for businesses to be ready to take their companies to the next level. If you’re located near or along Clayton Road, you’re in close proximity to the additions to Swift Plaza and the future redevelopment of the Naval Station. Why not take advantage of the constant publicity a monument sign can provide in this area?

With increased traffic expected in both of these areas, using outdoor signage like a custom monument sign with dimensional letters is a perfect way to promote your business, update your look, and stand out from the crowd.

While Concord continues to grow, with shopping centers like The Veranda and Downtown Pleasant Hill offering housing, food, shopping, and even entertainment around the holidays (like the popular Christmas fair at Downtown Pleasant Hill), the increase in traffic in Concord means it’s the perfect time to boost your advertising with a smart investment like a monument sign.

How Your Monument Sign Can Work For You

According to the Sign Research Foundation, which focuses on how signage can affect a company’s business, 29% of consumers report that they have been drawn to new or unfamiliar business based on an attractive sign, with this trend skewing slightly higher in western states (such as California!).

They also found that both high-quality landmark signage, such as a well-placed and well-designed monument sign, and distinct architectural elements on signage was incredibly effective in their case studies. A monument sign isn’t discerning in who sees it like some other advertising methods- it reaches every demographic, dramatically multiplying your visibility in the community.

Benefits of Working with Signage Experts

At Sequoia Signs, we are highly skilled in determining the best placement for your new monument sign as well as designing a sign that’s appealing. This will help your business stand out and get noticed, especially in a city like Concord that is experiencing significant expansion. Our team is also well-versed in the permits, codes, and regulations for monument signs here in Concord, so we know exactly how to meet the specifications set in place by the city and are more than happy to help you at every step along the way.

Not sure what kind of signage would best suit your business? If you work with a company that has a great team of designers, they can help you style a custom sign that matches your company’s aesthetic. Sequoia Signs is local, so we have a better understanding of what kind of signage is popular in Concord, what gets noticed in Concord, and even what kind of signs can get too overlooked, especially with certain trends that may be overdone.

With a custom sign from Sequoia Signs, you have endless architectural element possibilities like stone, shaped concrete, brick, or wood; we can match the tone of your business and your building effortlessly with quality construction and materials. Dimensional letters, brightly-lit LED panels, and striking graphics are some of our favorite ways to grab the attention of your next, new favorite customer.

Ready to talk more about how a monument sign can have an impact on your business? Want to start the plans for your sign? Contact us today or check out our gallery here to see how a monument sign from Sequoia Signs can mean major growth for your company.

Booking a Trip to Concord, CA? Check Out These Budget-Friendly Hotels

Booking a Trip to Concord, CA? Check Out These Budget-Friendly Hotels

Hilton Hotel sign

Planning your next family trip? Need to come to Concord for business? No fear—we have your hotel recommendations right here.

We get it. Travel can be expensive. From buying a plane ticket or renting a car to planning meals and outings, things can get pricey fast. Here are a few stellar hotels we recommend that won’t bust your vacation budget.

Crowne Plaza Concord

Located just next door to the Buchanan Field Golf Course and Airport, you can squeeze in a round of golf between business meetings or even take a flying lesson while you enjoy your stay at the Crowne Plaza Concord. Also, located in the center of the hotel, a beautiful indoor lounge area with a pool and multiple koi ponds feels like a little oasis at the end of a long travel day.

Accessible to major highways, you won’t be too far from where you need to be. Check out deals and special packages for your stay on their website– we’re sure you will enjoy all that the Crowne Plaza has to offer without breaking the bank.

Hilton Concord

Looking for a hotel close to 680 that’s within 5 miles of Waterworld USA and also nearby to other major attractions like Six Flags Discovery Kingdom? The Hilton Concord is well-loved for its hospitality and friendly, welcoming staff. With a beautiful outdoor pool area for the kiddos and a fabulous restaurant which offers a wide array of wine selections, wood-fired pizza, and a full menu, plus a fully operational business center you will find exactly what you need at the Hilton Concord.

Whether you’re traveling alone on business or with your family, the Hilton Concord will be able to meet your needs. Here are some special deals, including WiFi, breakfast, complimentary drinks, and discounted rates at the Hilton, where affordability meets leisure.

Hyatt House Pleasant Hill

While technically in Pleasant Hill, Hyatt House is just a little south of Concord. We couldn’t leave it off of our list of hotels— this hotel offers visitors to our part of California such a great value! With a peaceful, contemporary aesthetic and kind, accommodating staff who spare no attention to detail, you will be sure to find the respite of Hyatt House worth it.

While most hotels these days feature a pool, business center, and fitness center, Hyatt House also offers a “sports court,” perfect for tennis or basketball, as well as a dog walk area and a complimentary hot breakfast.  You can blow off some steam, take your beloved pet for a walk, and get fuel for your busy day—all within the grounds of the hotel.

Looking for a longer stay? This is an extended-stay hotel complete with fully equipped kitchens, so Hyatt will soon feel like your home-away-from-home. More information can be found at their website.

Residence Inn Pleasant Hill Concord

Many hotels offer a host of complimentary amenities: free WiFi, free parking, or a free hot breakfast, but we were charmed by the offer for a beer or glass of wine on the house to help weary customers unwind after a day of travel.

Both family-friendly and pet-friendly, the Residence Inn Pleasant Hill Concord also offers an outdoor pool and barbecue area. We’re not the only ones who think this hotel is excellent: recent reviews give high ratings for both the staff and the cleanliness of the hotel. The Residence Inn also offers a full kitchen in-suite, so whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you can maintain all the comforts of home. Check out the offerings of this fabulous hotel with great deals at their website.

While you’re in Concord, come check us out! Our signs can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your company, and that can leave a big impression on your customers. Let us help you make a positive impact on your business with sleek, professional-looking signage inside and out. Contact us today for more information, or just check out our website for more information!

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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