Most likely you will see fleet graphics & wraps on the roads around you on a daily basis. However did you every consider vehicle wraps & graphics for your business? They are a unique and creative way to advertise your brand. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, serving Concord and East Bay, we offer high quality wide format printing, allowing any design & color for your fleet graphics & wraps. Vehicle advertisement provides several benefits, so continue to read and find out if it’s right for your business.

Benefits Fleet Graphics & Wraps - Trucks - Sequoia Signs Concord

1. Fleet Graphics & Wraps create brand awareness

Brand awareness is extremely important, whether you are a national company or serving your local community. A branded vehicle fleet creates brand awareness on a local level. In addition to creating brand awareness, it’s an advertising opportunity for your company 24/7. Being on the way to a client or being parked while visiting a client or at night, your fleet graphics & wraps never sleep!


2. Vehicle Graphics are cost effective

Vehicle Graphics are a cost effective way of advertising. While with traditional advertising you rent a specific spot or time slot, vehicle graphics are a one time investment with unlimited returns. This results into a very low advertising cost per impression, making it worth your while. Although Vehicle Graphics are considered a one time investment, check with your sign company about the lifetime of the vinyl to avoid damage to your vehicle.

Benefits Fleet Graphics & Wraps - Vans - Sequoia Signs Concord

3. Fleet Graphics are mobile

Fleet graphics are like a moving billboard. Your message will be shown wherever your vehicle is. Every time your company vehicle is being driven, your business is gaining more exposure. Vehicle wraps can achieve greater exposure than other traditional means because your design will be seen all over Concord or any neighboring city.


4. Full Vehicle Wraps protect your vehicle

Considering that most likely your vehicle fleet provides you enough maintenance, a full vehicle wrap can actually protect your vehicle. The vinyl wrap which is installed with a protective laminate, protects your vehicle from light dents and scratches. Furthermore, a full vehicle wrap will protect the original paint from sun exposure. In summary, a full vehicle wrap is a great way to protect your vehicle, especially if you are leasing.

Benefits Fleet Graphics & Wraps - Box Truck - Sequoia Signs Concord

Sequoia Signs for all your Fleet Graphics & Wraps

Are you convinced of the benefits of fleet graphics & wraps for your business? At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we are dedicated to deliver well designed and high quality vehicle wraps & graphics. Whether you are looking for a full wrap or perhaps some elegant vehicle lettering, we do it all! Located in the East Bay Area we serve all cities including Concord, Walnut Creek, Fairfield, Oakland, Berkeley, San Ramon and Pleasant Hill. Contact us today for a free quote to get your vehicle fleet advertising project started!

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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