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Tips for Successful Restaurant Signage

Tips for Successful Restaurant Signage

When opening a new restaurant, marketing and signage is important. There are a variety of signage options that restaurants use to make their interior/exterior eye-catching and attractive. Here are some helpful tips to maximize the impact of your restaurant signage.

Exterior Restaurant Signage

Restaurant signs should stand tall and get noticed so they can be spotted by all those who pass by. If you want your business to really stand out, investing in Channel Letters will make a lasting impression on anybody who passes by. A channel letter is a custom-made, 3-dimensional letter sign fabricated from sheet metal (usually aluminum or plastic). They can remain unlit or they can be illuminated so that marketing doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. As a result, illuminated channel letters will help your business be seen and noticed even when it’s dark out.

Utilize your Store Front Windows, and Interior Walls

Utilize your store front windows and doors and your interior walls with vinyl decals and graphics! Made from adhesive vinyl, decals make displaying restaurant hours, promotions, logos and food photography a piece of cake! Furthermore, there are many options of vinyl that you can use to be creative with your window or wall graphics. You can use clear decals, perforated window film, static clings and more!

Show Off your Menu

Show your customers why they should eat at your restaurant by displaying a clean and attractive menu on your walls! These menu signs should display your current menu while promoting your restaurant brand. They can be made from several different materials, but one of our most popular signs are made from aluminum with a printed vinyl overlay. Furthermore, if you need help establishing a design for your brand or menu, our in-house graphic design services can work with you directly to turn your creative vision into reality!

Have questions about what type of signage you need for your restaurant? Give us a call! Our team of experts can work with you to have your restaurant ready for your grand opening! 925-300-1066

Be Seen With These Exterior Signage Options

Be Seen With These Exterior Signage Options

There are many exterior sign options that will help make your business more noticeable and easy to navigate to. This post will talk about the best sign options to make sure your business is noticeable and seen.

exterior signage - monument signMonument signs
Monument signs are a great way of capturing attention. A monument sign goes in front of a large business park or mall. They are large free-standing signs and are versatile, visible and low maintenance.
Exterior signage - channel lettersChannel letters
On the outside of the building, you want to include your company’s name. This can be done effectively with channel letters. You can customize them to reflect your company’s brand identity. They are very versatile and flexible, which accommodates most branding guidelines and personal design needs.
Exterior Signage - Wall and window graphicWall & Window Graphics
When you have a storefront on a busy street, you’ll want think about how you’re going to maximize the use of your exterior walls and glass window. Wall and window graphics can be a great way to advertise your products and make sure you’re seen and noticed.
Exterior Signage - Vehicle WrapVehicle Graphics
You also want to consider using vinyl wraps on all your company vehicles. This will make it easier for people to find out who you are while they’re sitting in traffic or parked in the same parking lot as you.

It’s important to be creative with the signage that you use for your business. While you’re not going to use all the exterior signs that we have suggested, it might be a good idea to incorporate two or three options.

Would you like to get started on an exterior signage project for your business? Give us a call today and our team of experts can help turn your creative vision into reality! 925.300.1066


Top 3 Benefits of Using Illuminated Channel Letters For Your Business Signs

Top 3 Benefits of Using Illuminated Channel Letters For Your Business Signs

Illuminated channel letter signs are bold and eye-catching and whether it’s day or night, they will help support your businesses. Channel signs offer a variety of benefits to promote your business and give your location a professional and unique look compared to other signage. In this post, we’ll go over the top 3 benefits of using channel letters for your business sign.

Illuminated Channel Letter Sign during the day and night

1.Illuminated channel letters can be customized.
Channel letters can be customized to reflect your company’s brand identity. Channel letters can be modified by color, size, font, mount and lighting direction resulting in a sign that’s unique to your business. They are very versatile and flexible, which allows for customization to accommodate most branding guidelines and personal design needs.
2.Illuminated channel letters can help boost your brand image.
Businesses choose channel letters for their storefront because they are professional looking and easy to see from a distance, including in the evening. Making a good first impression and visibility is important when it comes to branding our business and channel letters are proven to be a marketing tool that increases overall visibility and brand recognition.
3.Illuminated channel letters are energy efficient.
Channel letters are custom signs made from aluminum with plastic letters and can be securely mounted in various ways. The LED lights illuminating the letters are extremely energy efficient. Not only will your sign be noticed in the evening, you’ll be spending less money on your energy bills by doing so. If your business in in the process of improving its energy efficiency, installing a channel letters signs may be a good fit!

If you are looking to add illuminated channel letter signs as part of your business marketing and branding efforts, we are happy to help you! Give us a call and our team of experts can help turn your creative vision to reality! 925 300 1066

New Channel Letters in Concord, CA for Just 40 Fitness

New Channel Letters in Concord, CA for Just 40 Fitness

Here at Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we love the opportunity to execute the design and installation for signs for businesses across the East Bay Area! For this recent project, we worked with Just 40 Fitness, located in Concord, CA. Just 40 Fitness’s mission is to help their clients achieve their fitness goals so that they can perform better at all aspects of life. They are an awesome fitness facility where each member spends 40 minutes on a complete fitness workout. They rotate their members through eight different station while doing two exercises per station and their workout program is the most effective way to achieve maximum fitness. Try Just 40 Fitness yourself! They are located just off of Diamond Blvd. in Concord, right next to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Our team handled every aspect of this project including creating the design, obtaining permits from the City of Concord, coordinating the fabrication process, and installation.These are your traditional Channel Letters and are flush mounted to the building. Illuminated Signs never stop working! They are seen during the day and are illuminated at night. Illuminated Channel Letter signs are also set on a timer to conserve energy. These Channel Letters were a little tricky because of the clapboard facade but our team was able to handle it! We’re pleased to say we’re incredibly proud of the results!

Is your business in need of Channel Letters? Give us a call now and our team of experts can help weigh out your signage options and turn your creative vision into reality!

What Is A Channel Letter?

What Is A Channel Letter?

What is a Channel Letter?

It is funny- I don’t think twice about using the term, designing channel letters, selling channel letters, permitting channel letters or installing channel letters, but if I try to think back before I entered the sign business…. I doubt I would have known what a channel letter was!

This post is for the benefit of ANYONE who has heard the term and wondered what a channel letter is.  Truth is -you probably see them every day, and not just once!  Channel letters are one of the most common forms of exterior building signage.  Anytime you see a business name lit-up at night with individual letters….that is a channel letter sign.

The Channel

We call the channel letters because they are formed metal (usually aluminum) with a solid back and sides that form a channel where we put the lighting element.  Most often, this channel is 5” deep which allows for good separation between the light source and the sign face.  Traditional channel letters will have an acrylic face, sometimes covered with translucent vinyl, sometimes just colored acrylic.  At night, when the internal lights are on, the light glows out the channel and through the face of the sign.

L.E.D. vs. Neon

In the old days, channel letters were made with neon lights.  Yikes!!  Not only did the manufacturer need to bend the aluminum ..but they had to bend the neon too.  No thanks!  These days we use L.E.D. lights which are simple to install, longer lasting, use less energy and are much safer to work with. Neon is around for nostalgia, but I don’t know anyone that would use it for standard channel letters in today’s world.

Traditional vs. Halo lit

Traditional channel letters, as described, emit light through glowing acrylic faces.  Another type of channel letter does the reverse.

With a halo-lit channel letter, the sides and FACE of the channel are solid metal (usually painted) and the rear of the sign have clear acrylic.  The lights are still in the channel but, in this case, the light comes out the back of the letters.  These signs are spaces 1.5”-2” away from the wall so that at night, the light splashes off the wall behind, creating a halo effect for the letters.

Obviously, there is a lot more than we can put on a short post, but hopefully this has been a helpful primer.

If you have any questions about Channel letters, give us a call at Sequoia Signs & Graphics, Inc!

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Written by: Sequoia Signs & Graphics, Inc.

Channel Letter Signs for Str8 Edge Barber in Walnut Creek

Channel Letter Signs for Str8 Edge Barber in Walnut Creek

Channel Letter Sign for Barber shop in Walnut creek


We recently had the pleasure of producing and installing a new set of channel letters for Straight Edge Barbers in Walnut Creek.  Straight Edge is a great place to get your hair cut!  They recently relocated and wanted a handsome set of channel letters for the building.

Like all custom signs, channel letters come in many shapes and sizes.  The most common variety are face-lit channel letters which are made with an acrylic face, usually covered with translucent vinyl, and lights inside the ‘channel’ that light up the face at night. Another type, however, is becoming increasingly popular and preferred by many municipalities- Halo lit channel letters.  These are also referred to as ‘reverse’ channel letters as the light comes out the back of the letter.  Just like traditional letters, the lights sit inside the channel, but the face of the letter is painted aluminum.  The channel opens at the back and the letters are positioned a couple inches off the wall so, at night, the light shines against the building wall and reflects back, creating a halo effect around the letters.

Installation of channel letters, while not terribly complicated, takes a few steps that we show here.

Installing channel letter sign in walnut creekFirst, our installation crew needs to set up a pattern on the façade that shows them where to drill the mounting holes.  Each letter requires four mounting screws in addition to a hole for the electrical wires to pass.

backlit channel letter signs

After that, with halo letters, we install all the backs (clear acrylic with the lights attached to them).  While this is happening, another member of the crew is inside the façade connecting all the wires.  Before we move further, we turn the sign on to make sure all the lights are working.

Channel letter sign installation

The final step is to attach all the letters to the backers.  (if these were traditional channel letters, the aluminum would be mounted first, and the acrylic faces would be last.)

Completed Channel Letter Sign project in Walnut Creek, CA

And there you have it.  An elegant sign for an elegant Barber!  If you are in Walnut Creek, give them a call!

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