Every organization wants to make sure their marketing dollars are being used productively a trade show. The first step is to plan ahead for both your show design and the space, so you can evaluate and adjust your strategy before the events. Each trade show space and location will be different. Here are five steps that will help you prepare for your most effective trade show ever:tradeshow-seq


  1. Start with Goals

You are at a trade show because it provides the opportunity to meet prospective customers, generate potential leads, create relationships, and more. These events are a large investment, so you need to establish measurable goals to be used to evaluate your return on investment. These events involve registration, collateral materials, displays, lodging, as well as the people involved both before, during, and after the event.


  1. The Right Trade Show Displays

You want to make sure you grab the attention of your target audience. Focus on winning their attention with compelling visuals and a clear message. Your trade show success depends on setting your company apart from your competition in the same space. You want to be eye-catching and easily distinguishable from the crowd. So you need to think about the following:

  • Visuals – Do your displays, table throws, and banners contain eye catching graphics and compelling images?
  • Brand – Is your branding up to date? Have you added new products and services you need to reflect to your audience?
  • Messaging – What is your key selling proposition? Do you have a single sentence or phrase?
  • Information – Do you offer marketing collateral or samples? Do you have all of your product and contact information available?


  1. Advertise Before the Trade Show

You want your existing customer base to know that you are attending a show. It also allows you to reach out to your prospects. Create an online digital marketing campaign and invite your contacts to the show. Make sure to highlight key events or speakers that are at the show.


  1. Advertise at the Trade Show

During the show, make sure to that you’re not just sharing your information, but also connecting with prospective leads. Have your business cards, brochures, and marketing collateral ready; you want a “take-away” for your visitors to be reminded about your business.


  1. Advertise After the Trade Show

The trade show is finished, but your marketing has only just begun. You want to follow-up with all those new contacts by providing special offers, email marketing campaigns, and also a personal thank you for meeting with you at the event. There are a myriad of companies at every trade show, so it is vital to stand out by reminding them of your company. Be strategic in reaching out to these new contacts, and touch base again a few weeks later.


At Sequoia Signs and Graphics Inc., we want you to succeed in your marketing efforts at every event. Trade show displays offer an amazing way to communicate your brand at your next upcoming event. It can make your attendees and prospects feel welcomed, and create a lasting impression for your business.  We work with our clients to create everything from table throws to large full-size trade show display structures.

Looking for a new trade show display or just have questions? If so, just give us a call at (925) 300 – 1066 or email [email protected]. We look forward to helping you with your tradeshow project!

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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