Bring your lobby to life with a Custom Office Sign for your company. A Lobby Sign is suitable for many types of businesses. Do you either have a reception, showroom, lobby or waiting room? Read on to learn more about the 5 benefits of a Custom Office Sign.

Benefits of a Custom Office Sign - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Reinforce your brand with a Custom Office Sign

A professional designed Custom Office Sign can reinforce and highlight your brand. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we will design an eye-catching sign with your branding in mind. The design process goes a step further then just utilizing your logo. We will consider your entire branding when coming up with the overall shape & materials. In other words, your custom office sign will be a representation of your brand.

Capture new visitors

Eye-catching signage in your office is a great tool to capture new visitors. As stated above, a lobby & reception sign is a representation of your brand, showcasing your company. With this in mind, potential customers will be attracted to your company when laying eyes on an attractive sign. It radiates professionalism and care, being the key factors of a new customers decision making process.

Custom Lobby Sign - Sequoia Signs East Bay

A Custom Office Sign to direct your visitors

Quickly and clearly direct your visitors toward your office space with a custom lobby sign. This is particularly important on floors where multiple businesses share the space. For instance, readability here is key, which we will take into consideration during the design process. A well designed sign will enhance your visitor experience by guiding them into the right direction.

Welcome your visitors

A sign in your reception provides a personal touch to welcome your visitors. It will confirm that they are in the right place and set the tone for their experience. Visitors and customers of your business should feel immediately comfortable, which is difficult to accomplish with a non-branded space.

Laser Cut Office Sign - Sequoia Signs East Bay

Set yourself apart

Especially if you share office space it’s important to set yourself apart from other tenants. Use a lobby sign to set your business apart from others on your floor or in your building. Your business is distinct and consumers should know all that you do. Providing a visual representation of the different areas your business serves, can educate your visitors about all aspects of your brand.

In conclusion, a office signage provides plenty of benefits for your business. Have a look at our gallery for some lobby & office sign inspiration. If you would like to take advantage of an eye-catching lobby sign, contact us today. You can give us a call at 925.300.1066 or fill in the contact form below.

Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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Helping East Bay businesses get noticed with custom business signs

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