Here’s a great example of a client who knew exactly what they wanted for their sign!

BrightStar Care Moraga

Several months ago, I got a call from Matt Shriner at BrightStar Care in Moraga.   They had moved into their new office space and needed a new sign to complete the package.  We immediately set up a time for a short visit at his office to discuss the possibilities.  When I arrived, I was early and had a chance to see some of the existing signage and the company logo.   BrightStar’s name is written in blue and red on a white field and is quite appealing.  Armed with that information, I thought I knew what Matt would like.  I was wrong.

Rather than stick to the traditional logo, Matt envisioned a sign that incorporated brushed aluminum, though he did not want dimensional metal letters.  We tossed some ideas around and before long came up with the concept that you see here.

BrightStar sign

We used brushed aluminum laminate for the face over a sign-foam core.   The backer plate is black aluminum composite material to maintain the color consistency inside the lettering.  The result was quite fantastic and, I will say, better than the sign that I had assumed he would want!

BrightStar up close

We ran into a small issue when the town planner was afraid that there might be too much glare from the metal.  While we don’t think it would have been an issue, we solved the problem by applying a matte overlaminate to the face of the sign, taking the edge off any potential glare.

BrightStar Care has been in Moraga for a little over a year and they have a great team of professionals.  Having met and interacted with many of them, it is easy to see why BrightStar refers to themselves as “The most trusted home care agency in the East Bay.”

If you have a unique idea for a sign – we’d love to hear it.  Of, course, we are available to consult and offer solutions, but as this project proved, we don’t always have the winning idea.  Each sign needs to reflect the personality of its business and owner and we will do what we can to make this come true.  You can see some other examples here:  Building Signs

Looking for a wall/building sign?  Give us a call at 925.300.1066 or just drop in our office and we can look over some options.


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