Monument Signs are often forgotten as a branding opportunity due to it’s other purposes. One of the main purposes of a Monument Sign is to aid in wayfinding, however it’s branding might even have a bigger impact. This will be confirmed when you drive around town and you see Monument Signs everywhere in all shapes and forms. Whether it’s for a stand alone business or for multiple businesses, it’s often one of the first branding opportunities that’s visible from the main road. As your local sign provider serving  the East Bay region, let’s have a look at the benefits of a Monument Sign.

Monument Sign Branding - Sequoia Signs Berkeley, CA

Branding Opportunities

Versatile Design

When we are talking about branding, a versatile design is important. A Monument Sign is a sign type where you can easily incorporate many design elements. Think about your logo, branding colors but also the building architecture of your facility. There are so many options available when it comes to a Monument Signs, so the design options are endless.

High Visibility

With a Monument Sign being placed at the road entrance of your facility it provides high visibility. Foot traffic as well as motorists are not able to escape a well designed Monument Sign. This type of high visibility contributes to brand recognition, by putting your name out there.

Monument Sign Branding - Sequoia Signs - Sign Company Berkeley, CA

Flexible Budget

You might be surprised by this, since Monument Signs are often associated with a high cost. And for example, a masonry built or LED Illuminated entrance sign is indeed a substantial investment.  However, the options don’t stop there! At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we offer a wider variety of signs to fit your budget and make an equal impact.


The practical aspect of a Monument Sign can contribute to the overall branding of your company. A well designed and effective sign accounts for professionalism. This is often one of the main points that you want to radiate as part of your company branding. So an effective Monument Sign that aids in wayfinding, indirectly enhances branding.

Trust & Confidence

Last but not least, a Monument sign instills a sense of trust & confidence. It’s substantial and permanent, which communicates to customers and others that you are established and intend to stay for the long term.

Commercial Monument Sign - Sequoia Signs Berkeley, CA

Monument Signs in the East Bay

Do you need help with a new Monument Sign for your facility in the East Bay? You can count on our team from Sequoia Signs & Graphics, your full service sign company. We’ll take care of the entire project management process, from site survey to sign design, permits, fabrication and installation.

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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