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Banner displays are a fixture of trade shows, conventions, and countless other events. And, although there are a wide variety of sizes, styles, and installations, ultimately there are 2 main options to consider for materials: vinyl, and fabric.

Of the two, vinyl is the more popular, and yet fabric display banners offer advantages that are too often overlooked and which may make them the better option for you. Here are five reasons why you should consider fabric banners, rather than vinyl, for your upcoming events.

1. Creases

Vinyl banners are widespread due to their durability and resistance to wear and tear. But, even though vinyl is a great all-weather solution, it is subject to creasing and distortion due to pressure. This is why these banners have to be carefully rolled up when in storage, rather than folded.

Not so with cloth. Common fabric banner materials like polyester, nylon, satin, and other synthetic fibers are naturally wrinkle, crease, and tear resistant. Any creases and fold marks which do form from folding can be removed quickly and easily with a household iron.

2. Storage

Because cloth can be transported while folded, instead of rolled, it can be stored much more easily in much less space. While a six foot wide vinyl banner will form a six foot roll that can be difficult to maneuver, the same size fabric banner can be folded up and carried inside a grocery bag, or stored in a shoebox on a shelf. This is especially useful when traveling, or when shipping event materials. A regular box ships much more cheaply than a six or eight foot long tube!

3. The Look

Most sign makers agree that fabric looks better than vinyl. Dye sublimation printing of cloth banners, the preferred modern process, lends the fabric vivid colors and a soft, natural texture that the flat, artificial surface of vinyl lacks. This better color and texture makes fabric the ideal choice for indoor presentations and close inspection, while the more durable vinyl excels outdoors in the rain and sun. Several different weights of cloth fabric are available so that the material can be used in a variety of applications without sacrificing quality or image fidelity.

4. Camera Flash

Vinyl has its advantages, but in conditions where indoor photography is involved it presents a problem. Because vinyl is a plastic its surface is mildly reflective, and that reflection of light causes problems in conditions where flash photography is being used. Cloth, on the other hand, absorbs camera flashes so that pictures come out much cleaner and more naturally. This can be a big asset at trade shows or events with VIPs and paid photography.

5. Interchangeable Hardware Options

Banners and event signage are an investment, and getting the most out of that investment is important. If you have a full slate of events, exhibitions, tradeshows, retail displays, showrooms, or more to decorate with branded materials, a solution that gives you flexibility and longevity is key. Fabric signage is fast and easy to produce and once you have your initial set-up you can order new fabric prints to install inside your existing mounting hardware, saving you space and money.

For custom event banners and other sign making in the East Bay Area, contact sequoia Signs & Graphics, Inc. at (925) 300-1066 or [email protected].

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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