Signage at Athletic Facilities & Schools

Signage at Athletic Facilities & Schools

Wondering what value signs add to athletics facilities? Beyond the obvious of improving the aesthetics, athletic signs can motivate, inspire, showcase, inform and honor. Some of the most rewarding jobs we have had the pleasure to complete are with our local schools and athletic facilities. 

DVC Athletic Signage

Signs offer may benefits to athletic organizations and sports facilities:

1. Donor Recognition

Many athletic programs and facilities are funded by private donors, alumni or local businesses. Signage plays a primary role in recognizing those donors for their contributions and support. St. Mary’s College in Moraga used dimensional letter signs on the exterior of the Player Development Center to honor its major funder. Scottsdale Swim Club incorporated local businesses into the new scoreboard with full-color logos below the digital display. Seven Hill School created a unique donor wall to give recognition to all the patrons who support the school. 

St Marys College Baseball Player Development Recognition

Swim Club signage Walnut Creek, CA

School donor wall Seven Hills School Walnut Creek, CA


2. Sponsorship Showcase

Athletic facilities can often present challenges for signage. They often lack traditional surfaces or standard sizes. We worked closely with the Ultimate Fieldhouse in Walnut Creek to create unique signs to fulfill sponsorship agreements. With 20-foot tall, open ceilings and basketball stations against ever wall, we had to get creative. We devised a banner with weights inserted into the lower edging that hung from the rafters. This 25-foot banner was sturdy enough to withstand impact from basketballs and predominately showcased the program sponsors. Similarly, we wrapped support beams with sponsor-branded impact pads that served a dual purpose of protecting the players and highlighting a key sponsor.

Athletic facility signage

Sponsorship Signage

3. Motivation

Signs can create motivation and inspiration within an athletic facility. These magnetic wall graphics at COPA soccer training facility feature full-capacity soccer stadiums across from the world. Talk about inspiration to become your best!

COPA fitness Magnetic wall graphics

4. Information

Carondelet High School in Concord needed some informational signs for its athletes and visitors. We worked with the athletic department and school facilities manager to create temporary and permanent signs. The stand-alone fabric banner in the weight room informed athletes of the equipment and programs at that location. These signs were light and portable to accommodate various locations within the room. The outdoor directional signs helped guide visitors to the location of the fields and courts throughout the campus.

Carondelet High School Athletic Informational Signage

Carondelet Sports Facility directional signage

5. Honor and Reward

Lastly, and most importantly, are the gymnasium banners that serve as timeless trophies for the championship teams. We’ve had the pleasure of working with many schools and universities throughout the Bay Area that honor their student-athlete champions with gym banners. Whether it’s a 6th grade cross country title at Orinda Intermediate School or an NCAA title at St. Mary’s College, these banners serve as sources of pride and unity for the entire student body.

Orinda Intermediate School Award banners

St Mary College Athletic Award banners


Let us know how we can help with signage needs at your sports facility or athletic department. Give us a call to schedule a consultation!

Fairfield, CA – The best Sign Company for all your interior & exterior signs

Fairfield, CA – The best Sign Company for all your interior & exterior signs

Are you looking for the best Sign Company for all your interior & exterior signs? Look no further, at Sequoia Signs & Graphics we serve the Easy Bay region, including Fairfield, CA. As a business owner it’s important to remember that signage is the number one form of advertising. An illuminated sign is your 24/7 ad, and only needs to be paid for once. As your local sign company, we offer a wide variety of interior & exterior signs, in addition to illuminated business signs. Let’s have a look at the different types of business signs that your company can benefit from.

Sign Company - Outdoor Signs - Sequoia Signs Fairfield CA

Exterior Signs

Exterior Signs or Outdoor Signs are a great opportunity to create brand awareness and attract potential customers. A must-have for any business with a storefront. Even if your business doesn’t have it’s own storefront, some of these sign types might still be an option to discuss with your landlord. As mentioned above, it’s the number one form of advertising, making it worth your investment.


Building Signs

Also referred to as storefront sign, buildings signs are the number one sign opportunity to make a first impression. Usually building signs are made out of dimensional letters or can be designed in the form of a panel.


Illuminated Business Signs

An Illuminated Business Sign is designed with LED illumination, providing visibility day and night. Illuminated Signs come in different types and the most popular are Channel Letters Signs & Light Box Signs.


Monument Signs

A Monument Sign is located at the road near the entrance of your building. Especially if your building is set back from the road this is a great opportunity to create extra visibility for your business.

Sign Company - Interior Signs - Sequoia Signs Fairfield CA

Interior Signs

Moving on to Interior Signs or Indoor Signs, it’s main purpose is usually creating brand awareness plus a decorative aspect. However, they are also popular when it comes to special promotions and sales. In summary, the below interior signs are a must-have to serve different purposes and make your business stand out.


ADA Compliant Signs

ADA Signs are room signs that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. All permanent rooms in public buildings require ADA Signs with tactile & braille lettering.


Lobby & Reception Signs

An essential branding tool for any type of business, with a lobby, reception, waiting room of meeting room. All our lobby signs are custom designed around your business’s logo, slogan or trademark to help legitimize your business.


Wall Wraps & Graphics

Wall Wraps & Graphics can be used to communicate a message or create a certain mood. However overall it can contribute to the interior design of your facility, bringing your company to the next level.


Floor & Window Graphics

At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we leave no space unused and this is where Floor & Window Graphics come in. Although they are great for branding, advertising promotions is the number one use of Floor & Window Graphics.


Sign Company in Fairfield

As your local sign company we are dedicated to add value to your business with professional interior & exterior signs. Located in the East Bay area, we serve all cities including Fairfield, Berkeley, Oakland, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Concord and Walnut Creek. Are you ready to start your next sign project? Contact us today for a free consultation or quote! You can contact us by filling in our contact form or call us at (925) 300-1066.

The must-have Channel Letters Signs Guide for your business in Oakland, CA

The must-have Channel Letters Signs Guide for your business in Oakland, CA

Channel Letters Signs are one of the most popular sign types when it comes to building signs and storefront signs. As your local sign company in Oakland, we are going to explain everything you need to know about Channel Letters Signs in this article. You’ll learn important points of consideration before purchasing this kind of sign. We’ll answer your questions from what is a Channel Letters Sign? To what are the benefits? How are they made? And what are the different types of Channel Letters Signs?

Channel Letters Signs - LED Illuminated - Sequoia Signs & Graphics Oakland, CA

What is a Channel Letters Sign?

Let’s start with the basics and find out what they are. A Channel Letter Sign is a three-dimensional fabricated sign, shaped into individual letters, numbers or logo’s. They can be fabricated out of plastic or aluminum, whereas aluminum is the most common in order to comply with local city codes in Oakland and the East Bay region. Most signs have LED modules to illuminate at night, however they are also available without illumination.

Storefront Channel Letters Signs - Sequoia Signs & Graphics Oakland, CA

 What are the benefits of Channel Letters?

Now that we know what a Channel Letter is, let’s look at it’s benefits. We have listed the main benefits of this type of business sign, considering a sign with illumination. We are confident that these benefits will help you to understand why they are so popular.

  • Extra visibility during the day AND night
  • Creating brand awareness due to unlimited options in terms of design
  • Cost effectiveness as it’s a one time investment that is extremely durable
  • Establishing professionalism and authority of your business

Channel Letters Signs - Front Lit - Sequoia Signs & Graphics Oakland, CA

 How are Channel Letters Signs made?

Without getting too technical we would like to give you a quick overview of the different elements that channel letters are made from, explaining you how they are made.

  • Face: an acrylic face, which is routed into the shape of the letter, number of logo. Acrylic faces are available in standard colors, as well as custom colors.
  • Trim Cap: Holding the face and the body of the letter together, molded around the edges of the face.
  • Returns: these are the sides of the letter, which are fabricated out of aluminum and available in different depths.
  • Back: the back of the channel letter is similar to the face of the letter, routed into the shape of the letter, number or logo. The back is fabricated out of aluminum or clear acrylic (for a halo effect).
  • Light Source: an illuminated letter has a light source inside the letters which are LED modules.

Channel Letters Signs - Back Lit - Sequoia Signs & Graphics Oakland, CA

 What types are available?

At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we offer a wide range of sign options to make you stand out. Below is a short description of the different types of Channel Letters Signs available.

–        Front Lit or Standard: The most common type of channel letters, using LED’s to illuminate the front face of the sign.

–        Back Lit or Reverse Lit: Illumination from the back of the letter, creating a halo effect.

–        Front & Back Lit: Illuminates both the front and the back of the channel letter.

–        Open Face: Open at the front, often used with bulb lighting as part of the design effect.

We hope to have answered all your questions about Channel Letters Signs! However do not hesitate to contact us for any other questions or to start your next sign project.

Installation Requirements for ADA Signage by Sequoia Signs & Graphics

Installation Requirements for ADA Signage by Sequoia Signs & Graphics

In order to be compliant with the American Disabilities Act, specific signage is required for every permanent room or space in a public building. Therefore, it’s important to know what ADA signs you need for your facility and to understand how to install this signage. 

ADA Signage Installation Guideliness - Sequoia Signs Berkeley CA

How to install ADA Signage?

ADA Signage is required for every permanent room or space in a building. To find out which ADA Compliant Signs you need for your facility click here. It’s important to understand how to install ADA Signage. This in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Therefore, continue to read to find out the actual guidelines concerning installation.

ADA Signage Installation Guide - Sequoia Signs Berkeley CA

Mounting Height Requirements

ADA Signage must be at least 48” and at most 60” above the ground. To measure this, you start from the baseline of the lowest and highest tactile characters. For instance, you can install a standard ADA sign size at 54” above the ground and pass inspection. Whether you need to comply with ADA installation regulations or not, this is a good height to mount door signs because it is at eye level.

ADA Signage - ADA Compliant Door Signs - Sequoia Signs Oakland, Lafayette, CA

Mounting Location

In order for door signs to be ADA compliant, they should always be mounted at the door’s latch side and to the right of double doors. If no space is available in those areas, the sign should be placed on the nearest adjacent wall. ADA Signage should never be installed on the door. However, there is an exception in the state of California when restroom signs require double signage; one sign can be mounted on the door’s latch side and one sign can be mounted on the door itself.

In addition to the location of your mounted sign, there must be a clear floor space of 18” x 18”. This floor space should be centered on the tactile characters. This space should not be intersected by the arc of any door swing between the closed position or the door’s 45 degree open position.

ADA Signage - ADA Compliant Restroom Signs - Sequoia Signs Walnut Creek, Farfield, Concord CA

Overhead & Projecting ADA Signage

When installing overhead signage, it must be 80” above the floor. This is similar when projecting wall-mounted signs; they must be a minimum of 27” off the floor and have a maximum protrusion of 4” in a pathway.


Do you have any further questions about the installation guidelines for ADA Signage? To schedule a sign consultation or request a quote to start your next sign project, contact us today! Call us at (925) 300.1066 or fill in the contact form below. 

Designing a New Business Sign? Start here.

Designing a New Business Sign? Start here.

Design Tips

Business signs have a purpose, and at Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we are dedicated to getting the most out of your business sign. Although a business sign design might look easy, our graphic design team will create an effective and unique sign for your business. Before you start your signage project for your Bay Area business, take into account some of these design suggestions.

Outdoor Business Signs - Signage Design - Sequoia Signs East Bay, Berkeley, Walnut Creek

1. Purpose of your Business Signs

Before heading into the more technical details related to sign design, let’s start with the most important question: what is the purpose of your business sign? Take a moment to answer this question since the design depends on the goals you want to achieve with your signage. For example, do you want your sign to:

  • Advertise
  • Guide
  • Warn
  • Relay information
  • Create brand awareness
  • All of the above

By determining the purpose of your business sign, we will be able to design a more effective sign.

Business Signs - Sequoia Signs East Bay Area

2. Audience

Who is the target audience of your business? If you are selling baby clothes, then your target audience would be new parents. This sign design would be completely different compared to a business selling formal wear to men. While the target audience is clear to the business owner, it’s important to share this with your sign designer so that they communicate the right message to your potential customers.


3. Font & Size

Moving on to a more technical aspect of the sign design is your outdoor sign’s font style and font size. A decorative font that looks cute on your screen might become unreadable when seen from a greater distance. This might defeat the purpose of your business signs if it becomes unreadable. In addition to the font style, the size is important to think about as well. If you are targeting foot traffic, the font and details on the sign can be smaller opposed to a pylon sign. Pylon signs are usually seen from a greater distance and often while driving at a high speed. This impacts the readability of the sign and therefore is an important factor of the sign design.

Outdoor Business Signs - Sequoia Signs Concord, Walnut Creek, Fairfield

4. Color

Last but not least is the color of your Business Signs. You want your sign to be seen; therefore, it’s important to work with contrasting colors to improve readability. For example, light blue lettering on a white background will be less visible than black letters on a white background. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we incorporate colors in the design process to ensure readability and to be sure your company’s branding is well represented in the sign.

Now that we have provided you with some signage design tips for your business sign, it’s time to get started on your next signage project. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or request a quote. Call Sequoia Signs & Graphics today at (925) 300.1066.

Vehicle Graphics & Lettering for your business in Fairfield, CA

Vehicle Graphics & Lettering for your business in Fairfield, CA

Advertise your business with Vehicle Graphic & Lettering! Vinyl Graphics on your company vehicle increases exposure, displays information to your potential customers quickly, and improves company branding. As your local sign company, we serve the East Bay Area including Concord, Fairfield, Walnut Creek, Oakland and Berkeley.

With Vehicle Graphics & Lettering you have the opportunity of reaching thousand of potential customers every day. It’s an innovative way to leave a lasting impression and create brand awareness. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we design, fabricate and install your vehicle graphics, being a full service sign company.

We only work with the highest quality vinyl materials, to not damage your car. Our products are 100% safe to install  and 100% safe to remove within a 5 year period on factory painted vehicles. So even if you are renting or leasing a vehicle, you won’t have to worry about damaging your car or truck. A Full Vehicle Wrap for your fleet may even add an extra layer of protection, check out more about Commercial Vehicle Wraps here.

Vehicle Graphics & Lettering - Sequoia Signs Fairfield CA

Affordable Advertising with Vehicle Graphics & Lettering

Custom vinyl graphics for your vehicle are an affordable way of advertising. Opposed to traditional advertising, Vehicle Graphics and Lettering require a one-time payment. They yield long lasting rewards that you can see.  If you are looking for short term advertising, Vehicle Graphics & Lettering are a great solution as well. For example, when your company launches a special promotion or attends a local event in your community. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we can use a different type of vinyl for short terms installations, that are more affordable and easy to remove.

Vehicle Graphics & Lettering Box Truck - Sequoia Signs Fairfield CA


When it comes to designing your custom Vehicle Graphics the options are endless. It’s important to keep in mind that if you choose for cut out graphics the original color of your vehicle will be visible, opposed to a full coverage wrap. Together with our design team we will discuss the objectives of your vehicle graphics. We will consider your vehicle type and company branding. As an example. we can either provide an elegant look to elevate your company’s branding around town. Alternatively, we can take a more commercial approach as a form of advertising.

Vehicle Graphics & Lettering Van - Sequoia Signs Fairfield CA

Different types of vehicles

When we talk about Vehicle Graphics & Lettering, we are not only talking about cars. Therefore, as your local sign company in the East Bay Area, we offer a variety of graphics for vans, trucks, busses, box trucks and even boats. It doesn’t stop there so if you have a trailer of food truck do not hesitate to contact us, because at Sequoia Signs & Graphics we do it all.

As Sequoia Signs & Graphics we are proud to be your local sign company for all your signs and graphics needs in the East Bay Area. Call us today at (925) 300-1066 with any questions about signs and graphics or request a free quote!

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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