High quality Wall Wraps & Graphics are a great way to elevate your space at an affordable price. They work well for schools, offices, show rooms, stores, restaurants and much more in Pleasant Hill and around. When you invest in a well designed wall wrap you would like to make sure that it’s installed properly and keeps up overtime. In this blog we’ll go over 5 steps to pay attention to in order to make the best out of a wall wrap installation.

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1. Wall type for Wall Wraps & Graphics

The first step to be considered in the process of a high quality wall installation is the type of wall. With the wall type we are referring to the texture of the wall. The more texture, the more difficult it will be for the vinyl to adhere to the wall. In summary, the smoother the wall the better the end result of the wall wrap or graphic. If you would like to install a wall wrap on a textured brick or concrete wall, there is a special vinyl available for textured surfaces. The material is more expensive and the process more time consuming but the result will be fantastic, making it unique.


2. Paint on the wall surface

The type of paint that is on the wall where the graphics will be adhered to will greatly affect the vinyl adhesion. The amount of gloss in your paint affects its texture and can make adhesion easier or more challenging. The glossier your paint, the better the vinyl will adhere. Therefore we recommend avoiding matte paint for a better vinyl adhesion. Furthermore, more recently low VOC paints have come out which are less harmful for the environment. Unfortunately they don’t work well with vinyl adhesion and are to be avoided.

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3. Prepare & clean the wall

When it’s time for the installation, one of the most important factors for successful adhesions is to prepare and clean your wall. To start, all imperfections in a wall should be repaired prior to applying vinyl. Even the smallest imperfections or dust particles can be visible under a wall wrap and may cause the vinyl to peel or rip. Therefore cleaning the wall is an important step to take for a better end result.


4. Vinyl wall test

After following all the steps above, it’s good to do a wall test. Wait at least one week if the wall is freshly painted for optimized results. A vinyl test will help to find out which type of vinyl works well on your wall. We’ll use a professional wall testing kit for the vinyl test. Based on the result of the test you can proceed with the printing on the right type of vinyl for your wall.

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5. Professional installation high quality Wall Wraps & Graphics

Last but not least, because this is the actual moment of truth. You’ll need a professional to install your wall wrap for a high quality end result. It’s easy for someone with little experience to apply vinyl with wrinkles, or crooked on a wall. Different vinyls require different application techniques and equipment to install properly. If there is text in your design, this needs to be leveled. Any light switches, plugs or window on your wall? Working around these requires precision to guarantee clean edges and straight cuts.


If the steps above are followed, your vinyl wall graphics should hold up well according to the desired lifespan. Our team at Sequoia Signs & Graphics will assist you with all the steps throughout the process for optimized results. Fill in our contact form here or scroll below for an estimate.

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